WWE Legend The Warlord recently spoke with (H/T to SK Wrestling) SK Wrestling’s Lee Walker where he discussed signing with WWE from the NWA. He talked about meeting Pat Patterson, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon with his tag team partner Barbarian.

“It’s a little bit of a story. Actually, my partner Barbarian got a call one night from Grizzly Adams who was behind the scenes with WWF (WWE) at that time,” Warlord recalled. “They call us on the Thursday night, and Barbarian gave me a phone call at my house and said ‘Terry, listen. WWF would like us to come to Atlanta tomorrow’… So we get to the airport the next morning, we have tickets waiting for us, and we fly to Atlanta.

“We get there, there’s a limo waiting. Takes us to a really nice hotel close to the airport. Gives us a key, we go up to the room, open the room, who’s sitting there? Pat Patterson, who was the booker, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon. Which? Wow! This was amazing, you know?”

Warlord recalled how quickly WWE wanted them to sign on. He admitted that he was slightly hesitant, but Barbarian was very interested in signing, which gave him confidence to sign on with him.

“We sat down with them. They went through the whole spiel with the look and that stuff, you know,” Warlord said. “At that time my partner, he really didn’t talk that much. And he just looks at them and goes, ‘When would you like us to start?’ I was like, Barb, we’ve got this thing coming up with the NWA. [They said], ‘We want you to start Monday.’ This was a Friday. I’m like, Monday… That quick?! But hey, if Barb wants to do it, we do it.”