ROH star Mike Bennett spent the afternoon arguing politics with fans on Twitter, and one comment apparently referenced WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

Bennett, formerly known as Mike Kanellis in WWE, went back & forth with one user over the COVID-19 pandemic and President Donald Trump. Kanellis noted that he’s spent 90% of the last year in his house because the “President said this virus was going to disappear.”

The fan responded, “I went to work everyday like an adult and wow no virus maybe you should try it”

Kanellis then wrote back and seemingly referenced his WWE release, saying he was “fired because a Trump supporter said the virus was going to hurt his profits” when instead the company made record profits.

“I got fired because a Trump supporter said the virus was going to hurt his profits. Instead he made record profits,” Kanellis wrote.

This appears to be a reference to McMahon and the strong earnings that WWE reported throughout the year. Mike is receiving some social media attention from fans this afternoon because of the comment, good and bad.

Mike and his wife Maria Kanellis were released back on April 15, 2020 along with other COVID-19 budget cuts. They had signed a new multi-year contract in mid-2019, but then Mike requested his release in October 2019. Both are currently working with ROH again.

You can see Mike’s related tweets below: