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Excalibur, Taz and Ricky Starks welcome us to the show as we start off right away with a match set up on BTE.

– Before the match starts, Luchasaurus takes the mic and addresses “the woolly mammoth in the room” that there are no such things as dragons. “Why should you believe a talking dinosaur? Because I have a Masters degree” is what Luchasaurus says before calling out Brandon Cutler.

Brandon Cutler vs. Luchasaurus (w/Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt)

Cutler catches Luchasaurus with a quick roll-up, and Luchasaurus barely kicks out at two. Cutler trying to use his agility, but he gets cut off each time as Luchasaurus knocks Cutler off the tope rope with a boot. Cutler is hanging on the barricade as Luchasaurus lands some heavy shots on Cutler. Cutler tries to crawl away, but Luchasaurus stops him and throws him into the barricade. Cutler tries for a chop, but Luchasaurus isn’t fazed and boots Cutler over the barricade and biels him back over. Cutler thrown back in the ring as he catches Luchasaurus with a kick and lands a tope suicida!

Cutler goes over the top and slingshots over and hits the LDL, cover, but Luchasaurus powers out at two. Cutler tries for some shots, but Luchasaurus rocks Cutler with a kick, elbow and a headbutt. Luchasaurus gets Cutler down with a clothesline and tries for a chokeslam. Cutler counters sending Luchasaurus to the outside and hits a plancha. Cutler gets a springboard elbow off, but Luchasaurus rises up. Cutler responds with an elbow and hits another springboard elbow, cover, 1-2-no! Cutler going to the top rope, but Luchasaurus stops him and hits a hook kick then a chokeslam, cover, but Cutler kicks out. Luchasaurus hits a rolling kick for the win.

Winner: Luchasaurus

Sammy Guevara in singles action next!

El Australiano vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara doing some showboating early showing off his power and mat skills. El Australiano responds with some dancing and catching Guevara with some quick strikes and a tiaris takedown. Australiano flips over the corner, hits an area code shot then a spinning senton sending Guevara to the outside. Australiano goes up top and dives right on Guevara. Australiano hits a Dragonrana, cover but Guevara kicks out at two. Australiano tries for a standing moonsault on the outside, but Guevara catches him with a thrust kick!

Guevara then throws Australiano into the barricade followed up by a suplex on the outside. Guevara flips Australiano into a DDT, cover, 1-2-no! Guevara sets up Australiano as he goes to the top rope. Guevara misses the Shooting Star. Australiano now goes to the tope and hits a Shooting Star of his own, takes too much time to cover as Guevara grabs onto the ropes. Guevara catches Australiano as he tried for a moonsault off the corner and hits a GTH for the win!

Winner: Sammy Guevara

– Post-match: Guevara grabs a mic saying he’ll make this quick. He asks the cameraman to zoom in on his shoulder. He talks about the weight being heavier and heavier making reference to his chip on his shoulder. He vows that there will be gold on his shoulder. He says he’s so damn good and the best worker in the company which is why he’s carrying the company. He talks about Chris Jericho recruiting him into AEW and says he’s here because of his work and not because he’s friends with Jericho.

Scorpio Sky in action coming up!

Scorpio Sky vs. Nick Comoroto

Comoroto quickly sends Sky away after a lock-up. Sky tries for a side headlock takedown, but Comoroto powers out and hits Sky with a shoulder tackle. Sky feints a lock up and sends Comoroto into the corner with a dropkick. Comoroto shows off his power, but Sky using his ring savvy to get the better of Comoroto. Comoroto rocks Sky by sending his neck through the ropes. Comoroto attacking Sky’s lower back and sends him flying into the corner with an Irish whip. Comoroto wrenches Sky on the corner post as the ref calls for a break. Sky starting to fight back, but Comoroto catches Sky attempting a flying crossbody then hits a backbreaker, cover, but Sky kicks out.

Comoroto hits another backbreaker and starts to bend Sky in half as he continues to wear down Sky. Sky gets caught in a single-leg crab. Sky is about to tap, but he manages to crawl to the ropes for a break. Sky sends Comoroto away and uses his momentum to send him to the outside. Comoroto tries to charge back in, but Sky clotheslines him out and hits him with a plancha! Sky goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Sky the follows up with a back spin kick then a double stomp on Comoroto’s back. Sky tries for TKO, but his back gives out, and Comoroto hits Sky with neckbreaker. Sky powers out of a fireman’s carry and hits a few kicks and manges to get Comoroto up to hit TKO for the win.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Shanna looks to keep up her winning streak next!

Shanna vs. Marti Daniels

Shanna and Marti Daniels start off with a strong collar and elbow lock up. Shanna gets Daniels down with a dropkick and spinning back elbow. She tries for a crucifix pin, but Daniels kicks out. Shanna on the strong offensive start, but Daniels grabs a hold of Shanna’s hair and sends her down with a huge boot. Daniels then gest Shanna down with a back elbow as she invites more boos. Daniels grabs Shanna and sends her across. Daniels trash talks, but Shanna starts building momentum sending Daniels into the corner with an enzuguri. Shanna charges in with a few elbow strikes. Shanna catches Daniels with a Stunner. Daniels is hanging on the ropes as Shanna hits a dropkick on her. Shanna hits two Tiger Suplexes for the win.

Winner: Shanna

Tag team action coming up!

Baron Black & Mike Verna vs. The Butcher And The Blade (w/The Bunny)

Mike Verna and Blade start things off quickly as the two try to fight for an advantage. Blade gets a hammer lock as he slaps Verna’s head. Verna counters as he rocks Blade with a huricanranna. Verna hits some open-hand chops on Blade. Verna running the ropes, but Blade drops Verna with a powerbomb. Baron Black and Butcher tag in as the two size each other up. Black using his speed advantage, but Butcher responds with his power. Blade tags in as she stomps on Black. The Bunny takes advantage and smothers Black on the ropes.

Butcher and Blade cutting the ring in half as they wear down Black. Black catches Blade with a roll-up followed up by a single-leg crab. The ref tries to stop Butcher allowing Bunny to come in and rake Black’s eyes. Butcher and Blade hit a reverse atomic drop and neckbreaker combo. Bunny takes advantage once again and lands some shots on Black on the outside. Black finds an opening and tags in Verna who takes on Butcher and Blade on his own. Verna on fire landing more heavy shots on Butcher and Blade, but Bunny comes in allowing Butcher to poke Verna’s eyes. Black gets taken out, and Butcher and Blade hit a powerbomb / neckbreaker combo for the win.

Winners: The Butcher and The Blade

Six-man tag team action coming up!

Adam Priest, Ryzin & Vary Morales vs. The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Billy and Vary Morales start things off as Billy is not interested in a lock up. Adam Priest tags in and tries for his own lock up. Ryzin now tags in as he flexes and catches Billy with a kick. Billy gains back momentum taking Ryzin down with a sideslam. Colten tags in as Gunn Club all land strikes, cover, but Ryzin kicks out at two. Austin tags in, but Ryzin catches him with a thrust kick. Morales tags in as the two run around each other until Austin hits a blockbuster. Morales counters a Quick Draw, and Priest blind tags in a rocks Austin. Ryzin tags in and tries to lay in more damage on Austin.

Morales hits a running senton then a low clothesline, cover, but Austin kicks out at two. Ryzin tells Gunn Club to “Suck It”, but Austin gains back control hitting a suplex. Colten and Morales tag in as Colten takes out Morales and Priest. Colten hits a running powerslam, cover, but Ryzin breaks up the pin. Billy takes out Ryzin. Austin and Colten hit 3:10 To Yuma for the win.

Winners: The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Santana and Ortiz are in tag team action next!

Danny Limelight & Jon Cruz vs. Ortiz & Santana

Danny Limelight and Santana start things off as Limelight goes quick at Santana, but Santana powers out. Limelight quickly counters into a dropkick and hits some more kicks on Santana. Santana gets around Limelight and hits a single-leg dropkick. Ortiz tags in as they team up for a double-team neckbreaker. Santana invites Jon Cruz in for a thrust kick as they take Cruz out. Ortiz as Limelight up for a powerbomb, and Santana hits a high kick for the win.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

– “Pretty” Peter Avalon comes out to the ring with a mic in hand. Avalon says it’s time for him to grace everyone with his presence as he introduces himself as the most handsome man on the AEW roster. He notes that he’s a winning streak lately. Now he says it’s time to take things to the next level. It’s time for PPA to have a big match of his own. He presents “The Walk Off” for the Pretty Peter Pageant Provocation. He says Lee Johnson has accepted Avalon’s invitation for “The Walk Off” as he explains the rules. He says “The Walk Off” with Lee Johnson will be next week.

More tag team action next!

Aaron Solow & Lee Johnson vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (w/Matt Hardy)

Marq Quen and Aaron Solow start this match off. Quen hits a shoulder tackle then a standing moonsault on Solow. Solow catches Quen with a back elbow in the corner as Matt Hardy trips Solow angry at Quen’s performance so far. Solow takes Quen out with a dropkick and tags in Johnson. Quen quickly tags in Isiah Kassidy as he makes quick work of Solow. Kassidy tries for a dive, but Hardy gets in the way. Johnson sends Kassidy away with a dropkick as Hardy tries to pump up Private Party.

Kassidy starts to take Hardy’s advice as he shows more intensity in his strikes. Private Party team up and hit Poetry in Motion and take out Solow. Private Party try for a springboard combo, but Hardy scolds them allowing Johnson an opening. He hits Kassidy with a Blue Thunder Bomb, cover, but Kassidy kicks out. Solow takes in and hits an Olympics Slam, cover, but Kassidy kicks out again. Solow preventing Kassidy from tagging out, but Kassidy hits a jawbreaker allowing Quen to tag in and take out Solow.

Solow catches Quen with a kick, and Johnson and Solow combine for a hanging neckbreaker, cover, 1-2-no! Quen powers out of a double suplex to hit a double rana to tag in Kassidy who starts to mount a comeback for his team. Kassidy hits a guillotine cutter on Johnson. Hip toss /crossbody from Privaty Party, cover but Johnson breaks up the pin. Solow catches Quen in an O’Connor Roll, Quen kicks out sending Solow into the ropes allowing Hardy to hit a right hand. Private Party hit a stereo enzuguri combo for the win.

Winners: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Number one ranked Big Swole in action next!

Big Swole vs. Alex Gracia

Swole and Gracia trade holds. Swole then takes Gracia down with a shoulder tackle then a back elbow. Gracia answers with a few elbows of her own and drops Swole onto the ropes and hits an area code shot, cover but Swole quickly kicks out. Gracia working on Swole’s arm hitting a leg drop on both of her arms. Gracia has a wrist lock on then hits a kick on Swole in the corner, cover but Swole kicks out at two. Swole tries to power her way out. Swole counters a hanging neckbreaker with a pump kick. Swole sends Gracia down with a few cross chops and rocks her with a headbutt. Swole nails Dirty Dancing for the win.

Winner: Big Swole

“The Concrete Rose” Sonny Kiss in action next!

Sonny Kiss vs. Zack Clayton

Sonny Kiss gets Zack Clayton down with a drop toehold. Then he catches Clayton with a high kick in the corner. Clayton tries to fight back, but Kiss catches him with another rolling kick. Clayton shuts down Kiss with a big clothesline. Clayton hits a delayed suplex followed up by a knee, cover but Kiss kicks out. Kiss nails a few elbows. Kiss slides through and hits a single-leg drop kick then another corner dropkick. Clayton sends Kiss to the ropes. Kiss catches him with a high kick then hits a spinning leg drop. Kiss with another huge elbow. Kiss with more kicks then a flatliner. Kiss goes up top and hits a diving leg drop for the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

Top Flight looking to keep their winning streak going next!

AJ Kirsch & KC Navarro vs. Top Flight (Darius Martin & Daunte Martin)

AJ Kirsch and Darius Martin start things as Kirsch has a headlock going. Darius builds some momentum and tags in Daunte as they make quick work on KC Navarro and Kirsch. Top Flight nail stereo kicks on Navarro. Kirsch takes advantage and tags in Navarro. Navarro catches Daunte with a chop, but Daunte answers back hopping around but misses a dropkick. Navarro mocks Daunte who then gets rocked by a dropkick from Daunte.

Daunte gains back advantage tagging in Kirsch. Kirsch catches Daunte on his knee preventing Daunte from tagging out. Kirsch hits a clothesline in the corner then a northern lights suplex, cover but Daunte kicks out. Navarro blind tags in as they cut the ring in half wearing Daunte down. Daunte flips out allowing Darius to tag in. Darius comes flying in with a crossbody. Darius flips through and hits a standing Spanish Fly, cover but Kirsch breaks the pin. Daunte goes off the corner turnbuckle and hits a moonsault on Kirsch. Darius then gets a roll up on Navarro for the win.

Winners: Top Flight (Darius Martin & Daunte Martin)

Women’s tag team action next!

Diamante & Ivelisse vs. Katalina Perez & Tesha Price

Tesha Price and Diamante start things off as Price nails some quick strikes. Kataline Perez tags in and hits a combo move with Price. Perez overpowering Diamante, but Perez misses a dropkick allowing Diamante to vault to the corner and tag in Ivelisse who hits a reverse DDT, cover but Perez kicks out at two. Ivelisse gets a suplex then rolls into a front guillotine. Perez spins over, but Ivelisse catches her with a kick then an elbow. Ivelisse hits a chop, Diamante then an elbow, Ivelisse a spear then a leaping elbow from Diamante.

Diamante has Perez in a half chicken wing. Perez powers out, but Diamante lands a series of elbows. Perez follows up with a kick to the mid-section then a running back elbow. Ivelisse and Price tag in as Price goes at Ivelisse and Diamante. Perez nails a cartwheel roundhouse kick then a bulldog, cover but Ivelisse kicks out. Price hits a shotgun dropkick and tags in Perez. Price hits an enzuguri then Perez hits a swinging neckbreaker, cover but Diamante breaks up the pin. Diamante takes out Price allowing Ivelisse to hit a rolling kick on Perez for the win.

Winners: Diamante & Ivelisse

The Acclaimed are next in our co-main event!

– Before the match Max Caster drops his diss rap on Fuego Del Sol and Shawn Dean. Caster drops a line about “Go Big Show”. Then Anthony Bowens says “The Acclaimed have arrived!”

Fuego Del Sol & Shawn Dean vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Caster and Del Sol start things off as Caster gets a wrist lock in, but Del Sol uses his speed to maneuver out. Caster launches Del Sol away asking to slow things down. Dean tags in and gets caught by a big boot. Caster then drops Dean with a shoulder tackle. Dean powers out of a powerslam and gets some quick roll ups off. Dean on the top rope and nails a diving crossbody. Caster is dropped by a clothesline.

Caster gets a jawbreaker off. Bowens blind tags in allowing a neckbreaker / backbreaker combo, cover but Dean kicks out. Bowens hits some heavy strikes on Dean. Dean misdirects The Acclaimed making them hit each other. Del Sol tags in sending Caster into Bowens in the corner. Del Sol gets off an assisted Slice Bread. Del Sol stops the tornado DDT. The Acclaimed hit a powerslam / elbow drop combo for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

The Lucha Brothers and our main event next!

Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/ PAC) vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Penta and Luther start things off for their teams. Luther playing mind games with Penta, but Penta does the “Cero Miedo” to Luther causing Serpentico to come in, and Fenix leaps into the ring as the action picks up between Peta and Luther. Serpentico catches Penta with a diving crossbody. Fenix sizes up Serpentico who’s up for the challenge. Serpentico launches off the top rope and gets a sunset flip, but Fenix kicks out quickly. Fenix catches Serpentico with a thunder chop then a high kick.

Chaos Project halt Lucha Bros. momentum. Serpentico hits a short DDT on Penta, cover, but Penta kicks out. Luther tags in and uses Serpentico to leg drop him on Penta, cover, but Penta kicks out. Luther is not happy with the count as Luther once again uses Serpentico, but Serpentico flips out. Luther doesn’t care and bulldogs Serpentico onto Penta and slams Serpentico’s head on Penta. Serpentico tiredly pins Penta, and Penta kicks out. Penta is sent to the corner, but Penta takes out Chaos Project dropping Luther with a slingblade.

Fenix tags in and drops Luther with a dropkick then a pump kick on Serpentico. Fenix hits Chaos Project at the same time. Serpentico catches Fenix with a thrust kick. Penta hits a Gamagiri kick. Fenix hits a powerbomb then Penta finishes it off, Luther comes in to break up the pin. Luther stops Fenix, but Serpentico gets caught by a thrust kick. Fenix walks the ropes and kicks Luther out. Lucha Bros. hit their package piledriver / double stomp combo for the win.

Winners: Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix)