WWE Settles Lawsuit Over Shop Website

WWE has settled a lawsuit that was recently filed by a man who claimed he was being denied equal access to the WWEShop website.

As noted back in early October, a man named Josue Romero filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York and alleged that WWE was violating the Americans with Disabilities Act with their merchandise website. The filing noted that, "Romero is a visually-impaired and legally blind person who requires screen-reading software to read website content using his computer."


The lawsuit alleged that the shop.wwe.com website "is not equally accessible to blind and visually-impaired consumers," and is in violation of the ADA. Romero was asking WWE to change their corporate policies and procedures to ensure the website will become available to blind and visually-impaired consumers. He was also asking for a jury trial, and to have his legal costs covered.

In an update, HeelByNature reports that WWE has just settled the lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. Romero's attorney, Joseph H. Mizrahi of the Cohen & Mizrahi law firm in Brooklyn, issued a settlement notice on Monday, December 7, advising the court to dismiss the case.

The Notice of Settlement said, "Please take notice that the parties have settled the above referenced case. This settlement is contingent upon the execution of a written settlement agreement. This case will be dismissed by Plaintiff upon the completion of specified conditions, in no more than sixty (60) days from the date of this notice. Please vacate all currently scheduled dates in this matter."


There's no word on the specified conditions that WWE and Romero agreed to.