WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham has been hospitalized due to an infection in his big toe. His wife Valerie announced the news on Facebook.

According to her post, she found the infection while changing his TED hose.

Valerie also wrote how Billy Graham is diabetic and has congestive heart failure. He’s also immune-suppressed due to his liver transplant.

Below you can read her full post:

Asking for prayers for my husband Wayne he’s been admitted to the hospital for a pretty significant infection in his big toe?.he’s diabetic and there is some bone involvement. Most of you know that he’s immune suppressed due to his liver transplant and he’s also dealing with congestive heart failure?.

Due to Covid restrictions, I cannot be at the hospital but will keep you all updated as I get more information.

We believe in the power of prayer! And I can see the hand of the Lord all over this?even Wayne’s doctor agreed?everything happens for a reason. Wayne was having a difficult time breathing today? the edema in his legs was increasing quickly?. I decided to change his TED hose to a new pair for additional support?.that’s when I saw the infection?had he not had the swelling I would not have seen his foot a true blessing in disguise?.Thank you Lord Jesus

There is currently a GoFundMe page that the former WWWF Champion set up for his medical bills. As of this writing, over $30,000 has been donated.

We here at Wrestling Inc. send our best wishes to Graham and his family.

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