Booker T was one of the many former WCW faces that jumped ship to WWE once the latter bought out World Championship Wrestling. He joined WWE as the then-WCW World Heavyweight Champion so he was involved in a couple of high-profile feuds with WWE stars.

One of those was with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the highlight of their feud was a memorable scene inside a supermarket. Austin beat Booker with everything from flour to frozen pizza to even Grey Poupon. Booker recalled that fight in a grocery store when he joined The Chris Van Vliet Show.

“That’s the actors again. It was about Steve that night. I had been messing with him. If people remember the story, I had been messing with him for the longest. He had been trying to catch me for the longest. I put him through the table. So, he had been chasing me and it was my time to return the favor,” recalled Booker.

“My losses got to be better than my wins. So, I really got to go out there and make Steve look great, but I still got to get my stuff in at the same time. I was very entertaining getting my ass whooped. I think that’s what the good performers do. The good performers go out and they work for the end goal opposed to anything else that’s going on. I never thought that would be an iconic moment at the end of the day.”

During Booker’s WWE run, he would often try to get other wrestlers to perform his signature spinaroonie. Most people who tried it failed magnificently and Booker revealed who had the best and worst versions of it.

“D-Von [Dudley] did a pretty good spinaroonie. I think the worst was Big Show’s. Edge had a pretty bad one as well when I had to wrestle him at WrestleMania 18,” stated Booker.

“He wanted to do the spinaroonie so bad, he’s like, ‘Show me how to do it.’ I showed him how to do it. So, he’s out there working on it all day. He’s trying to get that spinaroonie and by show time, he’s got strawberries all over his body, where he literally ripped his skin off of his body. Then, he still couldn’t do it in the match! He had a pretty bad spinaroonie as well.”

One person that the jury is still out on in regards to his spinaroonie performance is The Undertaker. That’s because, despite the attempts of Booker T and Vince McMahon, Taker resisted doing a Taker-roonie during a special after Raw segment during his American Bad Ass days.

Booker remembered that scene which also involved The Rock, Triple H and Goldust trying to get Taker to do the move in the middle of the ring.

“That was an iconic night. That’s what wrestling was back then. We were family out on the road, trying to get from one day to the next. So, we had fun like that,” said Booker.

“We were 45 minutes to an hour after the show went off the air doing that. Today, I don’t think something like that will work. They can try it, but I don’t think it would have the same effect as that moment it had. This many years later, people are still talking about me trying to get The Undertaker.

“It was Vince McMahon who actually tried to get him to do it. I remember you could see on his Last Ride when they showed that. He looks and it’s on tape. He goes, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ I look at him and go, ‘It’s not me!’ That night was awesome.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.