Arn Anderson Reveals Recent Battle With COVID-19

To start off his recent episode of his podcast ARN, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW coach Arn Anderson, 62, opened up about his battle with COVID-19. Anderson stated that he had previously been tested three times, and all three tests came back negative. However, he detailed his experience with COVID-19 where he was in bed for a week and experienced hallucinations.

"I got really really sick a couple of weeks ago for about 10 days," Anderson revealed. "Thank God it was during the period we were off in AEW, and I wasn't exposed to anybody and quarantined in my house. I know the symptoms vary from person to person and age group, but let me tell you, I got sick as hell. It scared me to death.

"I was in the bed for probably a week. I couldn't drink anything. I couldn't eat anything. I was hallucinating. I was looking at my ceiling, and I saw ice forming on my ceiling. I had one day there for a minute where I couldn't catch my breath. It was a lot of things I hadn't experienced in my life that scared me to death."

Anderson took the time to tell his podcast listeners similar remarks that President Joe Biden has stated where while there is a vaccine out, the pandemic could get worse due to the flu season. Anderson urged his audience to encourage everyone to take the proper precautions against COVID-19 like wearing a mask and social distancing. He also encouraged his audience to be nice to the people around them and help out others if they can.

"So what I want to do is reiterate to everybody out there, guys, this thing is bad," Anderson said. "It's really bad, and it varies from person to person. We have not 1000% turned the corner in this getting better. If anything, we're getting into that peak season where people are starting to talk flu and all that.

"So I'm begging you, as a member of our family (his podcast audience), tell everybody you know, wear a mask, do the social distancing, just take care of yourself in general. Try not to get a cold, try not to get the flu. If you don't have to go somewhere, don't, and I know there's a huge huge hangover in this country with all of our nurses, and doctors, and police officers and you name it, everybody out there on the frontlines have been pulling 80-90, I'm sure 100 hour shifts, so do something for those people.

"Do something nice for a stranger. Do something nice for a family member. If you can afford to make a house payment for them, or a car payment or take them grocery shopping. We are in a situation here that's unprecedented, and if we don't look after each other, as citizens, it's not gonna get done."

Anderson also revealed that his last test showed that he had the antibodies that shows that he did have the coronavirus. However, he reiterates that he did not ever test positive. He encouraged everyone to work together to get through the pandemic.

"This past Wednesday morning, all of a sudden, I had the antibodies for having COVID, which meant I had had it, but at no point did I test positive for it," Anderson explained. "So what was going on in my bedroom for a week was absolutely COVID, and it was brutal. It was hard to deal with because all I could do — you go days without drinking water hardly because you can't get it down.

"You go a week without food. It's tough, so all I'm asking is listen to some common sense. Go the extra mile. For those of us that can do it, do something nice for a stranger. Do something nice for a family member. Do something nice for a friend and let's get this thing knocked out."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit ARN with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.