Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package.

A video package is shown on Josh Woods and Dalton Castle. 

Josh Woods and Dalton Castle make their entrances.

Pure Rules Match: 

Josh Woods vs. Dalton Castle

After a brief back and forth, Castle steps out of the ring. They lock up as Castle gets back in the ring. Woods brings Castle to the mat with an arm-lock. Woods eventually hits a German Suplex on Castle. Woods pins Castle for a two count. Woods hits a Gut Wrench Suplex on Castle. Castle hits a German Suplex on Woods. Woods connects with a kick to the midsection of Castle. They exchange forearm strikes. Woods drives his knee into the back of Castle. Woods reverses Castle’s Bang-A-Rang finisher into a Cloverleaf Body-Scissors. Castle taps out. 

Winner: Josh Woods

Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses & Kaun) make their entrance. The Foundation (Tracy Williams & ROH Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham) make their entrance. 

The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham, Jay Lethal & Tracy Williams) vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses & Kaun)

Lethal goes for a single leg takedown on Kaun. Kaun catches Lethal and tosses him to the mat. They lock up. Kaun backs Lethal to the corner. They lock ups again. Kaun backs Lethal to the corner once more. Lethal takes Kaun to the mat with a headlock takeover. Later in the match, Lethal hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Taylor. Lethal rolls Taylor back into the ring. Gresham hits a Shooting Star Press from off the top turnbuckle on Taylor. Gresham pins Taylor for a two count. Gresham ducks a clothesline attempt by Taylor. Lethal tags in as Gresham springboards from the second rope into a Moonsault on Taylor. Gresham hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Kaun. Lethal goes for his Lethal Injection finisher, Taylor catches him. Taylor hits a Driver on Lethal. Taylor pins Lethal for the win. 

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses & Kaun) 

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.