Backstage News On Recent WWE Contract Offers To Retribution And Main Roster Call-Ups

It was reported in the fall of 2020 that WWE had offered new contracts to the members of RETRIBUTION, and now it's being reported by Fightful Select that those deals were for three years at $250,000 per year.


It was noted that WWE offered the deals to each member of the RETRIBUTION group, not including leader Mustafa Ali.

The $250,000 per year three-year deals are significantly lower than a lot of the incoming contract offers that WWE has made in the last two years, during a period where there has been more competition from other promotions, but also at a time where the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on everything.

Some of the recent WWE call-ups were told that they could possibly re-negotiate their offers when and if things change, but there's no word on if RETRIBUTION members were extended the same courtesy, or even if they actually signed.

It was also noted that there has been talk of several WWE wrestlers who have opted to pass on renewing their contracts, choosing to wait until they have better leverage instead.


On a related note, word is that not all recent call-ups from WWE NXT have been offered new contracts when they get to the main roster. It was noted by Dave Meltzer on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that some of the wrestlers are making the same money on RAW or SmackDown that they would've been making in NXT, and will be making that same money until WWE resumes live event touring or until they receive new contracts. There's no word on which wrestlers have not received new deals when coming to the main roster, but not every call-up is receiving new contract offers.

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