WrestleMania 30 went down in history as one of the more memorable events in company history with the ending of The Undertaker’s illustrious 21-0 streak. Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker that night in a match where Taker suffered a severe concussion.

As a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience exclusively on Spotify, The Undertaker talked about that match and how he lost his memory that night. Taker mentioned how the last things he remembered that night were preparing for the match during the afternoon and then woke up in a hospital bed. He also shared that doctors found another injury including his concussion that night.

“They take me back, my wife and Vince are there in the waiting room and they go ‘He’s broken his neck, we’re going to give him enough scan,’” Taker said. “Obviously my wife is freaking out at that point, come to find out they had read the scan is wrong and it was an old break that I never knew I had. I never knew it.”

Undertaker and Lesnar have faced off in several matches before WrestleMania 30. At UFC 121 that featured Cain Velasquez defeating Brock, Undertaker was in the crowd and had a brief staredown with Lesnar after the fight. Rogan pushed Taker and asked if that was going to be a wrestling fight or an MMA fight.

“F*** no, what are you smoking?” Taker said to Rogan when he asked if he was there to pick an MMA fight with Lesnar. “Just too late in the game for me [to be a mixed martial artist]. If MMA and UFC had probably taken off sooner, I might have. It took awhile for the UFC to become mainstream.”

Taker talked about being at that fight and how Lesnar lost that night. Taker noted that every time he would go see Lesnar in the UFC, it resulted in him losing.

“I quit going to Lesnar fights, cause every time I’d go he’d lose,” Taker said. “I was a jinx. I went to his fight with Mir, he got caught in a knee bar. He came back, won the next one and then I went to the [Cain] Valesquez fight [which he lost].”

The Deadman also talked about CM Punk and his experience in the UFC. Taker and Rogan wondered why Punk might have wanted to try his hand in MMA. He said he didn’t have the greatest relationship with Punk, but respects him for trying his best and pushing for that goal of being a UFC fighter.

“I’m not real close with him, I didn’t understand it,” Undertaker said regarding CM Punk getting into the UFC. “He had an issue with the company. Sometimes people just need a new challenge but he was a top dude, he was a top guy for the company.

“I don’t know enough because I wasn’t around [the WWE] enough at the time but I don’t know if he had enough background [to fight in the UFC]. It was kind of late in the game for him to make that transition. It was easier for Brock, he’s a freak athlete. Punk, I don’t know. If he just wanted the challenge, good for him.”

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