WWE Monday Night RAW Results - TLC Go-Home Show, Firefly Fun House Field Trip Ends With Fire, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Monday Night RAW Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL.

- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a look back at last week's Handicap Match with Sheamus and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre taking on AJ Styles, The Miz and John Morrison. We cut to the RAW intro video.


- We're live on the USA Network as Tom Phillips welcomes us to the first RAW from The ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. He's joined by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton. They hype tonight's show. AJ Styles and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will face off in an Ascension Ceremony with the WWE Title hanging high above the ring. AJ will also face Sheamus.

- We go to the ring for a special Christmas edition of The Dirt Sheet with The Miz. Miz welcomes us to the "Nightmare Before TLC" edition. He's sitting in a chair with a book of the same name. The ring is decorated for Christmas. Miz reveals he and John Morrison will do battle in a Handicap Match with Keith Lee tonight. He starts reading a "Nightmare Before TLC" story on TLC opponents AJ Styles and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Miz first mentions AJ's name and snaps his fingers. AJ appears under a spotlight in the corner of the ring. AJ shows us Omos standing outside of the ring.


Miz mentions McIntyre next and snaps his finger but McIntyre isn't there. However, we see Morrison dressed as a Braveheart-themed version of the WWE Champion. Morrison and AJ put on a comedy skit as Miz reads. AJ stabs Morrison with the sword, putting an end to his title reign. Miz keeps reading his story and AJ climbs to the top of the ladder. He poses and smiles as fans cheer him on. The story includes a part about Miz cashing in his Money In the Bank title shot and AJ isn't happy with this. AJ comes down the ladder and stares at Miz as he finishes his story. AJ says that's not how the story ends. Miz says they changed it to make it better. The music interrupts and out comes Sheamus.

Sheamus says he's seen it all here in WWE but this was it. He says he's prepared to fight with his fists, no matter how much AJ and the others run their mouths and play with their swords. AJ says if Sheamus won't be part of the solution, he's got to be a part of the problem. Sheamus prefers to be a part of the problem. Sheamus drops his mic and starts backing AJ into the corner. AJ grabs a Christmas tree and throws it at Sheamus. AJ joins Omos at ringside now, laughing at Sheamus. Sheamus grabs a present and tosses it out of the ring, knocking AJ down. AJ looks on from the ground as Sheamus' music hits while he gets ready for a fight. We go to commercial.


Sheamus vs. AJ Styles

Back from the break and the bell rings as Sheamus strikes first, going to work on AJ Styles. Sheamus drops AJ and drops a big knee for a 2 count.

Sheamus grounds AJ and takes him to the corner for a big body shot. AJ fights out with a forearm but Sheamus knocks him down and kicks him a few times in the corner. AJ slides to the floor to regroup. Sheamus follows and AJ rolls back in. AJ kicks Sheamus as he tries to re-enter from the apron. AJ keeps Sheamus down on the apron and then brings him in, taking it to the corner. AJ with shoulder thrusts on Sheamus in the corner now. Sheamus counters and whips AJ hard into the corner, sending him down. We see Omos staring Sheamus down from the floor.

Sheamus puts a boot to AJ while he's down as the referee counts to warn him. Sheamus keeps AJ down and drives a knee to the face. AJ fights back with kicks to the leg, forcing Sheamus to limp away. AJ with a big uppercut. Sheamus counters and back-drops AJ. Sheamus grounds AJ again and works him over as the referee counts. Sheamus breaks and has words with the referee. AJ suckers Sheamus in a bit, and sends him to the floor through the ropes.

Sheamus comes back to the apron and fights in with a shoulder thrust but AJ kicks him. AJ with a big knee strike and right hands, trapping Sheamus in the ropes. AJ charges with a running knee and knocks Sheamus from the apron back to the floor. The referee counts. Sheamus makes it back in at 7 but AJ grabs him. Sheamus powers into the ring and tosses AJ with a big suplex. Sheamus with a second big toss for a pop. Sheamus goes for a third but AJ blocks it. AJ with a shot to the throat and a dropkick, sending Sheamus out in front of Omos.


AJ flies but lands on the apron. Sheamus fights and tries to get AJ on his shoulders while standing on the floor, AJ on the apron. Sheamus turns around and tries for a powerbomb through the announce table but Omos walks over and grabs AJ from Sheamus' arms. Fans boo as Omos gently sets AJ on the floor, on his feet. Omos and Sheamus stare each other down as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and AJ has Sheamus grounded in the ring, pulling back on his leg to soften him up for the Calf Crusher. Sheamus fights free by driving several big elbow strikes down into AJ. AJ gets up and kicks Sheamus' knee out from behind. AJ continues to focus on Sheamus' left leg now. They trade big strikes now. AJ kicks away and takes Sheamus back down in the corner. More back and forth now. Sheamus catches AJ with the Irish Curse backbreaker but Sheamus also goes down due to his knee.

Sheamus with double ax handles and a big throw. Sheamus gets up limping around. He runs into a boot from the corner. Sheamus comes right back with a jumping knee strike to level AJ for a close 2 count. AJ pulls Sheamus into the ropes and sends him to the floor. Sheamus briefly faces off with Omos. Sheamus comes back to the apron and hits 10 Beats of the Bodhrán while keeping an eye on Omos. Sheamus goes to the top and leaps as AJ gets up. Sheamus with the flying clothesline for a close 2 count.


Sheamus goes for White Noise but AJ fights out with elbows. Sheamus resists the Calf Crusher but AJ gets it locked in. Sheamus grabs the bottom rope to break it up. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Sheamus blocks it and drops him with White Noise for a close 2 count. Omos cheers AJ on. Sheamus slowly limps over and decks AJ. Sheamus goes to take AJ up in the corner for a super White Noise. AJ slides to the mat and takes the knee out, forcing Sheamus to fall from the second rope to the mat. AJ covers for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

- After the match, the music hits as AJ joins Omos at ringside. Sheamus covers in front of them as we go to replays. AJ talks trash as he makes his exit with Omos. AJ points a finger but Sheamus grabs his arm through the ropes. Omos makes the save and grabs Sheamus. Sheamus gets trapped in the ropes by his leg, turned upside down from the ring to the floor. AJ kicks away while Sheamus is trapped upside down. AJ unloads with steel chair shots to the chest and leg now. Fans boo as AJ delivers another chair shot to the upside down Sheamus. The referee checks on Sheamus and begs AJ to go to the back. AJ's music hits but he's not done. AJ grabs the chair and delivers more shots to the chest of Sheamus, who is still stuck upside down. AH tells Sheamus to enjoy everything, and says he can talk to his friend about it when they're in the hospital together. AJ makes exit with Omos as the referee checks on Sheamus.


- Still to come, Bray Wyatt brings his Firefly Fun House friends to The ThunderDome. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see what happened last week to lead to Jeff Hardy teaming with The New Day to face The Hurt Business tonight. The Hurt Business is walking backstage now. They walk up on a WWE crew member who is eating some of Riddle's Bro-nuts. Bobby Lashley ends up pouring milk all over the guy. They tell him to get out of here. They see a terrified looking Sarah Schreiber lurking, then call her over for comments. She asks about MVP's match with Riddle tonight. MVP says he's going to teach Riddle about respect tonight, but for now he's going to teach Schreiber about journalism because she should've asked about the unstoppable team of Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Benjamin and Lashley hype the team up before they all walk off together.

- We see Jeff Hardy and The New Day backstage in the Gorilla Position. Riddle walks up and has an idea. He knows everyone misses Big E, so why doesn't he stand in their corner tonight as Bro-E. Kofi Kingston says an enemy of The Butthurt Business is a friend of The New Day. Hardy is going to let "The Hardy Bros" be a thing with Riddle tonight. Riddle is excited.


Jeff Hardy and The New Day vs. The Hurt Business

We go right to the stage and out comes Jeff Hardy with Riddle. The pyro goes off and they dance together. Riddle and Hardy head to the ring now. Hardy poses in the corner as more pyro goes off. Out next are RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. They hit the ring together as Mike Rome does the introductions. The champs pose in the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes The Hurt Business – Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley with MVP. Lashley starts off with Woods and immediately takes control, going for The Hurt Lock. Woods escapes and they go to lock up again. Woods goes behind and they tangle. Woods runs the ropes and Lashley levels him with a big shoulder. Lashley keeps control but Woods fights free and tags in Kofi.

Kofi goes after Lashley and keeps coming but gets pressed high in the air. Lashley dumps Kofi to the mat from up high. Cedric tags himself in and he goes at it with Kofi now. Kofi takes control for a 2 count. Kofi launches Cedric across the ring off a counter for a 2 count. Hardy tags in and takes over on Cedric as Riddle and MVP cheer their teams on from ringside. Shelton tags in and unloads on Hardy in the corner. Hardy avoids a shot and takes Shelton down with a clothesline.


Shelton blocks the Twist of Fate. Shelton gets knocked to the floor. Hardy knocks Lashley off the apron. Cedric gets knocked to the floor by Kofi making the save. Riddle, Hardy and The New Day dance on the apron and in the ring as The Hurt Business regroups at ringside. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kofi is slugging it out with Shelton. Shelton rams Kofi back into the corner and works him over. They run the ropes and Kofi drops Shelton with a big right hand for a pop. Kofi with the Boom Drop. Kofi waits in the corner but Lashley grabs him from the apron, tossing him from the ring over to the floor with ease. Fans boo as the referee never saw the cheap shot. Shelton rolls Kofi back in for a 2 count.

Lashley works over Kofi now. Lashley with a snap suplex and some trash talking to Kofi's partners. Cedric tags back in and keeps Kofi grounded. Cedric drives elbows into Kofi while he's down. Kofi fights up from the hold but Cedric puts him right back down. Cedric with a 2 count, then an armbar near their corner. Shelton tags in and stomps Kofi as he comes out of the hold. Shelton with two stiff slams to Kofi in the middle of the ring. Shelton takes his time covering for a 2 count. Shelton uses the middle rope to bend Kofi back as the boos continue. Lashley tags back in and takes over on Kofi with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Lashley goes for a cheap shot on Hardy, taunting him. Lashley beats Kofi down in the corner with elbows.


Lashley manhandles Kofi while he's down in the corner, going for his eyes and face. Shelton tags in and decks Kofi in the corner while Lashley holds him. Cedric quickly tags in and stomps away while Kofi is down in their corner. Benjamin grounds Kofi once again as MVP cheers him on. Shelton knocks Woods off the apron with a cheap shot and the boos pick up. Kofi comes out of the corner with a leaping one-legged stomp out of nowhere. Hardy and Riddle try to rally for Kofi now. Hardy tags in and drops Shelton. Hardy with the inverted Atomic Drop, the leg drop and more to Shelton. Hardy with the splash for a close 2 count. Cedric tags in but Hardy doesn't see it. Cedric levels Hardy with a jumping knee for a 2 count. Cedric keeps control for another 2 count.

Cedric wails away while Hardy is down. Hardy counters with a side Russian leg sweep and the leg drop to pin for 2 as Shelton breaks it up. Woods dropkicks Shelton to the floor. Lashley with a Flatliner to Woods. Kofi with a missile dropkick to Lashley from the top. Kofi runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Shelton down on the floor. Wood launches himself over the top but Lashley catches him and rams him into the barrier. Lashley then drops Kofi. Lashley stares down Riddle, allowing Hardy to dropkick him through the ropes off the distraction. Cedric rolls Kofi up for 2.


More back and forth between Cedric and Hardy in the ring now. Lashley tags in. Hardy hits Cedric with a Twist of Fate. Lashley goes for The Hurt Lock but Hardy avoids it. Lashley charges in the corner but Hardy moves and he hits the ring post. Hardy goes to the top but Cedric knocks him down. Lashley follows up with The Hurt Lock and Hardy taps for the finish.

Winners: The Hurt Business

- After the match, The Hurt Business begins celebrating as the music hits. Once again Cedric gets a little wild with his celebration, leading his teammates to look at him awkwardly.

- We see video from last week where Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler talked about how bad they were going to destroy Lana. We also see how Asuka gave Lana a pep talk backstage, then how Jax intimidated Lana. We cut to Lana and Asuka backstage now. Lana feels like they can win the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles at TLC. She feels confident and strong, but she admits she's a bit scared for tonight. Asuka says Jax is scary, but Lana is walking out to face Jax and that makes her the bravest person she knows. Asuka says she's proud to be Lana's partner. Asuka gets Lana hyped up and sends her out to the ring.

Lana vs. Nia Jax

We go back to the ring and out comes Lana. Back to commercial.


Back from the break and out next comes WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Nia Jax. Lana stares her down, looking a bit worried, as Jax quickly marches to the ring. Jax raises the title and taunts Lana.

Jax talks trash a the bell hits. They lock up and Jax sends Lana to the mat. Lana clutches her knee. They lock up again and Jax goes behind. Jax rag-dolls Lana some coming out of the corner as we see RAW Women's Champion Asuka watching backstage, cheering Lana on.

Jax keeps control and presses Lana high in the air. Lana counters and ends up on Jax's shoulders, then takes her own with a hurricanrana. Lana keeps on but Jax headbutts her in the face as she sits on the top turnbuckle. An angry Jax climbs up but Lana counters, slides down and tries for a powerbomb. Jax fights the powerbomb attempt off but Lana kicks Jax now while she's upside down hanging from the turnbuckles.

Lana with more kicks and a stomp while Jax is upside down in the corner, forcing Jax's shoulders to the mat. Lana covers for the pin to win, while Jax is still leaning upside down from the turnbuckles.

Winner: Lana

- After the bell, the camera cuts backstage to WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Shayna Baszler attacking Asuka from behind and dropping her in the back. Lana's celebration is cut short as she is attacked by Jax in the ring. Jax drops a big leg on Lana as Baszler enters the ring now. Baszler works on Lana's arm now. Baszler holds Lana down as Jax smacks her around. Baszler stomps on the hurt arm now as Lana screams out. Baszler is bending Lana's leg back and forth now as she continues to scream in pain. Baszler bends Lana's leg back and hold sit as Jax drops a leg on it, and another, and another. Asuka pulls Baszler to the floor and enters to drop Jax with knees. Asuka knocks Baszler back to the floor as she tries to charge, then drops Jax with a roundhouse kick. Asuka checks on Lana in the ring as the champs regroup at ringside. Jax's music hits as Lana cries in Asuka's arms. We go to replays. Jax and Baszler seethe from the ramp while Asuka consoles Lana in the ring.


- Still to come, Bray Wyatt's field trip from the Firefly Fun House to The ThunderDome. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Elias is in the ring with his guitar. Jaxson Ryker is with him. Elias talks about how the recent Symphony of Destruction loss to Jeff Hardy would've destroyed an ordinary man, but he is no ordinary man, he's Extraordinary Elias. He was baptized in the light and lost nothing, but gained so much. Elias says he's h ad visions for his purpose, visions for Ryker – a man who knows deep in his heart, the Universal Truth, which is... WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Elias gets the crowd to yell it twice, and Ryker also goes along with the chant. Ryker takes the mic and says Elias' music has changed him, he has been re-born by the Universal Truth. He says Elias is a visionary and for far too long he's been interrupted and attacked, and Ryker is here to stop that. Elias thanks him. Elias wants to demonstrate the healing power of his music. After what we just saw, he dedicates this performance to Lana.

Elias starts playing the guitar but WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth interrupts. He doesn't want to interrupt but wants to apologize for interrupting Elias on WWE Main Event last week. Truth says he's not an interrupter. Elias points out how he's interrupting again. Elias asks Truth if he's going to say anything. Truth doesn't want to interrupt. Elias starts playing again but here comes Drew Gulak, Erik, Lucha House Party, and Akira Tozawa, chasing Truth for his title. There's chaos at ringside instead. Erik rolls Gran Metalik into the ring but Ryker levels him with a clothesline. Erik rolls Tozawa in next. Ryker tosses Tozawa back out onto the large group of Superstars. Truth runs away with his title. Ryker chokeslams Metalik into the mat. Elias strums his guitar to end the segment.


- The Miz and John Morrison are backstage. Miz isn't happy with AJ Styles recently saying he wants Miz to cash in to take the title off Drew McIntyre because it would be easier to win the WWE Title from Miz. Keith Lee eventually walks up and he has an idea. Miz asks him if it's like what happened in last week's Handicap Match. Something like that, Lee says. Lee has a coin and won't talk about where he got it from, but he proposes a coin toss. Miz calls heads. It lands on heads. Miz and Morrison argue about who won but Lee congratulates them, saying they both won, but that's all they're going to win. Lee walks off ahead of the 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get a video package on John Morrison, sponsored by Axe body spray.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Miz and John Morrison vs. Keith Lee

We go back to the ring and out first comes Keith Lee for this Handicap Match. Out next comes The Miz and John Morrison.

Lee strikes Morrison first but they both attack him and beat him into the corner. Lee overpowers and sends them to the apron but they keep the strikes coming. Miz gets knocked to the floor. Morrison rocks Lee with a forearm but it just angers him. Morrison ducks strikes and uses his speed to avoid a kick. Lee decks Morrison, blocks a kick and nails a jumping spin kick.


Miz flies off the top from behind, taking Lee to the corner for kicks. Miz charges but Lee grabs him and places him on the top. Miz leaps from the top but Lee catches him with a big standing overhead belly-to-belly. Morrison comes from behind and kicks Lee to one knee. Morrison with a roundhouse kick, then a running knee strike. Morrison charges but Lee lifts him high in the air, then drives him into the mat. Lee goes on and hits a big Pounce, sending Morrison out of the ring into Miz. We go to commercial with Miz and Morrison down on the floor as Lee watches from the ring.

Back from the beak and Lee tosses Morrison across the ring. Miz is down in the corner. Miz fights from his knees but Lee decks him. Lee rams Miz into Morrison in the corner. Morrison drops Lee face-first into the turnbuckle, then unloads with kicks. Miz with the flying clothesline in the corner. Morrison drops Lee with a superkick. Morrison covers but Lee powers out at 1. Miz and Morrison take turns with charging strikes but Lee kicks out of Miz's pin at 2.

Miz and Morrison with a double Gutbuster now. Miz drops Lee with the DDT. Morrison with a standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count. Lee ends up sending Miz over the top to the floor. He send Morrison over but he stays on the apron and delivers a kick. Lee with the big Grizzly Magnum chest shot to Morrison on the apron. Lee goes for a suplex but Miz pulls his legs, causing Morrison to fall on top of Lee for a 2 count.


Morrison and Miz apply double submissions now, wearing Lee down. He won't give up so they break and work him over some more. Lee blocks a double suplex and hits one of his own for a pop. Miz charges but Lee clotheslines him, the same for Morrison. Lee with running splashes in the corners. Lee launches Morrison at Miz and they both go down. Morrison blocks the Spirit Bomb but Lee uses Morrison to knock Miz down, slinging him by his legs.

Morrison blocks the Spirit Bomb again. Miz and Morrison fight back with rapid fire offense now – Miz kicks Lee, Morrison with a springboard kick, Miz with another kick. Morrison leaps for another springboard kick but Lee catches him in mid-air. Miz with a chop block to the knee to bring Lee back down, causing Morrison to fall on top of him. Miz assists with the cover on Lee for the win.

Winners: The Miz and John Morrison

- After the match, Miz and Morrison quickly retreat to the stage to celebrate as the music hits. Lee seethes from in the ring and we go to replays.

- The announcers lead us to a video package on recent happenings between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Still to come, Wyatt will bring his friends from the Firefly Fun House to The ThunderDome. Back to commercial.


- Back from the break and it's time for Bray Wyatt's field trip from the Firefly Fun House to The ThunderDome for RAW. Wyatt comes out wearing an ugly Christmas sweater for The Fiend.

Wyatt looks over at the ringside barrier and waves as we see three of his puppets – Mercy The Buzzard, Huskus The Pig Boy, Ramblin' Rabbit. Wyatt takes the mic and says hello to the fireflies. The crowd cheers and he says it's so nice to see their smiling faces at The ThunderDome. It warms his soul. Before we get to the fun stuff, Wyatt has an apology to make. He says he's sorry to Randy Orton, he really is. Wyatt knows they were having the time of their lives last week and as things do, they got out of hand, one thing led to another and now look at them. Wyatt thinks it was just one giant misunderstanding because he knows sometimes "He" has a very sad, sick, deranged, twisted, mind of his own... anyway, Wyatt laughs.

Wyatt knows he has some things to fix about himself but he really wishes he and Orton got the chance to fix what they started. Wyatt says this Sunday after Orton faces "Him" at TLC, he's not sure what will be left of Orton. Wyatt says there shall be no fun and games at TLC, just sadness and pain but – Yowie! Wowie! – that's alright, that sounds splendid. Wyatt says he's decided to celebrate since TLC will be no laughing matter, tonight is. He's prepared some jokes for Orton and they're going to be hisss-terical. Wyatt goes on delivering a few corny snake-themed jokes. He laughs uncontrollably, as do his puppets at ringside. Orton interrupts the laughter, yelling Wyatt's name from the big screen.


Orton says last week he said when his time came he would look the devil in the face and tell him the most evil son of a b—h has come home. Orton goes on and says after he put Wyatt down with the RKO last week, something changed, Wyatt changed, and The Fiend appeared out of nowhere. Orton doesn't say this often but he was outmaneuvered last week, but by The Fiend, not Wyatt. Orton says that won't happen at TLC, and it won't happen tonight. He knows how much Wyatt loves playing games and can't help himself, so he thinks Wyatt should extend his little field trip and come pay Orton a visit tonight. Orton suggests they play a little game of hide & seek. Wyatt laughs and says he can't resist a game. He accepts. Orton tells Wyatt to come find him. Wyatt laughs some more and says he's coming to find Randy. Let the games begin, Wyatt yells. He tosses the mic and heads to the back as the puppets laugh from ringside and the Firefly Fun House music plays.

- The announcers hype Ricochet vs. Mace for tonight. We get a video package showing highlights from last week's match that saw Ricochet and Dana Brooke defeat Slapjack and Reckoning.

Mace vs. Ricochet

We go back to the ring and out comes RETRIBUTION – Mace with Mustafa Ali, Reckoning, Slapjack and T-BAR. They all march to the ring as we go back to commercial.


Back from the break and Mace stands tall in the ring. Ali is on commentary as T-BAR, Reckoning and Slapjack stand next to him. We get a look at Ali's Instagram post from earlier, where he told Mace that he's going to remind everyone that they made RETRIBUTION tonight. Mace declared people like Ricochet have stepped over him for years, but tonight he will get stepped on. Ricochet makes his way to the ring next.

The bell rings and Ricochet tries to go under the legs but Mace blocks him. They trade some shots and counters. Mace launches Ricochet into the corner and runs in with a back elbow. Mace with a big heel kick for a 2 count. Mace grounds Ricochet now, beating him with elbow strikes while he's down. Mace grounds Ricochet in the middle of the ring. Ricochet fights free with a kick to the head but Mace clubs him right back to the mat.

Ricochet counters from the corner and springboards in from the apron with a missile dropkick. Ricochet ducks a clothesline and unloads with kicks and strikes. Ricochet with more quick offense. Ricochet takes Mace back down with a crossbody. Ricochet with the Standing Shooting Star Press for a close 2 count. Ali suddenly orders Slapjack to hit the ring as Ricochet is up top. Ricochet avoids the sneak attack and kicks Slapjack from the apron to the floor.


Ali orders T-BAR to interfere next. Ricochet kicks him right from the apron to the floor, hitting the announce table. Mace takes advantage and hits a big sitdown powerbomb but Ricochet kicks out just in time. Ali stands up at the announce table and orders Mace to finish Ricochet. Mace grabs Ricochet and hits a big tilt-a-whirl side slam for the pin to win.

Winner: Mace

- After the match, RETRIBUTION hits the ring and the others hold Ricochet while Ali yells at him. Ali says this doesn't end until he says it ends, and that won't be until Ricochet joins RETRIBUTION. T-BAR puts Ricochet down face-first into the mat, then kneels down in his face and taunts him.

- We see Bray Wyatt walking backstage. He asks Riddle if he's seen Randy Orton. Riddle hasn't seen Orton, but he has seen the future... and the future is Bro-Nouns. Riddle presents a white board with another wacky business idea. Wyatt is a little busy now but he wishes Riddle good luck. He walks off and Riddle tells Wyatt to have his people call Riddle's people. Ramblin' Rabbit appears behind Riddle now. Riddle says Ramblin' Rabbit reminds him of Baby Yoda, so he's going to call him Baby Bro-da. Riddle talks about his pet rabbit named Skipper at home. He presents a carrot and a marker for Ramblin' Rabbit to autograph it for his pet. That ends the segment.


Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke

We go back to the ring and out come the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions – Shayna Baszler with Nia Jax. Back to commercial.

Back from the beak and Baszler paces in the ring. Tom announces that Lana was taken to a local hospital with "devastating injuries to her elbow and leg." Lana is now unable to compete at TLC in the title match this Sunday. Dana Brooke makes her way out next as Jax looks on from ringside. The bell rings and Brooke unloads with strikes but Baszler drops her with ease.

Baszler with another stiff shot to level Brooke. Brooke kicks out at 2. Baszler keeps Brooke down and bends her limbs back, then tries to stomp on her fingers. Brooke moves out of the way in time. Brooke looks to mount some offense in the corner but Baszler blocks the cartwheel and goes for the Kirifuda Clutch.

The Kirifuda Clutch is blocked coming out of the corner. Brooke mounts some offense and levels Baszler with a clothesline in the corner. Brooke with a shot to Baszler's ribs while she's down. Brooke goes to the top but Jax hits the apron and shoves her off, sending her to the floor. The referee calls the match.

Winner by DQ: Dana Brooke

- After the match, Jax stays on Brooke and brings her in the ring for the double team. Mandy Rose returns and runs down to make the save with a kendo stick. They try to double team Rose but RAW Women's Champion Asuka runs down to even the odds. Rose and Asuka fight the champs off, then help Brooke back to her feet. Jax and Baszler recover at ringside while Asuka, Rose and Brooke stand tall in the ring together as Asuka's music plays. Tom wonders who Asuka's new partner will be for TLC.


- WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is backstage ranting to Huskus The Pig Boy. Bray Wyatt walks up and says he was worried sick looking for Huskus. Wyatt warned Huskus about talking to strangers. Truth tells Huskus to listen to his father, then asks Wyatt if that is his son. Wyatt yells, "Hide and seek!" and runs off to continue his game with Orton. Truth comments on what a beautiful family they have together as we return to commercial.

- Back from the break and announced for RAW Talk tonight is Jaxson Ryker, Elias, MVP, Bobby Lashley, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

- We see Bray Wyatt looking for Randy Orton in the back again. Wyatt walks up on a room with the door open. It's dark but there's one light in the middle of the room, shining on an empty rocking chair that is moving. Wyatt proceeds with caution, but stops and takes a seat. Orton creeps up from behind and attacks Wyatt, knocking him out of the chair. They brawl on the floor and then back to their feet. Orton sends Wyatt into a garage door a few times. Orton places Wyatt inside of a large wooden box and beats on him while he's down in it. Orton shuts the wooden lid and latches it. Orton walks over and grabs a tank of gasoline that's sitting on top of a production case. Orton begins pouring gas all over the wooden box, and laughing while he does it. Orton empties the gas can and grabs a lighter. He lights it and then drops the lighter on top of the box, igniting it in flames. Orton stares at the fire, smiling.


The box lid suddenly flies open and The Fiend is standing in it, flames around him. Orton is shocked. The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw and rams Orton back into the garage door. The Fiend manhandles Orton with the Mandible, against the door and then to the floor, while laughing and grunting. Orton is laid out from the Mandible. The Fiend looks on as the screen flashes and we go to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see what just happened with The Fiend and Randy Orton.

MVP vs. Riddle

We go back to the ring and out comes Riddle with a box of Bro-nuts. He hits the ring to pose as the pyro explodes. MVP is also out.

The bell rings and Riddle charges but MVP gets the upperhand and works him over. MVP rocks Riddle but misses a running big boot in the corner.

Riddle comes back with the Final Flash knee strike to level MVP. Riddle goes to the top and hits a Floating Bro for the quick win.

Winner: Riddle

- After the match, WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley runs down and tries to attack Riddle but he retreats as the music hits. Riddle looks on from the ramp with his donuts, taunting MVP and Lashley.

- We see WWE Champion Drew McIntyre walking in the back. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and it's time for the Ascension Ceremony, the main event of the show. Tom Phillips is in the ring with a mic. The ring and ringside area is filled with tables, ladders and chairs. Tom hypes AJ Styles vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at TLC, and says they will join him to raise the title belt above the ring here soon. Tom brings out AJ first. The pyro hits and out comes AJ with Omos.


Out next comes the WWE Champion. He carries the sword again and makes the pyro go off. Tom says they will have a chance to address each other after the title is raised. AJ reminds us that he and Drew have never faced, so he figured he should do a deep dive into who Drew is. AJ says he was shocked to find out it took Drew 19 years to climb the WWE mountain and become champion. AJ asks how is that possible. AJ taunts Drew over his recent loss to Randy Orton and says yeah he beat Orton to get the title back, but it changed him. AJ goes on about Drew taking risks. AJ brags about defending the WWE Title in a TLC match once, and says he knows what it means to be a champion. AJ says if he has to take every table, ladder and chair in the ThunderDome and break them over Drew's back to get the title back, he will do just that. He tells Drew to kiss the title goodbye because it's going to look phenomenal around his waist. Fans boo.

Drew says that was a nice little speech but he's going to present the facts as he sees them. He says he's always wanted this match. Drew admits he's never been in a TLC match while AJ has had some success in them. Drew goes on and says he was the champion that held WWE all year through the uncertainty, he's the champion that does not crack under pressure, the champion that's going to tear AJ apart this Sunday. Fans cheer Drew on. Drew says every man dies, but not every man truly lives. He's willing to do whatever it takes to himself, and to AJ, to make sure he keeps the WWE Title this Sunday. Drew says AJ has to ask himself if he's willing to do the same. Drew tosses the mic and takes the title from around his waist. Drew latches the title to the holder and it's raised above the ring as dramatic music starts up. Tom has left the ring now. AJ asks Drew what if it's not just him he has to face in the TLC match on Sunday. The Miz and John Morrison suddenly attack, shoving a ladder over on Drew. Drew is triple teamed now as fans boo.


Drew fights back and hits a Claymore to Miz. He then knocks a ladder into Morrison with a Claymore. AJ tries to come from behind but he gets dropped. Drew tosses a ladder to the floor and waits for AJ to get up. Omos suddenly tosses half of the steel ring steps into the ring, getting Drew's attention. AJ takes advantage of Drew staring Omos down, and attacks with a cheap shot. AJ flies in from the apron with a Phenomenal Forearm. AJ stomps on Drew while he's down now. AJ orders Omos to get a ladder and he slides it in. AJ grabs the ladder and keeps ramming it into Drew, then tosses it on him while he's down. The boos get louder. Omos hands a steel chair in to AJ now. AJ unloads on Drew with chair shots while he's down.

Omos slides a table and a ladder into the ring now. AJ stands them both up, beating on Drew to keep him down. AJ places Drew on top of the table, then starts climbing the ladder. AJ leaps from half-way up the ladder, putting Drew through the table with an elbow. AJ climbs back to the top of the ladder to retrieve the WWE Title belt. Drew tries to climb up the ladder but he has no luck. The WWE TLC go-home edition of RAW abruptly goes off the air with Drew down and in pain.