AEW Dynamite Results: Cody Responds To Shaq, Hangman Page In Action, Britt Baker

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Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer

Jake Roberts heads out with Archer, but he asks him to stay in the back. Archer and Kingston get right to it once Archer gets in the ring. Archer with multiple back elbows in the corner, Kingston them moves out of the way and looks to chop down Archer by kicking his knee. Kingston then bites at Archer.

Kingston working over Archer, leaps down on him, does little damage. Archer then hits a big shoulder tackle on Kingston. Kingston then chokeslams Kingston from the ring down to the apron! Kingston goes down on his hip and crashes to the floor. He then throws Kingston's head into the camera and then into the timekeeper's table. Kingston rolls back into the ring, and immediately slammed down to the ring.

Archer with a big splash down on Kingston, pin attempt, and he decides against it. Kingston recovers, drops Archer, boot to the face, cover, two. Archer looking for black out, Kingston sneaks out and shoves him into the corner. Kingston runs right into a big boot though, ripcord into a chokeslam. Archer walks the top rope and hits a moonsault press. Archer with the claw on Kingston's head and he looks to slam him down. Butcher and Blade bring out a beaten up Roberts. Bunny then hands a knuckle duster to Kingston, backfist to Archer's face, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Eddie Kingston via Pinfall

- Post-match, Butcher and Blade beat up Archer some more. Bunny slaps away at a fallen Archer. Butcher and Blade hold Archer as Kingston cracks him with another spinning backfist.

- Jon Moxley tries to figure out the situation between Young Bucks, Good Brothers, and Kenny Omega. He doesn't think it's going to work, feels like there's too much drama with The Elite. Moxley then brings in Death Triangle and all the relationships that stem from them. Moxley says he's a simple man, and in the business there's only one person you can trust (yourself). Moxley tells his partners (PAC and Fenix) to saddle up for their match at Beach Break against Omega, Gallows, and Anderson.

- Random building, Sting talks with Taz, Brian Cage, and Ricky Starks about their upcoming Street Fight. Sting didn't appreciate the being called a hoodlum by Taz. Allin says it doesn't matter in the streets if you are clean or dirty, it's all about survival. Allin then throws his skateboard through a window. Allin says it's no different thant Sting. Sting bashes a bunch of windows with his baseball bat, and agrees, he is a hoodlum.

Chris Jericho and MJF vs. Varsity Blondes

MJF takes the mic before the match, tells Sammy they have to talk after the match. MJF then trash talks Griff Garrison about beating him previously. Garrison ends up dropping him with a punch, MJF out to the floor, then back in the ring, but still eats a big boot from Garrison. MJF out to the floor for a breather. He gets back in the ring and tags Jericho in. Jericho then gets tripped up and takes a flurry of moves from Varsity Blondes. Pillman Jr. with a chop, goes for a dropkick, but nobody home, he tries again and lands that time.

MJF ends up getting a cheap knee to the back of Garrison, Jericho drops him from behind and then tags MJF in. Garrison with a couple clotheslines on MJF and Jericho. Garrison with a back body drop on MJF, then a discus elbow to Jericho. Garrison with some big spashes in the corners. Double spear on Jericho and MJF, cover on MJF, two. Pillman tags in, heads to the top and lands a missile dropkick to MJF, Jericho tags in and takes a thrust kick, cover, two.

Jericho sent to the apron, Pillman with a dropkick that sends Jericho down to the floor. Pillman throws his opponent back in the ring, springboard leap right into the judas effect, Jericho with a lionsault (looked good this time!), cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Chris Jericho and MJF via Pinfall

- Post-match, MJF and Sammy jaw at each other a bit, but overall the group looks to be together.

- PAC sends a message to Kenny Omega, who thinks he owns the business and is taking liberties. PAC calls Don Callis a clown. PAC says Omega is just manipulating people and attacking people from behind. PAC says next week at Beach Break, Omega is going to face the consequences of his actions.

- Earlier tonight on the AEW Awards, Shaq challenged Cody Rhodes to a match in March. Cody and Arn Anderson heads out to the ring. Tony asks Cody what he has to say to Shaq and even Jade Cargill. Cody says he would keep it simple: Shaq and Jade vs. Cody and Brandi, but life happened. Since Brandi is now having a baby. Cody says he differs to his coach when he's not sure where to go. He asks Arn what he should be doing on Revolution. Arn tells Cody is about to be a dad and that's on the forefront of his brain. Arn brings up a date back in 1985, it when AA says Dusty take on Tully, then fly on plane across the country to see the birth of Cody. Cody tears up thinking about that. AA says if he wants to do the show, he needs to do so with eyes wide open. AA brings up Shaq's amazing career in NBA.

He says he's sure Jade does the same thing when she comes into a room. AA then brings out Red Velvet while Cody ponders his future. A very serious Red Velvet heads into the ring. AA says she's got fire, just like Cody. Red Velvet looks at the camera and says she's out here tonight because she's tired of getting attacked, and Brandi getting disrespected by the coward, Jade. Red Velvet says Cody would never put a hand on Jade, but she's Red Velvet "and I will stir your b— ass up!" Tony says it sounds like the ball is in Shaq and Jade's court.

Hangman Page vs. Ryan Nemeth

Nemeth is Dolph Ziggler's real-life brother. Page works the arm, back and forth moves until Page drops Nemeth with a big strike and then stops in the corner. Page with a springboard clothesline, sending Nemeth to the floor. Big splash by Page down on his opponent. Back in the ring, Nemeth hits a dropkick on Page, cover, barely a one-count. He then works over Page's arm as Matt Hardy comes to ringside to take a closer look at the match.

Hardy looks to be clapping for Page as regains his composure in the corner, Nemeth with a neckbreaker, cover, two. Page hits some big clotheslines on Nemeth and follows up with spinebuster. Page with a clothesline in the corner, sliding lariat, pin, two-count. Nemeth back up, reverses getting thrown out of the ring, and hits a spike DDT on Page, cover, two. Page flips out of a german suplex, discus punch, clothesline, buckshot lariat, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, Hardy claps it up for Page as he makes his way to the ramp and then heads to the back. Page catches Hardy's attention and asks him what's up? Tony Schiavone makes his way to the ring to see what's going on. Hardy says he didn't want to create a scene, and just wanted to be in Page's corner. Hardy says he's been watching over the last few months and he's concerned. Hardy says he knows how much Page loved Omega and The Young Bucks, and they burned him. Hardy knows Dark Order has been coming after him, as well. Hardy says he doesn't want anything, but he just wants Page to be happy and deserves that. Hardy says he's seen where Page dresses, Hardy has a much bigger dressing room and Page is more than welcome to go there instead, no strings attached. Hardy heads off as Page kind of  thinks it over.

Jungle Boy (with Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt) vs. Dax Harwood (with Tully Blanchard and Cash Wheeler)

Stipulation for the match: Luchasaurus is going to be chained to Tully and Cash to make sure they don't get involved. Stunt selling getting beat up by FTR with his arm taped up still. Luchasaurus sits next to the stage with both guys with him. Match gets going, each guys get off a move as they feel each other off. Harwood with a shoulder tackle, but eventually takes a dropkick and has to quickly get out of the snare trap. Tully and Cash try to reach out and help, but get held back.

JB sends Harwood back in the ring, but takes some hard strikes from the former AEW Tag Champion. JB fires back with a flurry of chops, but takes more chops in the corner. JB doesn't give up and chops a few more times until Harwood hits a kick to the midsection, shoulder tackle, sends JB into the corner, charges, and nobody is home. Harwood reaches out to his partner, but that's not going to help him this time. Harwood able to recover and beats up JB out on the floor.

In the ring, JB with a back elbow straight into a front elbow. JB heads to the top, but Harwood hits him from behind, climbs up, and lands a super back suplex, cover, 1-2-no. Back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring. JB flips out a release german suplex and lands a superkick. Harwood is up and puts JB down with a clothesline. Harwood for a powerbomb, JB reverses into a hurricanrana for a two-count. Harwood hits a slingshot liger bomb, cover, two. JB breaks out of a full nelson due to the damage to Harwood's arm. Backstabber, JB hits two german suplexes, Harwood grabs the ropes and hits a back elbow. JB returns fire with a clothesline, suplex, no, Harwood with a feint straight into a DDT, pin attempt, close three.

JB put up on the top turnbuckle, but he punches Harwood away, splash, but we get a couple near falls from both guys. JB crucifix pin, no, Harwood with another pin, no. Harwood tries for the jackknife pin, nope! Harwood hits a knee, JB with a pin and goes right into the snare trap! Tully and Cash trying to get to the ring, but no luck. Harwood ends up tapping out after all the punishment dealt to his arm!

Winner: Jungle Boy via Submission

- Post-match, the handcuffs are removed, Tully throws powder into Luchasaurus' eyes and Wheeler drops him. Wheeler gets in the ring and beats up Jungle Boy, he then takes a slingshot suplex. Tully goes up to the top rope, Harwood and Wheeler get Luchasaurus and they spike piledrive him! Luchasaurus is then handcuffed to the ropes, Harwood cuts off the horns to his mask. They go to cut JB's hair, Stunt runs out and throws a chair at them as SCU and Top Flight also run out to help.

- Outside Daily's Place, Team Taz talks to Sting and Darby Allin about their upcoming Street Fight. The group then see a merchandise table and wonder where their stuff is (there's a bunch of Sting and Darby merch up). The group beats up the merch guys and destroys the table. Starks puts one guy through a table, Cage launches another like a lawn dart into the side of nearby trailer.

Britt Baker (with Reba) vs. Shanna

Baker takes down Shanna for a moment, but she escapes and get's Baker's arm for a moment. Back and forth moves, Baker with a big elbow in the corner, then goes into a hammer lock. Shanna with an arm drag and then hits an enziguri. Shanna tries for a dropkick, but Reba pulls Baker out of the way and distracts Shanna. Baker with a shot from behind and then throws Shanna into the barricade and apron. Slingblade by Baker out on the floor.

Shanna throws Baker down to the mat by the hair a few times after she received the same treatment. Shanna with a flying forearm, pin, two. Baker is back up, lands a kick, gator roll, crucifix pin, two. Baker with a low boot to the face, swinging neckbreaker, cover, two. Reba puts a glove on Baker's hand, Baker tries for lockjaw, reversed into a pin for two. Shanna lands a stunner, running low dropkick, tries for a tiger suplex. Reba jumps up on the apron and distracts the referee, Baker brings Shanna down and applies the lockjaw for the quick tap out.

Winner: Britt Baker via Submission

- Post-match, Baker with a kick to the back of the head, curb stomp, another kick to the head, and lockjaw applied once again. Thunder Rosa's music hits and she runs out to the ring for the save. Reba and Britt run out of the ring and to the side of the stage with Rosa close behind. Rosa yells at them and then goes into the ring to check on Shanna.

- Backstage, MJF wants to talk with Sammy Guevara. MJF tells him he didn't tell Wardlow to get involved in last night's match. MJF says he docked Wardlow's pay and it won't ever happen again. Sammy doesn't believe, he says everybody believes what he says, but not him. Sammy says he sees exactly what MJF is up to. MJF asks him if he's sure he wants to play it this way. Sammy responds, "I'm not playing."

- Next week on Beach Break:

* The Wedding of Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian (with "Best Man" Miro and "Charles" Taylor)
* Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker with Reba
* Tag Team Battle Royal (Winners face the AEW Tag Team Champions at Revolution, Young Bucks are in it, if they win they pick their opponents)
* AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers with Don Callis vs. Jon Moxley, PAC, and Rey Fenix

- Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament: NWA Women's Champion Serena Deeb vs. Riho

- Backstage, Dasha talks with The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks. Gallows hypes next week's match against Moxley, Fenix, and PAC. Young Bucks says they are excited to team-up, as long as Don Callis isn't around. Kenny Omega shows up and asks Matt if he's interrupting anything. Omega says they need to talk. Callis shows up with bandages all over the side of his face. Matt and Nick asks what happened to him, "You assaulted me!" Callis yells. They start arguing as Omega keeps them separated.

AEW World Tag Team Champions Young Bucks and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver)

Anderson and Uno get things started in this eight-man tag match. Back and forth action leads to Silver and Gallows tagging in. Gallows looks down at Silver, gets down on his knees, but Silver throws some big shots to the face. Matt is able to tag in, as is Reynolds. Reynolds with a flying elbow, dropkick, kip up. Young Bucks go to work on Reynolds, bulldog/dropkick combo. Gallows tags in, Dark Order gets knocked off the apron. Bullet Club all take shots in the corner on Reynolds.

The group does a too sweet in the middle of the ring as Gallows continues to beat up Reynolds. Grayson is able to tag in and hits a big slingshot splash on Matt, release german suplex on Nick, kip up, slingshot dropkick on Gallows, and then plants Anderson to the mat. Grayson is on a roll! He heads to the top rope and lands a big frog splash, cover, two. Brawl breaks out between both teams. Nick and Grayson in the ring, Nick misses a kick, Grayson with a pele kick to the head. Silver able to tag in, big clothesline on Nick. Back body drop on Nick, lands a big boot to the face, cannonball off the apron on Anderson. He keeps going, attacks Gallows, boot to Matt's face, runs back in the ring, drops Nick, cover, two.

Uno heads into the match, looks for a move, hits a neckbreaker, goes to the top rope and tries for a senton, nobody home. Matt tags in, hits a double suplex on Grayson and Uno. He then hits double clotheslines on Silver and Reynolds. Action is really picking up, fatality hits on Nick, but the cover gets broken up. Uno and Grayson take superkicks from Nick, he then hits a big step-up twisting flip on Dark Order. Multiple apron powerbombs to Dark Order. Grayson eats a quadruple superkick, cover, Uno breaks it up! Magic killer on Uno. Grayson takes a Meltzer Driver by Matt and Nick, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers via Pinfall

- Post-match, Matt gets on the mic and says next week on Beach Break whoever wins the battle royal gets a shot at the titles at Revolution. Matt says they are also in the match, which means they get to pick their opponents if they win. Matt says it could be anybody, and he looks right at Gallows and Anderson. They do a too sweet gesture in the ring. Fenix runs out and hits a slingshot double dropkick on The Young Bucks. The Good Brothers immediately take him down though. Magic killer, nope, Moxley runs into the ring and clears out the ring. Fenix with a massive flipping senton on Anderson. Omega runs out with that pointed boot, but runs right into a paradigm shift, and he's out. Moxley and Fenix celebrates as the show closes.