As a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, The Undertaker talked about WWE’s drug testing policy and shared why the testing started. Taker talked about how some talent use things like marijuana, alcohol and pain medication to cope with the stress of the daunting schedule that professional wrestling provides. He mentioned how everyone on the outside used to always believe wrestlers were on steroids and said they test for everything in the WWE nowadays.

“You got to cope with the pain somehow,” Taker said. “Everything’s kind of led up to this drug protocol now. We didn’t have doctors or trainers back then. Now we travel with trainers, doctors, there’s all kinds of protocols. Our industry has come a long way, they really take good care of our athletes nowadays.

“There was a time where everybody had to be jacked. There was a stigma that you have to be 300 pounds, in our heads [the wrestlers], I got to be 330 pounds. Now, we test for everything.”

Taker continued to mention that steroid testing has been happening for a long time in WWE. He said it’s crazy to see because so many wrestlers look like they’re on steroids, but aren’t.

“They have for a while,” Undertaker said in response to Joe Rogan asking if WWE tests for steroids. “Which I don’t understand because there’s some big motherf***ers out there and cut. I don’t know how they did it, I couldn’t get that way when I was on steroids.”

Taker also confirmed during the interview that his contract has switched from a talent contract to a legends contract. He talked about the specific guidelines wrestlers have to follow when under a WWE contract and how many times the company tests you per year.

“I can only say what I’ve had to go through,” Taker said. “Before I switched my contracts and now I’m not a talent, I’m a legend, I’d only work 2-3 times a year but I was still under a regular contract. Under a regular contract you have to have 4 mandatory piss tests and two blood tests every year.

“They’d get to the end of the year and I’d get a call [to do a piss test]. I hadn’t been in the ring for 6-7 months but they’d look in their book and say s--t, we forgot about him. They’re totally random, they just show up, you never know when they’re going to show up. I was home, that’s why I didn’t get tested until the very end. I know what the protocol is and if anybody would’ve got out of it, it would’ve been me and I didn’t get out of it.”

Taker continued to talk about his boss of 30+ years in Vince McMahon. He mentioned how much Vince has meant to him in his career and how great he looks at age 75.

“Whatever he’s on, I wish I was on,” Taker said. “That guy, that’s what he does. His love is working out. He’s phenomenal man. He’ll call me out of the clear blue and say ‘Hey, you workout today?’ He’s a workhorse, his company and working out, that’s his love, that’s his passion.”

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