Video: The Rock Raises A Toast To Pat Patterson, Talks Losing His Father And Father Figure In 2020

Through an emotional Instagram post on Thursday, The Rock lamented that "F'n 2020" had taken away both his father Rocky Johnson, who passed away back in January, and his father figure Pat Patterson, who recently succumbed to cancer.


The Rock called Patterson the person who was "the anchoring factor" that set him up on the path that he is on today. In the video, which can be seen below, The Great One also recalled the role that Patterson played in getting him signed to the WWE.

The video was accompanied with the following caption:

Been reconciling his death for a few weeks now

This past January my father dies unexpectedly and a few weeks ago my father figure dies unexpectedly too.

F'n 2020.

We all have those defining moments and people in our lives where when we look back and connect all the dots....
that decision or that person was the anchoring factor that set us on that path to where we are today.

Pat Patterson was that person to me.

This toast is for you Pat..
I love you. I thank you.

Now let's hear, MY WAY one more time..

* post script *

At the end of this video when Pat is singing MY WAY to all our beloved wrestling legends – many of whom are now in heaven raising hell... That visual kicked me in the gut.
Very emotional.
As if Pats up there in heaven singing to all of them right now.
My dad included.

See you boys down the road


The Rock's Instagram post can be seen below: