Linda McMahon Linked To Group That Organized Donald Trump Rally Which Led To U.S. Capitol Riot

Brian Schwartz of CNBC published a report detailing the dark money groups that were involved in organizing the rally last Wednesday that is officially known as the "March to Save America." At that rally, President Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to march to the steps of Congress to protest the results of the Electoral College that certified Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Trump supporters took over the Capitol building resulting in many legislators evacuating and being put on lockdown. At least five people have been pronounced dead, including one police officer.

The main group that organized that rally was a 501(c)(4) group known as Women for America First. CNBC notes that the organization was certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit that can engage in limited political activities. These groups are known as dark money organizations as they do not publicly disclose their donors.

CNBC also reported that America First Policies, a pro-Trump policy advocacy dark money group chaired by Linda McMahon, did disclose in 2019 that they contributed $25,000 to Women for America First. It should be noted that America First Policies was not involved in planning the rally.

McMahon is a longtime Trump ally and former head of the Small Business Administration. Wrestlenomics has published a detailed view of McMahon's political contributions throughout the Trump campaign.

McMahon's contributions to Trump-related PACs from 2016 to 2020 totals $23.4 million, which includes her largest single contribution in FEC records of $10 million to America First Action last October. Total contributions to all committees since 2016 comes to $27.9 million.

You can view Wrestlenomics' full spreadsheets in their tweets below: