WWE 205 Live Recap (12/4): Stallion And Daivari Square Off, Ever-Rise Vs. Bollywood Boyz

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Intro Song (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the Capitol Wrestling Center. The Bollywood Boyz make their way to the ring carrying their signature video camera, which McGuiness jokes is them shooting in 4K. Ever-Rise is out next, and our opening contest is underway

Bollywood Boyz versus Ever-Rise

A brawl between all four men to start. Fight spills to the outside where Ever-Rise takes control. Back in the ring Martel targets Sunil's arm, then brings in Parker for some tandem offense. Parker drives his knee into Sunil's arm to cause more damage...Samir gets the blind tag but Parker elbows him off the apron, then rocks Sunil with a boot. Samir picks Parker's ankle from the outside, which gives the Bollywood Boyz the advantage. They take turns stomping Parker down in the corner, utilizing quick tags to keep him isolated away from Martel. Sunil nearly decapitates Parker with a spinning heel kick for a nearfall.


Samir tags in and they go for a double-team...Parker moves and Samir hits his brother from the top rope. Samir puts Parker in a sleeper hold but he manages to break free and bring in Martel. Martel comes in hot...running through both of the Bollywood Boyz, then nailing a flush dropkick onto Sunil sending him to the outside. Ever-Rise hits some of their signature tag team offense, including a double-flapjack, which McGuinness calls the French Connection, for the victory.

Ever-Rise wins by pinfall

Footage of Wednesday's NXT on USA, when cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar, along with the rest of Legado Del Fantsma, jumped number one contender Curt Stallion in the parking lot. Stallion was unable to make his debut for the yellow-and-black brand due to the attack, but is set to compete in action later tonight.


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Main event time. Ariya Daivari is out first, followed by the aforementioned Curt Stallion. Commentary says that Stallion may still not be at 100%. Here we go.

Curt Stallion versus Ariya Daivari

Tie-up. Daivari applies a wristlock and yanks Stallion to the mat. Stallion shows off his wrestling IQ by reversing the hold, then forces Daivari to his knees. Now Daivari is the one with the reversal...both men eventually separate and reset. Daivari lands a kick to Stallion's gut...Stallion answers with two hard chops across Daivari's chest. Daivari rolls to the outside but Stallion is in quick pursuit...huge headbutt from Stallion rocks Daivari. He smashes Daivari's head off the announce table, then whips him into the barricade. Back in the ring Stallion connects with a standing double-stomp.

He climbs to the top...Daivari rolls to the outside again. Stallion tries to surprise him with a suicide dive...Daivari moves and Stallion crashes hard onto the arena floor. Daivari gets back into the ring and the referee begins her count...she gets to 9...Stallion JUST gets back inside. Daivari begins targeting the neck, even tying Stallion up in the ropes to hit a neckbreaker, which nets him a close two count. Daivari sets Stallion up in the corner, then disorients Stallion before dropping him with a reverse DDT. Stallion sneaks up a boot when Daivari charges him in the corner....Daivari responds with yet another neckbreaker. Camel-clutch applied from Daivari. Stallion manages to break free...he sends Daivari to the corner...running boot...running corner dropick...pull-up DDT.


Cover...Daivari sneaks a shoulder up. Stallion climbs to the top once again...Daivari drops him off the ropes...he sets him up for the hammerlock lariat but Stallion has it scouted...Daivari slows Stallion down with a uranagi. Huge superkick from Daivari. He tries a powerbomb...Stallion turns it into an air-raid neckbreaker. Stallion climbs to the top...superfly splash connects. Another two count. Stallion eventually ducks a maneuver and gets the victory with a flying headbutt.

Curt Stallion wins by pinfall

Stallion celebrates his victory by posing on the ropes. Joseph says that the new crop of 205 Live stars are here to stay. Daivari slowly walks to the entrance ramp, having been defeated once again.

That's the show friends.