Since departing the WWE in 2016, Ryback has wrestled on and off again on the independent scene. The former Intercontinental Champion has emphasized a career in health and fitness, launching his Feed Me More Nutrition brand.

Despite the new career path, Ryback is not done in the squared circle just yet. Speaking on the Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report with Wrestling Inc. founder Raj Giri, Ryback said that he can return to action later in the summer. He noted that he’s not concerned about getting in in-ring shape, but rather finding a suitable opponent.

“Yeah, a lot of it is going to be based on conversations I have and me getting back in the ring. That, I’m not worried about. I’ve trained and I’m in condition. You can tell me to work on a 15-minute match next week and I’ll go do it,” Ryback said. “It’s lining up business-wise. At this stage in the game in life, it’s all business. I love pro wrestling.”

As for where he’d want to wrestle, Ryback named a certain Wednesday night promotion as one he has his eyes on.

“I’ve been very vocal I think on one company, that being AEW, I think is the future of pro wrestling,” Ryback said.

While a televised return is possible for The Big Guy, it doesn’t seem like he will be going back to WWE anytime soon.

“I walked away from millions of dollars in the top spot at the biggest company in the world to get my health back. I’ve been nothing but honest. I’ve spoken up for wrestlers from day one. There’s been a lot of heat, negativity, and a lot of lies,” Ryback said. “I held ground. I learned to literally make more money in the business than with wrestling, which is almost unheard of. Especially with everything going on in the number of lies and ‘BS.’ I’m going to go back to a good situation.”

Despite the heat Ryback mentioned, he emphasized that he has no real problems with anyone that he’s close to.

“There’s no attitude issues. Everyone that knows me, I get along with,” Ryback said. “No matter what you do in life, some people love you and some people hate you. No matter what, I’ve been able to keep attention, without even trying these last four and a half years with people. If you look, people will either massively love me and support me, or they massively hate me.

“It’s typically the same group that hates me and it’s that dirt sheet community that read the lies and that’s all they see. They fail to look at anything positive, which 99% of the content pushed out education on health and fitness mindset.”

Ryback reiterated that he wants to return if a worthwhile opportunity presents itself, but more than anything he wants to have a positive experience.

“So, I’m looking at going back to a good opportunity and like I said, for whatever reason. Say that there were no opportunities in pro wrestling for Ryback in 2021. There will be the opportunity of continuing to work for me and to wrestle in the independents against the best talent in the world out there and have that footage for my RybackTV channel. I will make more money doing that as well,” Ryback said. “Again, I’d like to go back to TV. I have a lot of goals in wrestling. I would like to have a positive experience. I did have a positive experience with WWE and talent. I got along with everyone else. I love the wrestlers and the divas, but I think a more team-oriented, positive environment would be welcomed by me.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.