It’s no secret that The Undertaker was one of Drew McIntyre’s mentors when the WWE Champion first arrived in WWE more than a decade ago.

In a recent interview with Priyam Marik of Telegraph India, McIntyre revealed the one advice that his younger self received from Undertaker which has stuck with him all these years.

“I learnt tons from being around Taker,” said McIntyre. “He has such an advanced wrestling IQ, that sometimes when he spoke to me, it was like a doctor speaking to someone in high school. But eventually, his lessons would kick in… The exact phrase he would use was ‘stop playing the wrestler, be the wrestler’.”

McIntyre elaborated a little further on the lesson.

“What he meant was while out there in the ring, relax, embrace the moment, and have fun. When you start having fun, the audience can feel it, and then they start having fun.”

McIntyre also delved into his metamorphosis from The Chosen One to “The Real Drew” — who is meant to be a bit silly and sarcastic.

“I am certainly an evolved version of myself,” admitted McIntyre. “Physically, it seems I have eaten my previous version because I have grown so much bigger! But previously, character wise, there was something that wasn’t quite where it needed to be.

“But I realized that all I needed to do was relax. And that’s what I finally did. And then my real story started to come through, how I have had to keep fighting for my dreams and keep picking myself back up. I became the real Drew, and the real Drew is a bit silly, a bit sarcastic. I became relatable, because I was able to be myself.”

McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship against WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He first captured the title during last year’s WrestleMania.