Shane Helms Recalls getting Heat For WWE Match with AJ Styles In 2002

A fan on Twitter recently posted a video clip of "The Hurricane" Shane Helms facing a young AJ Styles on WWF Jakked/Metal back in January 2002.

While responding to the tweet, Helms revealed that he was not only instrumental in getting Styles hired for the televised match but also received heat to allowing "an unknown" do too much during the bout.

"I did everything in my power to get AJ hired at a time when WWE didn't know about him," wrote Helms. "Even got heat for letting an "unknown" do too much. I knew he was good even back then. And now he's one of the best in the world. Incredible journey."

The Phenomenal One wrestled a few more matches on Sunday Night Heat and in a dark match prior to SmackDown, where he was defeated by Rico Constantino. After these matches, he was offered a developmental deal contract, where it would require Styles to relocate to Cincinnati to compete in the Heartland Wrestling Association developmental territory. Styles declined the deal and joined Ring of Honor later in 2002.

See below for The Hurricane's tweet: