– As noted before, last night’s WWE RAW saw The Miz and John Morrison host a Dirt Sheet segment where Duane “Gillberg” Gill was brought back to spoof WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, while actor David Krumholtz spoofed WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Above is post-show video of Gillberg talking about his return and what the job means to him.

“Man, that was a ball,” Gillberg said. “I mean, you see now why I love it. This is everything to me, it’s my life. It really is. You don’t know how much I wish at my age I could still have a full-time job doing it. It’s my love. I mean, every day… that was one thing they used to say to me in the locker room, ‘Look, there goes Gil!’ I would always smile, always smiling, always happy, because I mean… you just saw what I do. How can you not like doing that? It’s a blast and to make people laugh, that’s what I do best if I can.

“Like, when I die, I want people to go, ‘That was a good guy.’ And that’s all I want. I’m always nice to everybody, I try to be, and that feeling I get when I walk out there is everything. I mean, here I am with The Miz and John Morrison, two of the biggest names in the business today, and they’re so polite, and kind, as you seen, to me, and everything. That’s why I love what I do. I mean, it’s everything, you know? It really is.”

– WWE has hired veteran attorney Darren Traub to work as the new Senior Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs, Entertainment & Talent Management, according to eSports Observer. Traub will begin working with WWE on Monday, January 25.

Traub will manage all legal-related issues for WWE TV, film production, WWE Studios, music, live events, talent management, gaming, streaming, and all “metaverse initiatives” for the company, according to his LinkedIn. Traub previously worked for several prestigious law firms over a 16 year period, including Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Akerman LLP, and Herrick, Feinstein LLP.

Traub announced the hire on LinkedIn last week and noted that he’s been a WWE fan since WrestleMania 3.

He wrote, “Growing up, two sports moments impacted my life. The first was UGA winning the 1980 college football national championship (and 40 years later I’m still waiting for them to reclaim the title). The other was when Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant. The epic ‘body slam heard round the world’ not only showed you can get up off the mat, no matter how much abuse you have taken, but with a healthy dose of bravado you can then overcome even the biggest of obstacles that had knocked you down. From that moment, I was forever hooked on WWE. So I am thrilled to announce that starting January 25, I am putting on my tights, lacing up my boots, and stepping into the ring as SVP, Business and Legal Affairs, Entertainment & Talent Management at WWE, where I will manage legal for the production of WWE’s Television, Film Studios, Live Events, and Music divisions, as well as Talent management, relations and development, including in gaming, streaming and metaverse initiatives. I am excited to contribute to the continued growth and expansion of this iconic sports entertainment brand! #entertainment #newjobalert”