CM Punk Returning To The Ring On The Starz Series "Heels"

Actor Stephen Amell welcomed CM Punk to the Starz series, Heels, as Punk will be not only on the show, but making a return to the ring.

"Please welcome @CMPunk  to @HeelsSTARZ — He was a little rusty in the ring yesterday, but I assured him it was just like riding a bike," Amell wrote.

PWInsider is reporting Punk is currently filming for the show after being in Atlanta for several weeks, quarantining in advance of his role. Punk is going to be a rival of Amell in a potential recurring role.

Back in 2017, Punk impressed casting directors for the role of Jack Spade, but wasn't hired after the project was paused. Amell was later brought on to play Spade, and now Punk will be portraying his adversary.