Kevin Owens Gives Roman Reigns A Personal Reason About Why He Won't Stop Fighting

Kevin Owens posted a video on social media yesterday talking directly to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns before their Last Man Standing Match at next Sunday's Royal Rumble.

Owens told Reigns that despite the champ's request for him to simply go away, he can't until Reigns defeats him without the help of his family.


"You have yet to beat me, like the champion you claim to be," Owens said. "Both victories you earned over me — you didn't earn them, actually, your family did."

Owens then spoke about the numerous tattoos he has, and tells Roman the reason he can't stop fighting are the ones that are for his two Grandpas (he has their initials tattooed on his fingers). KO says they were his biggest fans, and his one regret was not making it to WWE before both of them passed away.

"The mark they left on me, it's always going to be there because I saw saw both of these men battle illnesses that should have made their lives a lot shorter than they were," Owens continued. "But they refused to quit, they refused to stop fighting and because of that, because they fought like hell, I was lucky to have many great years with them.


"So how could I stop fighting, Roman? That's why. That's why I won't stay away. That's why I will keep fighting. And that's why, come Royal Rumble, I'll be the last man standing."

You can check out Owens' full comments in the clip below.