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Hangman Page, Colt Cabana, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds vs. The Hybrid2 and Chaos Project

This match is in celebration of -1’s birthday, who comes out on 10’s shoulders. All of Dark Order comes out and there’s a cake for -1. The group and the live crowd sing Happy Birthday to him. Out comes Chaos Project to ruin the fun and say they don’t care. Luther says they don’t like children and calls -1 stupid looking. He continues they are going to ruin his birthday and a brawl breaks out between both sides (The Hybrid2 show up). Page then comes out and leaps off the stage to take out a bunch of people.

Match finally gets going as Silver beats up Evans and Angelico. Silver takes a punch to the face from Angelico then tags in Luther. Butterfly suplex by Luther and then in comes Serpentico. Luther power slams Serpentico down on Silver, then does it with Evans, he then uses Angelico’s face to hit a bulldog down on Silver. Silver finally drops Serpentico and tags in Page, Hangman beats the heck out of anyone that gets in the ring with him.

Page with big clotheslines to most of his opponents. He catches a leaping Serpentico, belly-to-belly suplex, cover, and it gets broken up. Quick brawl, but Dark Order sends most guys out of the ring. Page with a fallaway slam on Angelico. He then leaps out to the floor, but Evans moves out of the way. More brawling out at ringside. Reynolds with a flip down on Chaos Project. Page up to the top rope and hits a mooonsault on some wrestlers.

Page has Silver and Reynolds jump on his back, then flops back down on Serpentico. Evans with a 450 springboard splash on Reynolds, cover, it gets broken up. Page powerbombs Evans into the crowd at ringside. Luther looks to put Cabana through a table, -1 hits Luther with the kendo stick, Cabana then dumps Luther’s face into the cage. Back in the ring Dark Order destroys Serpentico, Page with buckshot lariat, Reynolds thne gets the jackknife pin on Serpentico.

Winners: Hangman Page, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Colt Cabana via Pinfall

– Post-match, Dark Order grabs Serpentico. -1 says he thinks he’s going to ruin his brithday?! He cracks Serpentico over the head with the kendo stick. He then tells Dark Order his birthday was actually three days ago and throws some papers at Serpentico. Silver then gets on the mic and gives Page a bunch of compliments. He then asks Page if he’ll join. Page takes the mic and says, “I can’t.” Just as some music plays and banners go up that say “He said yes!” Dark Order can’t believe it. Page says he’s had fun with them over the past few weeks, but he’s done the group thing before and it didn’t end well for him. He apologizes to Silver and heads up to the stage. The group try to change his mind, but Page heads off.

– Backstage, Alex Marvez is with Chris Jericho and MJF. He talks to them about tonight’s match, but MJF tells Jericho he worries tonight’s match could hurt the Inner Circle. Jericho doesn’t think so, he thinks it’ll make the group stronger. It will decide which tag team moves forward to go after the AEW World Tag Team Titles. Jericho says he fully believes him and MJF are going to win, which MJF agrees with and they will eventually be the champs.

– Sting (wearing a Brodie Lee shirt) and AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin out to the ring to join Tony Schiavone. Sting is given the mic and says there’s something about Allin that reminds him of himself. He gives congrats to Allin for being the champions. Sting says he didn’t get involved last week to interrupt, he just wanted to make sure Allin was given a fair shot against Brian Cage (after Team Taz tried to get involved). Taz on the big screen with the rest of Team Taz. Taz says Sting and Allin acted dirty last week in that match, he mentions Allin tying up Cage’s feet with his belt. Taz says if they want to act dirty, how about they come to the streets? Taz tells them the ball is in their court. Sting says something to Allin. Allin takes the mic, “You want to take it to the streets, Taz? Be careful what you wish for because it just might happen.”

– Reminder of Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker taking place at Beach Break on February 3.

– The Young Bucks meet up at Kenny Omega’s house. Michael Nakazawa greets them and bring them to Omega. They see an oil painting of Omega and Callis, both shirtless and muscled up (apparently a gift from Don). Callis shows up, Young Bucks aren’t happy about what happened last week. Callis said he had someone in his ear and they had to change stuff on the fly. Callis says Omega can’t make today’s meeting, which annoys Matt and Nick Jackson. Callis says Omega had to change up his phone number because others were blowing it up. Callis was surprised The Young Bucks didn’t get it. Callis says he’s glad they are here. Callis then kicks out Marvez and the camera guy, but keeps the camera.

Callis then talks with the brothers about working with Omega. Callis offers up a check for them to make an “investment” in Omega. Young Bucks look at the number and say they made that much last week. Callis forgot they were merch guys! Callis gives them another check. Matt says it’s crazy that Callis thinks he can buy out their friendship. Callis says Young Bucks are actually holding Omega back, they are “hanger-ons.” Young Bucks says that company he works for (Impact Wrestling), they once worked for Impact, and know their checks are no good. He rips up the check. Callis calls the Young Bucks blood suckers! Matt and Nick then go to beat up Callis as the camera cuts out.

Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson vs. Peter Avalon

Avalon runs right into a Cross Rhodes. Jade Cargill’s music hits immediately after. Commentary mentioning how Cody said he’d win his match in under a minute. Cody looks at Cargill as she jaws at him. Avalon with a lowblow kick as the referee is distracted. Cargill laughs and heads to the back. Avalon works over Rhodes’ leg, punch, big chop in the corner. Cody drops down and pops Avalon in the face. Cody goes up to the top rope, Avalon slows him down and goes up for a superplex off the top rope!

The two end up out on the floor, Cody with some big shots to the face. Avalon returns fire with some strikes of his own. They head back into the ring, suplex, cover, one-count. Avalon taking control of the match, heads to the top rope for a moonsault, nobody home! Cody goes for a leap frog over a charging Avalon. He lands down on Avalon, Cody selling a knee injury. Avalon sends Cody to the floor, then hits a suicide dive. Avalon goes out and brings him back into the ring, Avalon runs into a Cody cutter.

Cody with a running forearm, clothesline, spinning power slam. He then takes off the weight belt and launches it into the crowd. Cody with a figure-four on his opponent, but Avalon flips it over for a moment, Cody gets control again. Avalon slaps Cody in the face. Cody goes to slap Avalon in the face and Avalon decides to tap out.

Winner: Cody via Submission

– Backstage, FTR (and Tully Blanchard) talk about FTR being ranked number one in the official rankings. Blanchard said they need the titles though, that’s the bragging rights. Jurassic Express busts into the room, Jungle Boy says he’s sick of this, and that he knows he can beat either one of them. Dax Harwood says he’ll take Jungle Boy on one-on-one, next week. Luchasaurus says everyone will be ringside, and he will make sure nobody gets involved. JB puts his hand out and Harwood shakes it. Jurassic Express heads out of the room, Harwood tells Wheeler “I got this,” then throws a glass towards the door.

Jon Moxley vs. Nick Comoroto

Comoroto shoves Moxley, but eats a headbutt. Moxley with punches and stomps in the corner. Moxley with some big chops and clothesline in the corner. Moxley with a running crossbody, caught in midair and sent down to the mat. QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes watching Comoroto from the crowd. Comoroto chokes Moxley with his boot, big flying elbow, backbreaker, and a second one, but he holds it and pushes down on Moxley.

Moxley bites his opponent’s face, and hits a rolling forearm, big knee to the face, but Moxley runs into a neckbreaker, cover, two. Comoroto charges in and runs chest-first into the corner. Moxley with multiple kicks to the chest and looks for a suplex, nope. Moxley then hits a release german suplex. Moxley locks in a sleeper, Comoroto falls back, but Moxley shifts to avoid the impact. He holds on and his opponent goes goodnight.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Submission

– Post-match, Moxley gets on the mic. He says Wednesdays are getting crazy and he can’t keep track of who is on which team. Moxley brings up Kenny Omega bringing in friends from outside places. Moxley says all it is to him is more violence and necks to break. He says the taller the mountain is to climb, the sweeter it is when he gets to the top. Moxley says people can be brought in from Mexico or Japan, but all roads lead through him.

– Backstage, Dasha tells Eddie Kingston he’ll face Lance Archer for the first time, next week. She asks how he’ll prepare for him. Kingston says he doesn’t prepare, he just fights. Lance Archer shows up and tells Kingston he’s ready to fight, he talks some more, but Kingston doesn’t want to hear it and talks over him. Jake Roberts tells Kingston to leave his guys (Butcher and Blade) behind next week and see how he does against Archer on his own.

– Backstage, Marvez asks Omega about what happened at the beach. Omega says he wasn’t there and doesn’t have a comment. He goes into the locker room and sees Callis’ face is all bruised up. Callis doesn’t want Omega to get upset, Kenny wants to know who did that. Callis slips up and mentions Matt and Nick Jack. Omega can’t believe it! Marvez tries to get another comment, Callis kicks him and the cameraman out of the room.

Top Flight and Matt Sydal vs. Private Party and Matt Hardy

Quen and Dante start things off, lots of dropkicks land from multiple wrestlers. Slow start for Private Party, Hardy says something to Quen, who then tosses his jacket at Sydal to get an advantage. Kassidy then goes over and drops the other two opponents off for a moment. Sydal and Top Flight then lock in double boston crabs on Private Party.

Private Party get control again as they work over Sydal. Sydal finally finds a window, double hurricanrana aon Private Party, tags in Darius who lands a string of kicks, then a spanish fly. Hardy tries for twist of fate, but gets sent out to the floor. Darius with a hard suicide dive on Hardy, sending him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Kassidy goes for silly string, nope, Dante goes for a pin, two.

Darius tags in, Kassidy able to counter two moves, then tags in Hardy. Matt hits side effect on Darius, then one on Dante. Sydal up on the top rope, leaps, Hardy puts him down, triple cover by Hardy, but only two. Quen and Sydal in the ring, kicks Quen in the head. Top Flight clears Kassidy and Hardy off the ropes, big corner clotheslines on Quen. Dante with a rough looking hurricanrana, cover, two. Quen and Dante up on the top rope. Kassidy with a chairshot to Dante’s midsection during some chaos that got the ref distracted. Quen with a shooting star press, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Private Party and Matt Hardy via Pinfall

– Post-match, Private Party attack Sydal and Top Flight. Hardy hits twist of fate on a couple guys, and then celebrates with Quen and Kassidy.

– Backstage, MJF and Wardlow talk with Santana, Ortiz, Sammy, and Jake. MJF says if it were up to him, he wouldn’t do this match tonight. MJF says Jericho is the leader, so what he says, goes. Sammy then gets in MJF’s face and says if it were up to him, things would be very different! Sammy is held back. MJF cools things down, he says let’s just go out there and finish things off. MJF fists bumps three guys, Sammy says they aren’t there yet.

Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian, Miro, and Chuck Taylor) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Orange Cassidy looking on from the crowd as Chuck Taylor comes out with a butler outfit on. Hirsch trips up Ford, rolls her around the mat a bit, another trip, cover, one-count. Ford with a side headlock, but gets back into the ropes. Ford with a kick to the knee, she sends Hirsch down, but she’s kips up. Taylor is told to trip up Hirsch, but she ends up nearly getting a cross armbreaker on Ford.

Ford gets to the ropes. Hirsch out to the floor to bark at Sabian, but Ford comes from the side and hits a pump kick, then sends Hirsch into the barricade. Back in the ring, Ford drops Hirsch, cover, two-count. Ford with a shot to the back, back and forth forearms in the middle of the ring. Ford with a spinning kick, caught, Ford drops down into a split, knee to the face, deadlift german suplex, running double knees in the corner, double boots to the chest, cover, two.

Hirsch heads to the second rope, Ford trips her up, ax kick, missed, Hirsch with a big clothesline. Hirsch with a step-up flip out to take out Sabian and Taylor. As she gets in the ring, Ford with a pump kick to the face, cover, Sabian holds down Hirsch’s boot so she couldn’t kick out.

Winner: Penelope Ford via Pinfall

– Post-match, Miro calls in “Charles” and wants an update. He tells Taylor that he can take him to new heights, but he has to let go of the past. Miro tells Taylor he needs to let Orange Cassidy that Miro is his best friend now. Charles (who is in a tux) takes the mic. He begrudgingly says Miro is now his best friend. Cassidy looks somewhat sadden at what Taylor is dealing with. Cassidy makes his way up the stairs.

– Backstage, The Good Brothers are seen beating up Penta. They throw him into the garage door. Kenny Omega and Don Callis show up, Omega joins in on the beating. Anderson then chokes Penta with a cable. Omega hits Penta with his boot and jams the point of the boot into Penta’s eye. “No es bueno!” Callis yells and laughs as the group leaves.

– Next week on AEW Dynamite:

* Jungle Boy with Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt vs. Dax Harwood with Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard
* Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer
* Cody responds to Shaq’s comments from a few weeks back
* AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds

– In two weeks at AEW Dynamite Beach Break:

* The Wedding of Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian
* Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker with Reba
* Tag Team Battle Royal (Winner faces the AEW Tag Team Champions at Revolution)

– Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament to determine the number one contender. Commentary says it’s “coming soon.”

Chris Jericho and MJF vs. Santana and Ortiz vs. Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara

The winning team is considered the official tag team of Inner Circle and will continue on the journey to face the tag champs. Sammy gets in MJF’s face as the match gets started. Anyone can tag anyone in this match, and there’s no DQ. Jericho then tags in to face Sammy. Sammy with some big chops to Jericho, flips out of the way and lands a dropkick. He then clotheslines Jericho out to the floor, Sammy looks to fly, but flips back into the ring and does a little dance move. Jericho looks on from the floor, then gets back in the ring.

Hager and Santana get int othe match, Santana with a trip kick, then a dropkick to the head. Ortiz tags in, Jericho blind tags in as Santana and Ortiz hit a double suplex. Jericho sneaks in and drops Ortiz, chop to the chest. Santana tags in hits a springboard crossbody and then an assisted moonsault press, cover, two.

Jericho now dealing with Sammy, but fights back, release german suplex, cocky pin, not event a one-count. Sammy with more chops, then sends Jericho into the second turnbuckle. MJF tags in and runs right into a big clothesline by Hager. Jake is swinging on everybody, then hits a big slam on MJF. Sammy comes back in, springboard cutter. Ortiz tags in, then runs into a clothesline by Sammy. Jericho in the ring, but is knocked to the floor.

Commentary then announces it will be Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix, and PAC vs. Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows at Beach Break on February 3.

Multiple wrestlers flipping out to the floor. Sammy able to plant Ortiz in the ring, Sammy goes to the second rope, but Santana kicks him in the back to stop him. MJF puts Sammy on his shoulders, but Sammy hits a poinsonrana on him, then hits a spanish fly on Ortiz off the top rope! He goes for the cover, but Ortiz kicks out. Jericho brings his baseball bat into the ring, Hager just drops him with a big boot. Wardlow then sneaks in the diamond ring to MJF, Hager sees it and knocks MJF down with a punch.

Hager hits double clotheslines on Santana and Ortiz, Sammy with a shooting star press, cover, MJF breaks it up. Jericho tags himself in. MJF powerbombs Sammy. Jericho with a bad looking lionsault on Sammy. Ortiz gets the blind tag in, Ortiz and Santana drop Jericho, cover, two. Jericho then nails Ortiz with a codebreaker, cover, 1-2-no.

Ortiz with a double DDT on MJF and Jericho. Hager tags in, hits a hager bomb on MJF. Sammy tags in and nails a senton on MJF, cover, but Ortiz breaks it up. Hager and Ortiz sent to the outside. Sammy hits the GTH on Jericho and nails a bunch of other guys. Sammy looks to take down MJF. He ends up hitting Wardlow off the apron, MJF rolls up Sammy and grabs the tights for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Chris Jericho and MJF via Pinfall