Above is the latest 2.Show, hosted by Kenny Omega with this week’s guest, Kip Sabian. During their conversations, Sabian asked Omega some questions about the upcoming AEW console game.

The top question was about when fans would be able to actually play the game. Omega didn’t give an exact date, but said they were not going to rush out a product as they are looking to put out something that’s not buggy, and will have longevity with gamers.

“We’ve kind of made a lot of promises, and we want this game to be not only fun, but we want this game to last for a long time,” Omega said. “We want to make this game legendary … As you know, when games are rushed, they encounter a lot of bugs, they become almost unplayable and become a meme in themselves. We don’t want that to happen. We want people to have fun with this thing. We want people to be competitive with this thing.”

Omega then noted they beginning blocks of the game are feeling really good, and he’s been able to get his hands on it for a short period of time. He then confirmed the game will have a “robust” create-a-wrestler function.

In regards to online competitive play, Omega said that would absolutely be in the game. Not only would fans have multiple ways to play against each other, but they are looking into having exclusive modes that are for online only. The AEW World Champion also hinted that cross-platform play could be an option for the game.

Omega was then asked if the video game would have more of an arcade gameplay or simulation gameplay, and he initially responded, “neither.”

“Taking a look at a complete simulation based wrestling game ? the first thing that pops into my mind is Fire Pro Wrestling,” Omega stated. “That has a huge fanbase in its own right, however, I think there’s a lot of people that find that when you really take the simulation aspect and ramp it up too high, it eliminates the fun for people who just want to get in the game and mix it up with your buddies, and really feel the speed and the fun that some of the older games were able to provide.

“Is it going to be a full simulation? No. Do I want the players to feel like ? when you’re doing the moves ? that you’re controlling the actual wrestling character? Yes, that’s really important. I would expect speed in terms of the arcade play, but moves, countering systems, submissions, all that, to feel like how it would feel if you’re in the ring with your opponent.”

Referee Aubrey Edwards also showed (at the 13:40 mark) one of the features ? the Gimmick System ? in the upcoming AEW Elite General Manager for mobile.

For the casino mobile game, Double Or Nothing, Omega revealed fans will be able to play it in “60 days or less.”