Impact Hard To Kill Results: Kenny Omega In Action, Deonna Purrazzo Vs. Taya Valkyrie

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill PPV at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Join us for live coverage, beginning at 7 pm ET for the Pre-Show, main card starts at 8 pm ET! The PPV is available on Impact Plus, FITE and traditional PPV.

- Video package for tonight's PPV is shown as the pre-show gets started. Moose, Chris Sabin, and Rich Swann make their way into the building.

- Madison Rayne, Scott D'Amore, and Jon Burton are on tonight's pre-show panel. The panel runs down a number of tonight's matches.

- Clips shown of the rivalry between Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Taya Valkyrie.

- Backstage, Kenny Omega talks with Don Gallows and The Good Brothers about Moose entering tonight's match. Omega isn't thrilled about the change. Callis says not to worry, he has the answer. Callis says he has two year left on his contract, he can either play ball, or the next two years won't be so great for him. He continues that he'll go talk with Moose and get things figured out.

- Back to the panel, they cover the Barbed Wire Massacre between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. D'Amore asks Edwards (the locker room leader) to go out there and shut Callihan up. Video package is shown of the long feud between Callihan and Edwards. As the panel talks about the two wrestlers, Callihan interrupts and tells the fans to enjoy the violence and anarchy tonight. He says the entire wrestling world might be thinking about the main event, but fans will be talking about "The Draw" and the match after the show.

- Video clips shown of the lead-up to tonight's X-Division match between Manik, Rohit Raju, and Chris Bey.

- Matt Striker and D'lo Brown holding down announcing duties for tonight's show.

Josh Alexander vs. Brian Myers

Alexander works over Myers, getting him to the mat, stomps, european uppercut, avoids Myers and lands a big kick. The two end up out on the floor, Alexander drives Myers into the apron, sits him on the apron, then hits a crossbody suicide dive to Myers' back.

Back in the ring, Myers recovers and keeps Alexander grounded. Myers trips Alexander up and does some taunting, then stomps away at Alexander in the corner. Myers with a back elbow, cover, one-count. Myers with a flatliner, another cover, two-count. Alexander knocks Myers out to the floor, he gets back in the ring, big boot hits, looks for a tiger driver, no, but he's then able to get an ankle lock on Myers. Alexander with a german suplex with the bridge for a two-count.

The top go up top, Alexander with a superplex, Myers rolls through for a two-count. Myers with a sitdown driver, another pin, another two-count. Backslide on Myers, two-count. Myers with a kick, blocked, discus punch by Alexander, and another one. Alexander tries for a tiger driver, Myers reverses into a roll-up for two. Alexander trips up Myers and goes right into an ankle lock. Myers tries to kick out, but Alexander holds on. Myers is able to pull down the head gear of Alexander and hits a huge lariat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Brian Myers via Pinfall

- Back to the panel, Ace Austin with Madman Fulton join the group. Ace won this year's Super X Cup just a few weeks ago. Austin says since he's started with Impact he's skyrocketed to the top. Austin is asked which match he's most interested in watching tonight, but he doesn't pick one. He doesn't think this PPV should happen without him. Austin says it's a waste of his talent and his time. He then gets cut off because they have to go to commercial.

- Video package of Kenny Omega appearing on Impact Wrestling and what led up to tonight's six-man tag match.

- As the show wraps up, Madison Rayne then confirms she's retiring from Impact Wrestling.

Crazzy Steve and Rosemary vs. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb

Steve and Kaleb get things going with some quick back and forth action. Steve sent out to the floor, Kaleb looks to fly, but hesistates and catches a shot midair. Back in the ring, the women get in on the action with Rosemary swinging away on Dashwood. Dashwood gets back on the offense with multiple punches. She then wrenches back on Rosemary's hair over the top rope.

Rosemary is in need of tagging out, and finally is able to do so. Steve with multiple clotheslines, snap mare, neck crank, plants Kaleb to the mat, cover, and he jumps up when Dashwood tried to kick him. Steve chases after Dashwood and runs right into a big dropkick by Kaleb, cover, two. Dashwood tags back in, kicks Steve's arm and works it a bit before Kaleb gets back in there. He hits a side russian leg sweep on Steve.

Rosemary tags back in, flurry of strikes, slingblade, splash in the corner, exploder suplex. Rosemary then hits a spear on Dashwood, then swings away on Kaleb. Kaleb then cracks her with a thrust kick to the face. Steve mists Dashwood, she falls down to the floor. Kaleb then drops Steve, goes over to Rosemary and she mists him! Steve up on the second rope, swinging DDT on Kaleb, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Crazzy Steve and Rosemary via Pinfall

- Earlier today, The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega arrive in the building. Omega slaps some papers out of a guy's hands, Gallows slaps the poor guy down low and they head off.

Eric Young, Deaner, and Joe Doering vs. Cousin Jake, Rhino, and Tommy Dreamer (Old School Rules Six-Man Tag Team Match)

All six men just start swinging on each other. Jake with a big clothesline, sending Young out to the floor. Deaner and Jake face-off in the ring, Deaner slaps him in the face and immediately takes a big splash. Jake with punches to the face, Deaner rolls out to the floor. Back in the ring Doering and Rhino swing away on each other. Rhino with a shoulder thrust in the corner.

All six wrestlers are paired off right now, just battling in different parts of the ringside area. In the ring, Dreamer tosses a cookie sheet at Young's face, then hits a cutter on Young. Dreamer looks under the ring and pulls out some chairs. Dreamer is joined by Rhino and Jake (also with chairs) and they look to go after Doering with them. He takes a bunch of chairshots to the back. He's finally able to fight them off, bites Dreamer's head and hits a running crossbody.

Jake gets sent hard down on two chairs in the ring. Doering and Young look to rip away the protective mat, but Jake flies over the top rope and takes both guys out. Deaner is in the ring, heads to the top, Dreamer crotches him and Jake swings away on Deaner. Jake looks for a superplex, Doering gets involved to add in a powerbomb, Dreamer ends up getting smacked as the guys come down to the mat. Doering with a chokeslam on Rhino. He then gets a kendo stick and breaks it over his knee. Dreamer puts out some thumbtacks in the corner. He swings away on Young, hits a bionic elbow, then looks to put Young through the tacks. Young tries for a piledriver, but instead takes a back body drop on them! Rhino with a gore on Doering. Deaner hits a DDT on Rhino. Jake then hits a black hole slam, cover, and Young breaks it up. Young with a piledriver on Jake, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Deaner via Pinfall

- Backstage, Swann talks with Chris Sabin and says they are going to go out to the ring and kick Omega and Good Brother's ass. Moose comes in, Swann asks him what he's doing in here. Swann asks Moose how he can trust him after what's happened the last few weeks. Swann says when Shelley went down, they would have brought in Willie Mack, but Moose took him out! Moose said he had to do what he had to do. Then he talks about playing football with guys he didn't like, but would play hard because they were teammates. Moose continues that he'll be damned if an outsider comes into Impact and disrespects the company. He hypes up his guys, they seem to be good with it, and Moose sits down next to them.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs. Havok and Nevaeh (Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

Winner will become the new tag team champs after the titles were deactivated in 2013. Nevaeh chops away on Steelz, she then tags in Havok, both with big splashes in the corner. Steels is able to get a tag to Hogan, but she's instantly picked up and takes a backbreaker, then a kick to the face by Nevaeh, cover, two. Hogan with some back elbow, neckbreaker, and then a kick by Steelz, cover, two. Nevaeh tags Havok back in, and kicks both women multiple times.

Hogan takes a power slam, Havok with a leg drop, nobody home. Hogan and Nevaeh with double dropkicks, cover, two. Steelz continues to kick Havok, keeping her grounded on the mat. Hogan with a blind tag, Havok down in the corner, eats a single leg dropkick. Hogan with a cover, two. Steelz continues to swing away on Havok, looks for a sleeper, but she gets jammed into the corner.

Havok had a chance to tag out, but doesn't do it. Hogan leaps off the second rope, gets caught. Steelz leaps too and she's caught, as well! Havok with a fallaway slam on both women. Havok then tags in Nevaeh, she hits clotheslines on both opponents. Multiple strikes, goes for a cover, two. Nevaeh is put up on the top rope, Hogan and Steelz head up, but Havok gets under them, takes both away and hits a double powerbomb.

Havok tags back in, lifts Steelz, but she gets away and tags in Hogan. She avoids a charging Havok, throws a big kick. Steelz with a slingshot neckbreaker, cover, Nevaeh breaks it up. Steelz goes out to the floor. Nevaeh tags back in, Steelz trips up Nevaeh. Stunner by Hogan on Havok, another thrust kick sends Havok out to the floor. Steelz with a hurricanrana. Hogan with a twisting german suplex with the bridge on Nevaeh, cover, 1-2-3!

Winners: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz via pinfall to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

- Post-match, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne hand off the titles to the winners and celebrate with them.

- Backstage, Rosemary and Crazzy Steve talk with Taya Valkyrie and tell her they can help win tonight's match. Taya says she knows she can win tonight's match without them. Rosemary says it's not Deonna she's worried about, it's the minions at ringside. Taya agrees to have them help out and then says after she wins they are going to slamtown.

- Ace Austin and Madman Fulton head out to the ring. Austin didn't appreciate his segment on the pre-show getting cut short, so he's going to say what's on his mind now. Austin can't believe Impact thinks the best way to use his talent is put him on the pre-show to talk about a Josh Alexander match. Austin says he won the Super X Cup and is the number one contender for the title. He wants to be added to tonight's X-Division Triple Threat Title Match. He demands Scott D'Amore add him. D'Amore comes out, says Austin is damn good, but the way he's going about this isn't the right way to do it. He says he gets it though and offers up a different opponent for Austin, and out comes Matt Cardona!

Matt Cardona vs. Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton)

Cardona slams Austin down to the mat, then clotheslines him out to the floor. Cardona looks for a dropkick, but eats one from Austin. Austin up on the apron, but gets tripped up, then takes a swinging neckbreaker. Cardona hits a dropkick that lands on Fulton. Back in the ring, Austin is dropped, Cardona to the second rope, Fulton with the distraction and Austin yanks Cardona down to the mat.

Austin with a leaping leg drop, cover, two. Austin with a flip, but lands hard on the mat. Cardona hits a flapjack, clothesline in the corner, boot in the corner, and he goes for a move, but Fulton gets in the way and attacks Cardona. Referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Matt Cardona via Disqualification

- Post-match, Cardona gets beat up a bit, but lands a dropkick on Fulton, and then hits radio silence on him! Austin and Fulton back away as Cardona yells at them from the ring.

Manik (c) vs. Rohit Raju vs. Chris Bey (Impact X-Division Championship)

Fast paced start that eventually leads to a stalemate. Bey and Raju trade shots in the middle of the ring, cutter on Bey, cover, two. Bey sent into Manik, he goes to the apron, Raju knocks him to the floor. Raju works over the champion, but gets tripped up and pulled out to the floor by Bey. Manik tries for a pin, cover, Manik with a modified texas cloverleaf.

Raju takes a suplex by Manik and goes out to the floor. Lots of back and forth action. Manik gets his mask removed! Has lots of face paint under it though Raju is put on the top rope, Bey follows, but gets knocked down. Manik leaps up and hits a hurricanrana on Raju, cover, two. Manik looks for a tombstone, Bey reverses, Manik reverses again and hits it on Bey. Raju with a running knee, takes a kick, throws another of his own, pin, two-count. Manik flops over on Bey for another two-count.

Manik with a kick to Raju, but the champion takes a headbutt. Manik with a slingshot DDT, he throws Bey into Raju (knocking him to the floor). He then hits a crucifix bomb on Bey for two. Manik to the top floor, frog splash on Bey, but Raju then lands a big knee to Manik, cover, two. Bey caught up in the tree of woe, Raju with a double stomp on him. Raju with a regal stretch on Manik in the middle of the ring, Bey breaks it up though. Raju with a small package on Bey, two-count. He hits a jumping knee kick, then a single-leg dropkick. Manik comes in out of nowhere to roll-up Raju for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Manik via Pinfall

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards tells Alisha Edwards that she has to promise him that she won't go to the ring during his match against Sami Callihan. She promises she'll stay out of it.

Deonna Purrazzo (c) with Kimber Lee and Susan vs. Taya Valkyrie with Rosemary and Crazzy Steve (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Taya goes right after Deonna, big stomps in the corner, shots to the face, and Deonna gets out to the floor. Taya follows, Lee is able to hit a few shots and then ends up getting blasted by the challenge. Deonn and Taya continue to brawl with Rosemary and Lee fight. Susan is recording Steve, referee is trying to get control and Steve knocks him down to the ring. The referee ends up sending everyone to the back!

The two wrestlers finally get back into the ring as Taya takes control of the match. Deonna then lands a kick to the arm, and focuses her attention on Taya, she then stomps down on her arm. Taya hits a clothesline, cover, two. Deonna gets hold of Taya's arm, and cranks back on her knee, as well. Taya able to fight out of it, but she's really selling her injured arm. Deonna with a knee bar, but Taya grabs the bottom rope.

Taya finally lands some chops, hits a rough looking spear, cover, two. Taya looks for road to Valhalla, but can't quite get the champ up. Deonna with a bad looking yoshi tonic. Taya selling both her arm and knee being banged up now. Taya with a curb stomp to Deonna, then a modified STF is applied to Deonna. She gets to the ropes, both women throw shots in the middle of the ring. Deonna is able to get the fujiwara armbar locked in, Taya flips over for a two-count. Deonna now yanks back on both of Taya's arms and she taps out!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via Submission

The Karate Man vs. Ethan Page

Page and Karate Man talk some trash. They throw punches, but the power of both men block it. This match isn't taking place in a ring, it's more of a cinematic style (green screen) match. Page lands the first blow, causing Karate Man to bleed. Page then takes a bunch of big kicks. Page lands a punch and thinks he won, but Karate Man gets back up and lands a huge jumping kick. He says he's died a thousand deaths and isn't afraid of Page. Karate Man lands a bicycle kick on Page (like from Mortal Kombat) and then rips out Page's heart. "Not so hard to kill!" Karate Man laughs as he looks at the bloody heart. Karate Man then walks off with the heart as music plays in the background.

Winner: The Karate Man via Death (heart stoppage)

- Backstage, Callis finds Moose and tells him he's got a really bright future here at Impact. Callis says he knows Moose is a smart guy and looks at the big picture. Callis shows him he has two years at Impact, but he would hate to see things get out of hand tonight and then Callis doesn't know what he'd do with Moose after that. Moose just laughs as he listens to Callis yammer on. Moose says no matter the game, he always plays to win. "After I win tonight, I'm going after the Impact World Championship." Moose then says maybe he'll just show up in AEW and take away Omega's title. Callis tries to convince Moose otherwise, but Moose just walks off.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards (Barbed Wire Massacre)

The ring is surrounded with barbed wire in the ropes. Weapons are hung up in different areas, and one side of the ring has a steel cage wrapped in barbed wire. Callihan gets sent into the ropes, Edwards then grabs some barbed wire and wraps it around Callihan's head.

Edwards continues to control the match. Callihan finally gives Edwards a big boot, then puts a barbed wire board up against the barricade. Callihan tries to suplex Edwards out to the board, no luck. Callihan sent out to the floor, Edwards looks to fly, but Callihan swings the board into Edwards, catching him in midair! Callihan busted open at this point. Callihan puts a piece of the board on Edwards' back, then hits a cactus elbow off the apron.

Callihan just launches a board at Edwards, who is also now busted open. Back in the ring, Edwards is sent crashing down on the ropes. Callihan brings out the barbed wire wrapped Nintendo 64 controller and smacks Edwards over the head with it. Edwards is able to fight back, gets a barbed wire wrapped chair and cracks Callihan over the back with it, then a lands a blue thunder bomb on it, cover, two.

The two now battle by the steel cage wall, jamming each other's heads into it. Callihan with a lowblow kick, grabs a piece of barbed wire, and wraps his hand in it. He then clocks Edwards with it. Callihan gets a kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire, Edwards has the same except it's a baseball bat. Edwards offers up a trade and Edwards gets the first strike right in the midsection. Callihan up to the second rope and takes another shot. Edwards goes up top, Callihan slips under and shoves him into the chain that was strung on one side of the ring.

Callihan brings in a big board with barbed wire. He sets it up near the corner with some chairs. He goes up to the second rope and hits a piledriver on Edwards through the board! Cover, 1-2-no! Callihan looks to crack Edwards with the bat, but Edwards kicks him low. Edwards nails boston knee party into a barbed wire chair, sending Callihan down, cover, one-count! Edwards brings Callihan to the corner and hits emerald flowsion on a pile of barbed wire items, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall

- Post-match, Alisha Edwards comes out to check on Edwards. The two leave the ring together as Callihan is slow to get up from that final move.

Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers with Don Callis vs. Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, and Moose

Omega heads out with Callis, wearing a Bullet Club shirt. Both sides jaw a bit, Omega barking at Swann, who is holding up the Impact World Championship. Commentary gives a shot out to the AEW commentators (Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur) and give AEW props for giving wrestlers without a contract a shot in the promotion. Anderson and Sabin get things started, Anderson with a kick, blocked, Anderson with a thumb to the eye.

Back and forth action that goes into a stand-off. Gallows and Moose get in the ring and both run into each other, but neither man go down. They trade shots, but neither go down. Moose wants a piece of Omega, and he decides to tag in. Swann now comes into the ring. Couple collar and elbow tie-ups. Omega points to The Good Brothers, and they attack Swann from behind while Omega gives Moose and Sabin a cheap shot. Omega then tags in Anderson.

Things break down a bit with everyone battling. Moose with a standing moonsault down on Anderson, Sabin with the cover, two-count. Omega tags in, backbreaker, cover, two. Anderson gets back into the match, throws some more shots, side headlock takedown. Sabin back up, double clotheslines. Swann and Omega tag in, Omega with some punches, charges in the corner, nobody home, kick to the face, then eats a kick and takes a standing hurricanrana! Moose in the ring and tosses Gallows to the floor. Swann jumps on Sabin's shoulders for an assisted swinging DDT. They hit another one on Anderson. Swann and Sabin with double kicks to Gallows. Swann with a senton down on Omega.

Back in the ring, Swann gets launched into the corner by Anderson, then powerslammed. Gallows tags in and hits another power slam. He brings in Omega, and goes for a power slam, nope, Swann with some punches, Anderson with a kick to the back. Omega hits kotaro krusher, cover, two. Triple splash by Omega and Good Brothers on Swann, cover, two. Swann with a pele kick to Omega, tags in Moose, he drops everyone. Headbutt to Gallows, jumping dropkick to Omega. Anderson on the second rope, but he gets dropkick to the floor. Triple kick in the corner on Omega. Moose with a discus clothesline on Omega, cover, two!

Sabin tags in, all three guys attack Omega in the corner. Omega dodges Sabin, now he takes a bunch of moves in the corner. Triple neckbreaker on Sabin, cover, two-count. Omega puts Sabin down, cover, two. Commentary noting how Omega is going for every pinfall, like his team really wants him to get the win. Sabin with a dropkick on Gallows, but takes a shot from Anderson. Anderson tries for stun gun, blocked, Anderson kicked. Omega lands v-trigger on Swann. Omega goes to the top, Moose leaps up to the top and hits a spanish fly off the top rope!

Sabin drives Omega to the mat, cover, Anderson breaks it up! Anderson and Gallows hit a single leg / cutter combo, cover, two. Magic killer on Sabin, no, he fights away from the tag champs. Omega and Swann tag in, they trade punches in the middle of the ring. Omega ducks one and hits a snap dragon suplex. Tiger driver, cover, Moose breaks that up. Good Brothers dump Sabin and Moose out to the floor. Omega moves Swann up to the top rope, looks for a suplex, but Swann blocks it. Swann with a headbutt. Moose puts Omega on his shoulders, Omega gets away and shoves Moose into Swann.

Omega tries for one winged on Moose, Moose puts him back up on his shoulders, Swann with a big elbow to Omega, flipping him down to the mat, cover, two! Callis got up on the apron during that pin. More strikes from Swann and Omega. Omega lands v-trigger, tries for one winged angel, nope, goes into a poisonrana. Swanna with multiple kicks to Omega. Swann hits a 450 splash, cover, very close three count. V-trigger on Moose. Big v-trigger on Swann, one winged angel hits, cover, 1-2-3!

Winners: Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers via Pinfall

- Post-match, Omega celebrates with his tag partners. Omega jawing a bit at Swann as he exits the ring. The group celebrate as they make their way up the ramp and to the back.