Former WWE producer and wrestling legend Gerald Brisco and son Wes Brisco recently joined VOC Nation to share stories about their respective careers.

Wes Brisco has been wrestling for the better part of a decade, most notable for his time in Impact Wrestling as a member of the Aces and Eights stable. Years before Wes would even consider following in his father’s footsteps, Gerald Brisco revealed his young son once showcased his strength when he landed an infant strike to Hulk Hogan’s groin.

“One day we heard a bunch of motorcycles coming down our driveway. We looked out the window and there was Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake,” Gerald said. “We’re walking back toward the house and [Hulk] looked down at Wes and said, ‘Hey Wes, do you like wrestling?’ Wes said, ‘Oh yeah I like wrestling, I can throw a good punch too.’ So he reared back – Hogan’s [tall] and Wes is [short] – he reared back and he hits Hogan and hits him right smack dab in the crotch. He knocked the breath out of Terry.”

Continuing the reminiscing, Gerald looked back on his friendship with the late ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Gerald mentioned how even in the brief time they knew each other, he could tell Randy had a strong connection with his son.

“Macho Man, God rest his soul, what a great guy he was,” Gerald said. “Him and Wes, from the time Wes was just a baby to whenever Macho Man left us, him and Wes were really tight and really good friends. I was really proud of that. Macho Man was a really strange cat as you know, he didn’t make a lot of friends. He really had something special for Wes. Anytime Wes was in school and Wes needed somebody there to come and talk, he’d ask me and I’d say okay let’s call Randy. Randy of course couldn’t turn it down, so here come Randy and Miss Elizabeth to Wes’ school. So Wes was over with all the guys and girls and especially the teachers.”

Speaking on that bond, Wes gave his admiration for Macho Man’s hospitality.

“I think Macho Man really enjoyed talking at schools because when he retired, all he did was worked with special needs people,” Wes said. “He pretty much donated the rest of his life to helping out special needs kids and being there for them. I think he always had a heart for kids and always enjoyed the aspects of kids.”

You can hear the full interview with Gerald and Wes below: