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Tonight’s episode is the go-home show before Genesis, which will be live this Saturday at 8 PM EST on Impact Plus!

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a four-way free-for-all match ahead of the Super X Cup Tournament this Saturday!

KC Navarro vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Blake Christian vs. Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton)

The bell rings, and Ace Austin runs out of the ring to strategize over what he’s going to do in the match with Madman Fulton. Austin drags Crazzy Steve out of the ring. KC Navarro and Blake Christian are spotlighted in the center of the ring. Navarro focuses on a takedown before Austin drags him out of the ring, and he comes in to take his place. Blake takes Austin off his feet with a head scissors takeover. Crazzy Steve locks Austin up with an Upside Down on the outside. Austin lays a hard chop on Steve to buy some time away from him. Navarro goes up and over and gets pushed off the top rope by Blake.

Austin and Blake are on the middle and top rope. Blake gets some offense in on Austin before flying up and over the top rope on KC. Austin follows suit right after Blake. Crazzy Steve escapes the pinfall from Austin. KC catches Austin with a swinging neckbreaker for only a 2 count. Blake and Austin crash into each other with a beautiful Spanish Fly. Blake gets another near-fall cover on Austin. Crazzy Steve takes it to all three of his opponents with a Death Valley Driver. Steve locks a pin on Navarro and gains the pinfall victory!

Winner: Crazzy Steve

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne run through tonight’s card.

Before his big match tonight, we see Sami Callihan in his control center discussing how he’s here to give people the truth about the reality we live in. He wants to make it clear that the bad guys always win. Heroes like Eddie Edwards may win in fairy tale books, but not in reality.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone pay for another advertisement this week. They are decked out in their New Year glasses and hats. They run through their First Night of AEW’s New Year’s Smash! Khan throws more shade towards Don Callis and how he runs Impact. He says that for Christmas, his grandma gave him money to buy another advertisement next week.

The Good Brothers, the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis are all hanging out and strategizing over their main event match at Hard To Kill next week. Omega believes Rich Swann and Motor City Machine Guns are fueled by jealously over their ranks and reigns as champions.

Back in the ring, Cousin Jake and Rhino have some unfinished business to settle with Eric Young, Joe Doering and now, Cody Deaner.

Cousin Jake and Rhino vs. Cody Deaner and Joe Doering

Before their match, Cousin Jake begs Cody Deaner to leave Eric Young and Joe Doering’s group. Eric Young’s music hits. We see him, Doering, and a polished yet intimidating Cody Deaner. Young informs Cousin Jake that Cody Deaner is an awoken man now, and that will never change.

As the match gets going, Cousin Jake finds himself taken down by his former ally and Joe Doering. Doering comes crashing in with a big crossbody just before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Cousin Jake is being manhandled in the corner with a deadly foot choke from Cody Deaner. He smashes him face-first into the turnbuckle before stomping away on his former friend. Cousin Jakes slips out of the back to tag in Rhino. Rhino sends Cody Deaner up and over with a belly-to-belly suplex. He tags Cousin Jake back in. Doering clotheslines Rhino on the outside. Cody Deaner sends Cousin Jake away with a big DDT in the center of the ring for a pinfall victory.

Winners: Cody Deaner and Joe Doering

Post-Match: Eric Young, Joe Doering and Cody Deaner stomp away on Cousin Jake. Tommy Dreamer runs down to come to the aide of Cousin Jake and Rhino. Dreamer lays down a challenge to Young, Doering and Deaner for an “Old School Rules” six-man tag-team match at Hard To Kill.

Backstage: Gia Miller speaks to Matthew Palmer ahead of his match against Moose tonight. He wants to world to know who he is and what he stands for.

Johnny Swinger welcomes Acey Romero to his new office. Acey wants to get Larry D out of jail and needs Swinger’s help.

Up next, we’ll hear what the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee have to say!

Deonna Purrazzo wants to know what will Taya Valkyrie do if she retains her championship at Hard To Kill? She finds the former Knockouts Champion to be living in a world of delusion. Valkyrie and Rosemary make their way down to the ring.

Valkyrie rubs it in “The Virtuosa’s” face that she was the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion in company history. Purrazzo fires back on how Valkyrie seems to be slipping and losing all her allies over the years (John Morrison, John E. Bravo, and possibly, Rosemary). Both women find themselves in a staredown before Valkyrie pushes Kimber Lee down on the mat. She laughs that the husband jab and warns Purrazzo that her Era of the Virtuosa is going to be over next Saturday!

Backstage: Rohit Raju wants to offer peace to Chris Bey. His goal is to get Bey to join him on his quest to strip Manik of his X-Division Championship. They go looking for the masked champion and instead run into TJP. TJP tells the guys that if he sees Manik, he’ll let them know.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb (With A ‘K’) want to check in with Rosemary. They’re concerned she is going to be all alone now that Taya is focusing on her singles run. She wants the “Demon Assisan” to know that when one door closes, another one opens. Rosemary rejects their offer to form an alliance.

Speaking of Knockouts, we head back to the ring to see who will become the second team to compete for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship at Hard To Kill!

Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament: Jordynne Grace & Jazz vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Nevaeh and Jordynne Grace begin the show with a showmanship of strength. Grace tries to flip out of a wristlock. Nevaeh tags in Havok. Havok and Grace find themselves at a standstill when neither woman can take each other down with a clothesline. Grace tags in Jazz. Jazz goes to work on Havok with a flurry of forearm exchanges. Havok gains the upper hand before tagging Nevaeh back in. Nevaeh looks for a cover, and Grace comes in to break it up. Grace is back in. She and Jazz land double elbows on Nevaeh for a 2 count. Grace drives herself into Nevaeh before tagging Jazz back in. Jazz comes in with a textbook butterfly suplex. She gets a 2 count again on Nevaeh. Grace briefly comes back in. She lands a big chop on Neveah before Jazz makes her way back in.

Jazz grabs Nevaeh by her hair and slams her onto the canvas. She gets another near-fall. Grace and Jazz exchange quick tags. Next, Havok and Grace come into the ring. Havok was close to winning the match with her sit-out powerbomb, but Grace kicks out at 2.8. Jazz lands a few jabs on Nevaeh to keep her away from the ring. Havok catches Jazz with a tombstone piledriver in the center of the ring. Havok gains the pinfall victory!

Winners: Havok & Nevaeh

Havok and Nevaeh will meet Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan at Hard To Kill to determine who will become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions!

Backstage: Rich Swann and Motor City Machine Guns have some fiery words to say to Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers ahead of their six-man main event match next Saturday. Alex Shelley has a great idea: He thinks they all should pay Omega and The Good Brothers a visit.

Rich Swann and the MCMG bust through the exit doors and start knocking on Omega’s tour bus. Omega and The Good Brothers surprise Swann and MCMG by jumping them from the side. Omega cracks a joke once all of their competitors are on the ground. He says, “These babyfaces are easy to kill.”

Backstage: Jordynne Grace apologizes to Jazz for their loss a few minutes ago. She tells the veteran she is very disappointed in herself. Jazz wants her to stop thinking that way; she is grateful Grace called her. Grace proposes a match against Jazz at Genesis this Saturday. Jazz accepts her challenge!

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee find Father James Mitchell and ask him if Su Yung is gone. He says she is. They think Yung is back to being Susie, but they’re wrong. A woman by the name of Susan appears.

Back from the break, we see Eddie Edwards tapping up his wrists with his wife Alisha by his side before his big match tonight. Now, we head back to the ring to see the TNA World Heavyweight Champion compete.

Moose vs. Matthew Palmer (3 Minute Challenge)

Moose throws Matthew Palmer down with two Rock Bottoms after the bell rings. He climbs on top of Palmer and throws shot after shot on him. Moose keeps his offense in check with several kicks to Palmer’s ribs. He throws him across the ring and slowly walks over to the other side of the ring. Palmer gets a jumping knee strike in before getting choke slammed. With 20 seconds left on the clock, Willie Mack comes down to the ring to taunt Moose. Distracted by Mack’s appearance, he was not able to get a pinfall victory over Palmer. Therefore, Palmer wins this match!

Winner: Matthew Palmer

Ethan Page is trying to sort through everything that’s going on in his career. The Karate Man, Page’s alter-ego, is trying to walk him through his struggles. During their session, The Karate Man calls Page “A Bit-h.” Mad by his remark, both men find themselves gearing up for a match next Saturday at Hard To Kill.

Josh Mathews and Madison run through the matches set for Genesis. For next week’s show, Rich Swann will go one-on-one against Karl Anderson before their big match next Saturday.

And now, the main event!

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

The bell has not rung yet, and we see both men taking their brawl from the back to the ring. Sami Callihan swings his chair, but Eddie Edwards dodges out of the way. Callihan slams the chair into the ring post. Edwards creates some space temporarily. Callihan charges towards the Boston native, and both men exchange forearms before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Edwards drops Callihan back-first onto the apron. Callihan slides off the apron and throws a pair of chairs in Edwards’ direction. Edwards fires back with a big shot. Callihan digs his fingers into Edwards’ eyes. The camera zooms in on blood pouring out of Callihan’s right eye. Callihan throws another chair right towards Edwards’ face. “The Draw” stomps away on Eddie’s head. He sets up a chair. Callihan sends Eddie for a ride with a big slam on top of the folding chair. Now, the bell has officially rung.

Both men trade shots. Eddie backs Sami into the corner. They both push the referee out of the way. The referee decides to leave the ring and head to the outside. Callihan lands a pump kick before flying out of the ring with a big shoulder dive. Eddie does the same thing. Eddie grabs Callihan’s prized procession, his baseball bat. Sami begs Eddie not to use it. The lights dim, and we see Alisha on the screen trapped somewhere in the building. Eddie runs to the back to go find her. Eddie finds her. She warns him that it’s a trap. Ken Shamrock attacks Eddie from behind. Sami runs back there to finish his match. He grabs some barbwire and wraps it around Eddie’s arms and neck. Callihan slugs Eddie in the face with his baseball bat. He blows Alisha a kiss, while Shamrock tells Eddie that this was all his fault.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!