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Syuri and Giulia defeated Mayu Iwatani and Tam Nakano (Stardom Match – Dark Match)

Saya Kamitani, AZM, and Utami Hayashish*ta defeated Maika, Natsupoi, and Himeka (Stardom Match – Dark Match)

Chase Owens vs. Bad Luck Fale vs. Bushi vs. Toru Yano (Provisional KOPW 2021 Trophy)

Fale does the fingerpoke of doom to Owens to nearly get the quick win, but BUSHI breaks up the pin. Yano undoes one of the turnbuckle pads, Owens ends up getting it and whacks Yano. BUSHI gets yanked out of the ring by Fale, Yano is in the ring with the Bullet Club members as they beat him up. Yano gets pinned, but BUSHi finally gets back involved to stop the pin. BUSHI with a dropkick / bulldog combo on Owens and Fale. All four wrestlers in the ring now, Yano dodges Fale, slaps him in the back of the head, goes for a body slam, and Fale goes down on him for a two-count.

Owens looks for a package pildriver, no, BUSHI sits down on Owens for the two-count. Owens with a knee strike, grenade launcher double team move. Fale then kicks out Owens leg and goes for his own pin. Owens breaks it up, and they start arguing about who should win. The referee gets involved and both guys lift him up. Yano with double lowblows on the Bullet Club members, then pins BUSHI for the win.

Winner: Toru Yano via Pinfall

El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (c) Ryusuke Taguchi and Master Wato (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship)

Wato with the quick attack on Desperado, gets him to the apron, sweep attack, then hits a twisting splash down on his opponent. Taguchi tags in and runs the ropes over and over, trying to bait his opponent into running with him. He gets tripped up on the outside, as Wato also gets attacked on the floor.

Desperado brings in a chair while the referee is distracted, Taguchi gets sent knee-first down on it, cover, two. Kanemaru gets in on the action, low dropkick to Taguchi, cover, two. Taguchi looks for a hip attack, nobody home, and he crashes to the ring. He gets up and is able to land the second on Kanemaru, then tags in Wato. Springboard european uppercut by Wato on Kanemaru, cover, two. Kanemaru throws the referee in front of him three times to avoid attacks, he does a fourth time and Wato just throws the referee aside, but eats an enziguri.

Desperado tags in and lands some strikes. Wato gets some momentum, tags in Taguchi, who hits buns of steel on Desperado, three amgios, cover, two. Taguchi looks for bomaye, but gets intercepted. Desperado lock in an arm submission, but Taguchi is able to work his way out of it and gets in an ankle lock on Desperado. Taguchi drops Desperado, Kanemaru breaks up the count. Wato goes to the top, but gets sent down to the floor. Taguchi lands bomaye on Desperado, cover, two. Kanemaru with the whiskey bottle, but gets knocked out of the ring by Desperado. Desperado with a closed fist punch and then drives Taguchi into the mat for the 1-2-3.

Winners: El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru via Pinfall

Shingo Takagi (c) vs. Jeff Cobb (NEVER Openweight Championship)

Tons of back and forth shots in the middle of the ring to get things started. Cobb big time powers out of a pinfall attetmp, leaps over Takagi and lands a nice dropkick. Both end up on the floor, Cobb with a wild overhead release suplex. Back and forth action until Cobb slows things down with a bear hug that Takagi eventually claps out of. Cobb with a vertical suplex.

Takagi with a saito suplex on Cobb. Both on the apron now, Cobb sits Takagi up on the second rope and looks to powerbomb Takagi out to the floor! Takagi fights him off, knocks Cobb to the floor then hits a big flip down on Cobb.

Cobb gets planted to the mat, Takagi with a second rope elbow drop, cover, two-count. Cobb with a huge running elbow in the corner, gutwrench suplex, looks for a powerbomb, but Takagi hits a hurricanrana. Modified black tiger bomb by Cobb on the champ for a two-count.

Cobb looks for tour of the islands, no, Takagi hits a death valley driver instead. Takagi then lands a superplex, but isn’t finished with the challenger yet, hitting a wheelbarrow suplex! Cobb blocks a sliding clothesline and hits a t-bone suplex, then another one. Back and forth slaps and strikes in the middle of the ring. Takagi eats a big move, but returns fire with a lariat that takes him out to the floor. Takagi takes to 19 to get back into the ring, but takes a modified piledriver, cover, two.

Takagi with a dragon screw leg whip, hits a rough looking made in japan, cover, two. Cobb hits a release german suplex, tour of the islands, but Cobb lands heavy on his banged up knee that Takagi had been focusing on. Cobb finally goes for the pin, but Takagi gets a foot on the rope. Both on the second turnbuckle, Takagi slips under and lands a powerbomb on Cobb. Cobb lands a bunch of strikes, tries for tour of island, no, Cobb then hits a standing spanish fly. Takagi with a big lariat, Cobb is bleeding from the nose now. Headbutts, another one by Takagi, power slam, and both wrestlers are down. Takagi turns Cobb inside out with pumping bomber! Last of the Dragon hits on Cobb, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Shingo Takagi via Pinfall


Feeling out process between these former stablemates. SANADA able to get paradise lock in almost immediately, kick to EVil’s backside. EVIL out to the floor and then launches SANADA into the barriace, which also sends the timekeeper flying from his table. EVIL brings out two chairs, puts one around SANADA’s neck, and swings away with the other. Dick Togo is cornering EVIL and helps him set up a table on the floor.

Back in the ring, EVIL launches SANADA into the exposed corner (Togo removed the pad when referee was focused on EVIL). Timekeeper is back at his table, EVIL sends SANADA right back into him! Referee checking on the Timekeeper, Togo takes the moment to hit SANADA with a chair, EVIL with multiple pins, but no luck. SANADA finally gets some revenge on Togo and lands a big splash down on him. Back in the ring, SANADA looks to lift EVIL and gets his eyes raked.

SANADA hits the ropes, EVIL ties up the ref, Togo trips SANADA, then sets up the table for his man. EVIL looks to plant SANADA, but he fights back and gets EVIL on his shoulders. SANADA springboards in, charges, EVIL tosses the referee in front of him. SANADA able to use the ropes for a twisting neckbreaker. SANADA with a tiger suplex for a two-count on EVIL. Skull end applied, EVIL goes for a swing, SANADA drops down, but EVIL rolls through. Couple more reversals until SANADA is shoved back into the exposed steel corner.

Big superplex on SANADA! EVIL then locks in a scorpion deathlock on SANADA, who claws his way to the ring ropes for the break. Looks for everything is evil, SANADA with elbow strikes. EVIL charges the corner, SANADA moves and EVIL goes chest-first into the exposed corner. SANADA with a big suplex, TKO, cover, two-count. SANADA to the top, moonsault, lands on his feet, but his knee jams slightly. EVIL with an eye gouge, referee gets him to stop, but ends up getting hit in the process. Togo runs in with a chair and drops SANADA and follows up with some kicks.

Togo and EVIL with clotheslines in the corner, then magic killer lands. Togo goes to the top rope, but SANADA sends EVIL into the ropes, crotching Togo in dramatic fashion (he then flops out to the floor). SANADA with a moonsault into skull end, he then drops down to the mat, yanking back on EVIL. Referee is checking on EVIL, SANADA lets go and hits a moonsault on EVIL’s back.

He goes for another, but EVIL gets his knees up this time. SANADA reverses into skull end, but EVIL grabs the referee. Togo jumps on the apron with a wire and tries to choke him, but SANADA fights him off. SANADA then dropkicks EVIL back into Togo and he goes flying through the table that had been put at ringside earlier on. EVIL with a half and half suplex, but lariat, cover, two. Skull end, no, EVIL tries for a low blow, it’s blocked. SANADA hits everything is darkness on EVIL! Pop-up TKO, moonsault off the top rope, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: SANADA via Pinfall

Taiji Ishimori (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship)

Back and forth action leads to both wrestlers on the apron. Takahashi with a thrust kick, then looks for a sunset bomb, Ishimori flips out of it, but then gets powerbombed onto the edge of the apron. Takahashi slams Ishimori on the ramp, then goes way up the ramp for a long running dropkick, but Ishimori catches the leg and Takahashi end up just banging his head down on the ramp.

Ishimori then hits a second rope moonsault out to the floor, and tosses the challenger in the ring. Takahashi then gets sent shoulder first into the exposed corner. Takahashi goes for a chop, but his injured hand doesn’t do much damage. El Phantasmo focused on Hiromu’s hand in their match on Night 1. Ishimori with a boot to the head, but then runs into a hurricanrana. Takahashi lands a wheelbarrow facebuster out on the floor. He heads to the apron and lands a shotgun dropkick, launching Ishimori into the barricade. Back in the ring, Takahashi with a falcon arrow, cover, two.

The champ recovers and hits a sliding german suplex on Takahashi. Takahashi puts his arm out to get a rope, but Ishimori with a 450 splash down on it! Ishimori then works a crossface submission on Hiromu. Ishimori charges in and takes a release overhead suplex into the turnbuckle. Takahashi with a death valley driver into the corner, then hits another in the middle of the ring. Time bomb attempt, reversed, kicks from both wrestlers. Ishimori with a springboard move, but flies right into a german suplex. Ishimori is able to fire back with a canadian destroyer. Takahashi taking a ton of shots from the champ, but won’t go down. He finally does, but once he gets up, Ishimori just throws more and more forearm shots.

Ishimori sends Takahashi shoulder-first into the ring post, then hits a nasty shoulder breaker. Ishimori looks for the yes lock in the middle of the ring. Takahashi tries to reach the ropes, but his other arm is yanked behind his back, but Takahashi is able to get a foot on the rope. Double knees to Takahashi’s chest, pin, two-count. Ishimori is beginning to get really frustrated. Jumping knee to Hiromu, looks for another submission, blocked into victory royal, cover, two. Takahashi with a lariat, then launches Ishimori into the exposed corner, time bomb hits, cover, no! Couple counters by both wrestlers, Ishimori finally stops that with a counter into a yes lock. Looks for bloody cross, nope, Takahashi drives Ishimori into the mat, then hits time bomb, cover, 1-2-3! New champion!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi via pinfall to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Kota Ibushi (c) vs. Jay White (IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships)

Jay White talking plenty of trash (while also stalling) as the match gets going. Gedo jumps on the apron, but White tells him to step down, he’s got this. Commentary isn’t buying it. The two wrestlers tie up, Gedo then grabs Ibushi’s foot anyways to allow White to get the sneaky advantage. White keeps a side headlock applied for quite a while. White with a shoulder tackle, Ibushi with an immediate kip up, throws a kick that White ducks and then moves to the floor. Ibushi follows, White then gets back in the ring.

White sent out to the floor, Ibushi follows, Gedo grabs hold of Ibushi, but eats a back elbow. Referee saw it, but doesn’t do anything. White with a second rope draping DDT. White with a high-angle back suplex on the apron. Ibushi sent ribs-first into the apron a few times. White continues to focus on the ribs with knee strikes and a bear hug. Ibushi looks for a dropkick, White avoids it then stomps on Ibushi’s midsection, and hits a DDT. White mockingly asks the crowd to chant for Ibushi as he throws some taunting kicks.

Ibushi with a few kicks, standing moonsault, cover, two-count. The two end up on the floor, Ibushi gets sent rib-first into the barricade and then is tossed back into the ring. Ibushi looks to fly, but gets crotched on the second turnbuckle, White with shots to the back and then a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes. White has really picked apart Ibushi for the majority of this match. Ibushi looks to fly again, but White shoves him down to the floor.

White drapes Ibushi over the top rope, then suplexes him into the corner, pin, two-count. Multiple counters until Ibushi finally hits a release german suplex. Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Ibushi with a flurry of shots that drops White. Ibushi tries for bomaye, nope, White slams Ibushi to the mat, then hits a uranage, kiwi crusher, cover, two. Blade runner gets reversed into a back suplex on White. Ibushi cracks him with bomaye, cover, two-count. White with a back slide pin, and uses the ropes for leverage, but Red Shoes sees it in time! Ibushi with a big kick to White’s head. Ibushi looking to finish off White, and White cowers, but then takes a kick to the side of the head. Ibushi heads to the top rope, Gedo up on the apron. Red Shoes telling him to get down. White is able to get to Ibushi, throwing shots to the back.

They go to the top rope, White looking for a suplex, but Ibushi is holding on to the rope. Ibushi elbows his way out of danger, Gedo holds Ibushi’s foot, allowing White to yanks ibushi to the middle of the ring and hit a chop block, and then a couple inverted dragon screw leg whips. White with more taunting strikes, but Ibushi gets in his face. Ibushi lands some big strikes, sending White out to the floor for a breather. Ibushi asks for more, White crumples to the floor and tells Ibushi to pin him. Ibushi with slaps and kicks, rejecting that offer. Red Shoes gets too closer and is shoved away. White then hits a lowblow on Ibushi.

White sends Ibushi out to the floor and slams him into the barricade and ring apron a bunch of times, while yelling “f— you!” White then brings Ibushi up to the ramp, beats him up some more then goes back to the ring. He tells Ibushi to crawl back to the ring. White hits a big german suplex, then hits another one. White moves Ibushi to the apron and looks for a third one, but Ibushi fights out of it and delivers a second rope deadlift german suplex. Ibushi hits last ride, cover, 1-2-no! Ibushi looks for Kamigoye, no, ends up taking a german suplex.

White with another sleeper suplex, regal plex for a two-count. Blade runner, no, goes right into Kamigoye on White, cover, and it’s only for two. Ibushi nails a phoenix splash, cover, Gedo pulls the referee out of the ring! Gedo tries to hit Ibushi with brass knuckles, gets blocked, and he takes a kamigoye. Ibushi yanks the referee back into the ring. Blade runner on Ibushi, but he’s just barely able to kick out of the pinfall attempt. White with leg submission on the champ. White yelling for him to “give up!” Ibushi finally gets to the ropes.

White blocks a knee strike, regal plex for a two-count. White hits bloody Sunday, blade runner, no, Ibushi with a crisp knee to the face and both men are down. Ibushi with a kick and then a knee strike. Blade runner, nope, White takes a lariat and a reverse kamigoye. Ibushi lowers his knee pad for a kamigoye to the face, cover, and that will do it. Match went just over 48 minutes.

Winner: Kota Ibushi via Pinfall

– Post-match, while still down on the mat, White tries to reach for the titles, but Red Shoes removes them from his reach. As he’s taken out of the ring, White stares at the titles. Ibushi gets up and then falls back to the mat as he takes in his big victory. He then celebrates with the titles. SANADA (now wearing a suit) steps in the ring to speak with Ibushi, offering up a challenge to the champ.

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