Jon Moxley Writing A New Book

AEW star Jon Moxley is currently writing a book.

Moxley's wife Renee Paquette (Renee Young) interviewed AEW President & CEO Tony Khan on the latest episode of her "Oral Sessions" podcast and Khan revealed the news there.

"I've read some of the book he's writing," Khan said. "It is awesome, it's awesome. I love it."

Renee noted that she's been pressuring Moxley to write a book for a long time because he can be a very eloquent speaker, and he has an amazing memory to draw from. Renee has seen the early work on the book and she believes it will be a "badass product" from the pro wrestling veteran.

Khan added that reading the book is like reading a transcript of Moxley talking.

"I'm so excited about it," Khan added. "It's so cool, and the best part of reading it has been that you can so tell that he's writing it himself. It's literally like reading him talking. It's like a transcript of him talking. It's really interesting and I'm very excited about it."

There's no word on when Moxley's book will be released, but we will keep you updated as details are announced.

Moxley has not wrestled since losing the AEW World Title to Kenny Omega on December 2. He returned to AEW Dynamite last Wednesday night, and will be returning to the ring on tomorrow's show.

Stay tuned for more.