Details On WWE Network's Move To Peacock

Big news was made in the entertainment world when it was announced that NBCUniversal's Peacock network would be the new home of the WWE Network in the U.S. The deal is reportedly for five years worth $1 billion.


On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that he told that all content on the WWE Network will be on Peacock. However, there is no indication as to whether content will be slowly rolled out, but Meltzer said that all hours of WWE Network content should move over on March 18.

It was noted that WWE still owns all the content, and NBC "is renting" WWE content for five years. As previously reported, the Network will continue to operate for users outside of the United States.

Peacock subscribers will not have to pay extra for PPVs. This move differs from UFC and ESPN's arrangement where ESPN+ subscribers also have to pay for UFC PPVs. It was also noted that Peacock does not own the exclusive PPV rights for WWE PPVs, so fans can still order PPVs in the traditional manner.


It was noted that ESPN is only cutting ties with WWE and not wrestling in general. There is no ban on getting guests from other wrestling promotions like an AEW. In theory, ESPN could bring on a Shaquille O'Neal or Mike Tyson to talk about what they did on AEW, or they could bring on AEW EVP Cody Rhodes for an interview segment.