Impact Wrestling Results (1/26): Matt Hardy And Private Party, Big Eight Man Tag

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D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans toΒ Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with the Impact World Champion Rich Swann making his way down to the ring.Β 

Swann begins by saying that his whole life, he wanted to become a pro wrestler. He knew at an early age he would become a World Champion. Now, that dream has paid off. He didn't realize as the top champion, he'd have many targets on his back. He calls Tommy Dreamer out to the ring. Dreamer's music hits.Β 

As Dreamer makes his way into the ring, Swann informs the fans at home that on February 13, it happens to not only be No SurrenderΒ but Dreamer's 50th birthday.Β  He would like to offer a dream birthday present of having them square off for the championship. Before Dreamer can answer, Sami Callihan comes out.Β 

As Moose comes out, he informs Swann that he was promised the next title shot. Swann interrupts and states that Moose now needs to go off of his time. A brawl breaks out. Willie Mack runs out and helps Dreamer and Swann clean house. Bey, Callihan, and Moose make their way up to the ramp. The arena goes dark briefly, and Ken Shamrock is standing in the center of the ring! Moose and Shamrock have Swann and Mack cornered with double foot chokes.Β 

The team of Callihan, Bey, Shamrock and Moose stand tall after laying the other four out in the ring.

Backstage:Β Gia Miller checks in on Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann and Willie Mack. They are furious. They want a match with Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock, Moose and Chris Bey tonight. They head on over to Scott D'Amore's office. He says he'll grant it to them, but they look outnumbered right now. He plans to change that. Swann, Mack and Dreamer walk into his office. Who they see in there excites them. We'll find out who it is later on tonight!

D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through what's to come on tonight's card. Up next, we'll see Matt Cardona make his return to the Impact Zone!

Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Josh Alexander goes right for the go behind on Madman Fulton as the match starts. Madman Fulton pushes Alexander off to get a tag out to Ace Austin. Alexander powerslams Austin back-first onto the canvas. Alexander looks for a tag from Matt Cardona. Cardona and Alexander send Ace and Madman out of the ring. Alexander throws Cardona on top of their opponents right before the commercial break.

Coming back from the commercial break, Madman Fulton has Alexander up with a side slam. He tags out to Austin again. Austin puts Alexander in a headlock right away. He rolls him over with a snapmare. Austin controls the waist of Alexander and drags him over toward his corner. Fulton becomes the legal man again. He goes right away for a cover. Alexander kicks out at two. Fulton presses down on Alexander's throat with a foot chokehold. Fulton charges towards the corner with a hard body press. He looks for another cover with the same results, a two-court. Alexander lands a big right hand to tag in Cardona.

Matt runs right in with a textbook dropkick on Fulton. He flies over the ropes with a big splash. Cardona with a cover, 1-2, no! Fulton slides right back in to cover for Ace. Alexander runs in to save Matt from a choke in the corner. Fulton smashes his elbow on "The Walking Weapon." Matt Cardona surprises Alexander by gaining the pinfall victory with Radio Silence on Fulton!

Winners: Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander

After the match, we take a look back at Matt Hardy's return at Genesis 2011 against RVD on the Impact Plus Moment of the Week.

Backstage:Β Rohit Raju is talking to a mysterious man or woman. He needs their help to get back the X-Division Championship.


Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone buy another ad this week on Impact. They rub it in Don Callis' face that their tag team, Private Party, are now the No. 1 Contenders to the Good Brothers Tag Team Titles. After, they run down what they have scheduled for tomorrow night's Dynamite.

Backstage: Brian Myers bumps into Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander before his scheduled match with Eddie Edwards, next.

Brian Myers vs. Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers find themselves at a standstill with back and forth lockups after the bell rings. Myers changes the direction of the match with a shot at the midsection. Edwards takes it up a notch with a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex before diving to the outside. Myers focuses his attacks on Eddie's injured arm by stomping on it in the corner. Myers connects a vertical suplex for only a two count. Next, Myers tries to wear Eddie down with a front face lock. Eddie escapes with a stiff knife edge chop. Myers looks for another cover for the same result at two. Edwards slams Myers on the canvas with his backpack cutter. He hooks the leg, 1-2-no! Myers plays possum for a rollup on Edwards. Edwards escapes at 2. Edwards drills his thumb into Myers' eye and then bites the flesh off of his forehead. The referee calls for the match to end via a disqualification.

Winner By DQ: Brian Myers

Post-Match:Β Blood is trickling down Brian Myers' forehead. He is shocked at how their match ended.

Backstage:Β Fire 'N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) are making last-minute changes before their big party tonight!

Backstage:Β Matt Hardy and Private Party are having a little chat about putting a bounty out, so Private Party has an easier chance at claiming both the AEW and Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb) vs. Rosemary (w/Crazzy Steve)

Tenille Dashwood walks right into a sidewalk slam for only a two count after the bell rings. Kaleb throws in the camera back for Tenille to use. She does. She looks for a cover, and Rosemary kicks out at two. Tenille throws Rosemary out of the ring with a neck breaker. Kaleb takes pictures of her on the outside. "The Demon Assassin" locks Tenille up in the ropes with her Upside Down. Tenille turns it around with a low crossbody. She goes for another cover. Rosemary kicks out again.

Tenille puts Rosemary in a full nelson. Rosemary escapes with a left-handed clothesline, followed by a sling blade. Rosemary continues the momentum with an exploded suplex. Tenille gets back up on her feet and sends Rosemary towards the turnbuckles. Rosemary counters Tenille in the center of the ring with her As Above, So Below finisher for the pinfall victory!


Winner: Rosemary

Backstage: Acey Romero is so happy Larry D is free from jail. Larry D is not. He's extremely mad about being framed. Rosemary and Crazzy Steve make their way to the back after her match. They poke fun at Larry D. Larry D clocks, Crazzy Steve, in the face.

Backstage: Fire 'N Flava find Johnny Swinger, who is holding on to the wad of cash that keeps getting exchanged between them, Swinger and Fallah Bahh. The ladies invite Swinger and his girlfriends, Bahh and John E. Bravo, to their party. We'll get to throw down with the Knockout Tag Team Champs next!

Backstage: Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee and Susan celebrate their unladylike ending to last week's match. Jordynne Grace and Jazz interrupt their discussion. Susan takes it upon herself to challenge Jordynne Grace to a match next week!

We head to the ring to celebrate Fire 'N Flava Fest!

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz say it feels so good to call themselves the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions! They ask their friends if they're ready to get this party started! John E. Bravo is the only one who claps back. It seems like no one is having a good time. Hogan and Steelz think maybe it's time to pop the champagne. They're mad it's the wrong brand. They go on to bash their guests. All of a sudden, someone dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man arrives. They go down to greet who's underneath the costume. It's Nevaeh. In the ring, Havok greets the tag champs. Hogan and Steelz run out of the ring after a fight ensues.


At the Bar:Β Chris Sabin and James Storm are having some beers talking about where they should go next. Sabin thinks they should gun towards the Impact World Tag Team Championship. Storm agrees.

Backstage: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are extremely mad about Havok and Nevaeh interfering at their party.

Joe Doering (w/Violent By Design – Eric Young & Deaner) vs. Cousin Jake

Cousin Jake charges toward Joe Doering. Joe blocks Jake from any chance of getting by with a big slam/stomp combination. Eric Young and Deaner taunt Jake while he's locked up in the ropes. Cousin Jake slides underneath from a crossbody attempt. Jake flies over the top rope with a big splash. It looks like Jake may have tweaked his ankle after the splash. Doering takes advantage of his injured opponent with a hard-hitting clothesline for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Joe Doering

Post-Match: Eric Young calls off the group attack on Cousin Jake.

Up next, the main event!

Moose, Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock & Chris Bey vs. Rich Swann, Wille Mack, Tommy Dreamer & Trey Miguel

Tommy Dreamer, Willie Mack and Rich Swann wait for their mystery partner to join them on the ramp. It's Trey Miguel!! All four men make their way down to the ring!

Tommy Dreamer and Chris Bey start things off. Tommy grabs hold of Bey's arm. It transitions over towards a hip toss. The Impact World Champion is tagged in. He lands a nice counter on Bey as the show takes its final commercial break.

Back from the final break of the evening, Chris Bey and Willie Mack are in the ring. Mack makes a tag out to Rich Swann. Bey is on the receiving end of a big chop. He tags in Sami Callihan. Willie Mack makes his way back into the ring. Mack slams on top of Callihan with his standing moonsault. Callihan blocks Mack's attempt for a splash off the top rope. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way into the ring. He smashes Mack face-first onto the top turnbuckle before bringing Bey back in. Bey and Mack exchange open hand slaps. Bey sends Mack off his feet with a dropkick before bringing Callihan back in.

Callihan works Mack's injured arm. He keeps pulling and tugging on it before making a tag to Moose. Moose takes Bey and powerbomb him on top of Mack. Bey becomes the legal man. He looks for a cover. Mack kicks out at 2. Mack catches Bey in the air with a huge punch. Mack makes a tag out to Trey Miguel. Trey is on fire! He lands chops and an atomic drop on Callihan. He heads to the top. Ken Shamrock runs towards Trey. Trey rolls off the top. Shamrock rocks Trey with a belly-to-belly. Dreamer runs in with a cutter on Callihan. Moose charges in with a spear on Mack. Trey and Callihan are spotlighted again in the center of the ring. Trey counters Callihan's piledriver with a rollup. Trey wins the match via pinfall!


Winners: Trey Miguel, Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann & Wille Mack

Post-Match: Ken Shamrock puts the referee in an ankle lock as the show concludes.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!