AEW Dynamite New Year's Smash (Night 2) Results: Darby Allin Vs. Brian Cage, Kenny Omega In Action

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- Recap video of the rivalry between Eddie Kingston and PAC is shown.

- Earlier today, Kingston tells PAC he's going to bust him up, and then PAC's going back home (and never coming back).

PAC with Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Eddie Kingston with The Blade, The Butcher, and The Bunny

PAC immediately knocks Kingston out of the ring and hits a flip down on him. Back in the ring, pump kick to the Kingston's face, and then a few more in the corner. PAC goes to the top, hits a missile dropkick, kip up, more strikes. Kingston finally gets in some offense with a few punches, gets on the second rope, knee drop to the back of the head. He boots PAC to the outside, Bunny scratches at his eyes. Kingston takes over the match, big chops in the corner, elbow to the back of the neck.


PAC with a flurry of strikes, to get back into this one. More kicks to the chest by PAC. Kingston drops PAC to the mat, chop in the corner, charges, misses, but then lands a few shots. Kingston heads to the top rope, but eats a kick to the face. PAC goes up top and lands a superplex, cover, two. Both men get up, Kingston drops PAC, slow to cover, two. Kingston tries for a DDT, PAC holds the rope, then lands a low dropkick. PAC heads to the top rope, black arrow hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: PAC via Pinfall

- Post-match, PAC locks in the brutalizer for a moment. Blade and Butcher jump in the ring, but so do Penta and Fenix. From the back, Lance Archer (along with Jake Roberts) runs out and clears Kingston's group out of the ring. Archer tells PAC he needs to "get on the same page" as him. Archer then heads to the back and PAC celebrates with his guys.


Miro with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford vs. Chuck Taylor with Orange Cassidy

If Taylor loses this match, he'll be Miro's butler and has to do what Miro asks of him until Sabian and Ford's wedding date. Taylor gets the first shot on Miro, kicks in the corner, big clothesline sends Miro out to the floor. Miro tries to get back in and is knocked to the floor. Taylor then sends Miro into the side of the stage a couple times.

Taylor continues to beat up Miro on the outside, charges in and runs right into the ring post. Back in thering, Taylor heads to the top rope, but Sabian with a big dropkick on Cassidy, he then eats a kick from Taylor. Taylor with a knee to the jaw, but finally takes a samoan drop to the mat. Miro with big shots in the corner, overhead release suplex, spinning heel kick, and Miro with a thrust kick, and then locks in game over. Taylor taps out and will now be Miro's butler for the next month or so.


Winner: Miro via Submission

- Backstage, Dasha talks with Private Party and how they signed with Matt Hardy as their manager. Hardy jumps in and says things are great now that these guys are part of the Hardy brand! Private Party try to be positive, but Quen says he can't do this and is still bothered Hardy is making 30% on them. Hardy told them they should have read the fine print. Quen calls Hardy a "money grabbing carny." Hardy says when they first got her, nobody cared about them, but he did! Hardy tells them ultimately when he says "jump," they say "how high," and ends the interview

- Inner Circle heads out to the ring for their New Year's Resolutions. Chris Jericho on the mic first and says it's going to be a huge year for the group. Jake Hager says championships are a big goal this year. MJF says he just wants to strengthen his bonds with the other members, also, fat people gotta go. Ortiz wants to improve a family recipe. Jericho says this will be the year that he and MJF will win the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Santana jumps in and says he hand picked Santana / Ortiz to be in the group, and be the tag team in the Inner Circle. Guevara stops him and says Jericho is a little "tag team s–t." Guevara wonder what's up with Jericho teaming up with a bunch of different people. MJF says Jericho is just trying to do his job, Guevara tells him to shut up. Hager tells Guevara that "MJF is cool" and calms him down. Jericho says like Hager and Wardlow did last week, maybe they should blow off some steam for bragging rights and to decide who is the official tag team of Inner Circle. Next week: MJF / Jericho vs. Santana / Ortiz vs. Guevara / Hager. MJF says they are still the Inner Circle, "We're better than you, and you know it."


- Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Dark Order and wonders what's next after losing their leader, Brodie Lee. Evil Uno says they have to be better people and do everything in Lee's name. He then says next week Hangman Page should team with Dark Order. The group pulls Page in and wants to talk with him. They ask when Page is going to decide if he's in the group or not. Silver says next week after the match is a good time! Page agrees that's when he'll let the group know. Silver fully expects Page to join and the group yammers on as Page just stands a few feet away and continues enjoying his drink.

- Video for the AEW Dynamite Awards on January 27 at 7 pm ET (B/R Live app), hosted by Tony Schiavone.

- Recap of Darby Allin's feud with Team Taz.

Backstage, Dash catches up with Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and The Young Bucks. Callis says it's fantastic that the band is back together. Omega asks if they want to do The Elite entrance, Callis says the Young Bucks should get their own entrance, and they should head out on their own. Omega goes along with that and heads out for his entrance.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. The Varsity Blondes and Danny Limelight


Callis gets on the mic before the match and announces Omega's partners: Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (instead of The Young Bucks). Backstage, Dasha stands with The Young Bucks and AEW President Tony Khan as they watch a monitor. Matt and Nick look annoyed and walk off. The trio immediately attack, Omega goes after Limelight in the ring while the others brawl on the outside.

Limelight lands a boot to Omega, step-up arm drag, dropkick, kip up. Gallows then lays him out with a big boot, Varsity Blondes with double dropkicks and then clothesline Gallows out of the ring. Pillman tags in, kick, big chop to the chest, then tags in Garrison. Garrison leaps off the second rope, shot to the arm. Pillman gets in some offense, brings in Limelight, spinning kick, sent into the ropes, Gallows with a kick to the back, Omega plants his opponent to the mat and then tags in Anderson to get in some offense. Triple splash by Omega, Gallows, and Anderson, cover, two. Omega goes to work on Limelight, who eventually hits a hurricanrana to nearly tag out of the ring.


Limelight able to hit a step-up enziguri, then tags in Pillman who hits a diving shoulder tackle on Omega. He then drops The Good Brothers and brings in Garrison. Hart attack by Garrison and Pillman, cover, two. Garrison dives into the corner, nobody home, Omega with a big elbow in the corner. The Good Brothers and Omega hits an assisted double neckbreaker, cover, and it gets broken up. Big boot by Anderson, cover, two. Limelight gets tagged in, eats some shots though, takes a spinebuster. Anderson and Gallows hit Limelight with magic killer, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers via Pinfall

- Post-match, Jon Moxley's music hits and he strolls out from the crowd. Moxley goes right at Omega, then is able to fight off The Good Brothers for a moment. The numbers game get the best of Moxley though. Out run Penta and Fenix to help even the odds as they battle with Anderson and Gallows. Moxley and Omega battle away in the middle of the ring. Now the locker room is emptying out to help separate the two sides. The Young Bucks run out and tell Moxley to ease up and try talking some sense into them. Fenix and Penta hop into the ring and give Matt and Nick double superkicks! Omega takes off with Callis as the brawl continues in the ring.


- "The Waiting Room" with Britt Baker (and Reba) with tonight's guest, Cody. Baker says this is the Dynamite debut of the show, and has a special surprise for the crowd. She asks them to look under their chairs, they do, and there's nothing there. Baker laughs and says she couldn't resist. Baker then cracks a few jokes at Cody's expense, including his neck tattoo. Cody comes out, and gets some sparklers for his pyro. Baker gives congrats about Cody's child, jokes that they will probably have an action figure before she does.

Before Cody can even say anything, Baker says she has another surprise and brings out Jade Cargill. Cargill takes the mic from Cody, and says nobody gives a damn that Brandi Rhodes is pregnant. She says Cody did Brandi a huge favor, but she and Shaq are tired of waiting. Cargill wants an opponent, and says if Brandi ever returns, she's gonna "Beat that ass." Cargill then shoves Cody away, and in comes Red Velvet. Cargill wonders who this is and shrinks down to get on her level. Cargill shoves Velvet, Velvet slaps her, Cargill slaps her back. A full-on brawl breaks out with the women's locker room keeping the two sides away from each other. We then randomly see video of Britt Baker previously attacking Thunder Rosa during one of her interviews. Cut to Rosa in a different location, she tells Baker loves to get in other people's business, but she's going to have to have a match very soon. Rosa says Tony Khan has told her that he wants to put them on a big stage, and it takes time to build things up. At Beach Break on February 3 it will be Baker vs. Rosa. Baker throws a fit about having to fight Rosa.


Jurassic Express (with Luchasaurus) vs. FTR (with Tully Blanchard)

Things end up in a stalemate as Stunt uses his agility to avoid FTR. Wheeler finally gets a hold of Stunt, and beats him up, big chops in the corner. Stunt tries to fight back, but keeps getting stopped with kicks and punches. Jungle Boy is able to work his way into the match, assisted huricanrana by Stunt. FTR out on the floor, both Stunt and JB fly down on their opponents.

FTR able to work their way back into the match and keep Stunt in the ring. Double team move, kick to the head, multiple covers, but no three-count. Stunt able to finally roll his way to JB and tag him in. JB with forearms to Harwood, dropkick sends Wheeler to the floor. JB with more shots to Harwood, clothesline lands, and another one to Wheeler. Backstabber on Harwood, cover, 1-2-no.

Harwood up to the top rope, JB follows and hits a super hurricanrana, cover, Wheeler breaks it up. JB with a brainbuster on Wheeler, Harwood slips in for the roll-up, two. Stunt tagged in, assisted senton, cover, two. Stunt looks for sliced bread, Harwood tosses him away, then throws a big elbow shot without the elbow pad. Harwood goes after Stunt in the corner, Stunt with a lowblow kick that the referee doesn't see. Stunt hits sliced bread, cover, Harwood kicks out and Stunt goes flying out to the floor. Referee distracted, Tully throws Stunt right into the ring post. Wheeler gets rid of JB out on the floor. Stunt sent into the ring by Wheeler, Big Rig (shatter machine) hits, cover, 1-2-3.


Winners: FTR via Pinfall

Serena Deeb (c) vs. Tay Conti with Anna Jay (NWA Women's World Championship)

Conti works over Deeb, abdominal stretch, but the champ is able to reverse into a move of her own, cover, two. Conti looks for a kick, blocked, but Conti drops Deeb and gets in a heel hook. Deeb able to reverse into a reverse chinlock, side headlock takedown. Both get back up and Conti with a shoulder throw on Deeb.

They go for test of strength, Deeb able to get the advantage and get wrist control on Conti. Conti with a kip up to get out of it, then locks in a triangle choke. Deeb fights out of it, sliding shoulder tackle, cover, two. Conti goes for a pin, two, big pump kick on Deeb and Deeb crumples out to the floor. Back from break, Deeb back in the ring, Conti with a modified stunner, cover, two-count.


Deeb reverses Conti into a stretch muffler, the challenger gets to the ropes though. Deeb gets rolled up for two. Lifts Conti and drops her down on her knee, cover, two. Conti is put up on the top rope, facing towards the crowd. Deeb then with a gory special on the ropes for a few moments. Conti leaps off the second rope, another pump kick. Conti looks for the Tay-K-O, but her knee gives out. Deeb hits the detox to finish off Conti, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Serena Deeb via Pinfall

- Next week:

* Chris Jericho and MJF vs. Santana and Ortiz vs. Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager (Winner is the official tag team of the Inner Circle)
* Hangman Page, Colt Cabana, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds vs. The Hybrid2 and Chaos Project (Page to give his answer on joining the group after the match)
* Top Flight and Matt Sydal vs. Matt Hardy and Private Party
* Miro to give update on his new butler Chuck Taylor
* Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero vs. Leyla Hirsch
* Jon Moxley in action

Darby Allin (c) vs. Brian Cage with Ricky Starks and Hook (AEW TNT Championship)

Taz joins commentary for the title match. He notes that AEW said only two members of Team Taz could be at ringside, so no Powerhouse Hobbs. Allin with a low dropkick, shoves Cage out of the ring, and hits an aggressive suicide dive that sends Cage into the barricade. Allin goes for another suicide dive, Cage catches him in midair and suplexes him to the floor. Back in the ring, Allin slaps Cage in the face and takes a clothesline. Cage then gorilla presses Allin and throws him from the ring down to the timekeeper's table!


Allin bleeding from the head as Cage lifts Allin up to the ramp and throws him back into the ring. Allin crawls over to the corner, Cage charges with a big uppercut, kick, release german suplex, then sends him hard into the other corner. Allin can't even stand, referee checks on him, but the match continues. Cage charges the corner, eats a kick, but then drops Allin with a TKO, cover, one-count! Cage not sure what to make of that.

Cage with a triple powerbomb, releasing on the third one. Allin then flips Cage the middle finger. Cage powerbombs Allin out to the ramp. Allin gives him another middle finger. Cage drags Allin over and hits a deadlift suplex from the second rope. Cage goes for the cover and Allin kicks out at one! Starks is yelling at ringside. Cage walks over to the steps and drags them to a new location near the ramp. Cage on the apron with Allin, Allin gets in the ring, dropkick, bites Cage's hand and he flops back on the steps. Allin hits a coffin drop from the second ropes on Cage while he's on the steps!


Allin back in the ring, Cage almost gets counted out. Allin with slaps to the face, springboard, caught in midair, Allin bites Cage's face. Allin with an over-the-top stunner. He then ties up the feet of Cage with his belt and swings away at the back of Cage's head. Cage shoves Allins away, gets the belt off, but eats a code red, cover, two. Shotgun dropkick sends Cage into the corner, cover, gets popped up to the second rope, double stomp. Hook up on the apron to distract the referee. Starks crotches Allin. Lights go out. Sting shows up and smacks Starks with the bat. Cage goes to the second rope, Allin on his shoulder, Allin hits a cruifix bomb on Cage, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sting gets into the ring and stares at Allin. Cage heads out, barking at Sting. Team Taz is beyond annoyed as snow falls down on them. The group heads to the back as Sting watches them.