The Young Bucks Get Duped By Kenny Omega And The Good Brothers (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Clip shown of Young Bucks getting duped by Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and The Good Brothers on last week's Dynamite. We see Matt and Nick Jackson looking on backstage, and giving them the middle finger while the group makes their entrance. Later in the night, Matt and Nick run into Omega, Anderson, and Gallows. Matt points out Anderson and Gallows were already in gear, but The Good Brothers claimed they didn't know they were going to be in the match. Omega says he didn't put the team together, Young Bucks figure it was Callis then. Omega says Don doesn't understand the connection he has with Matt and Nick. Young Bucks say they'll let it go, and the group does the "too sweet" gesture. Omega says he'll talk with Don. Matt says it was just embarrassing what happened, Nick says they're cool as long as it wasn't planned. Omega says they have to bounce since they aren't really popular around these parts. The three head off. Camera comes in close on Matt and Nick. Nick asks Matt if he thinks it was planned, Matt says "absolutely." Nick then asks if the three guys then just lied to them. Matt replies, "yes."

* Matt and Nick sign cardboard standouts of themselves for the Jaguars.

* Dark Order hangout, Uno and the group figure out presents and party stuff for Hangman Page to try and get him in the group. Hangman Page rolls in and asks them what they're doing, the group gets really mad that he's hearing their plan and yell at him to get out! He leaves and they get all excited again about planning for his party.

* The Bunny says hey to Brandon Cutler in a nice tone. Cutler turns around and doesn't look like he was actually happy to see her. The Bunny is seen giving him the middle finger from a distance.

* Private Party isn't happy with Matt Hardy about last week. Says he made them look stupid. They ask Matt what he has and it's some resumes. Matt says he got mad because Quen called him a "money grabbing carny." Kassidy thinks Hardy kind of is, too. Hardy says the two are dumb, but he's going to fix it. He brings up their match on Dark and it's important that they win it, and they should do it by any means necessary.

* Kris Statlander runs down her recent interaction with Griff Garrison. She thinks maybe Brian Pillman Jr. will be a simple subject to examine. She then quickly abducts him.

* Peter Avalon runs into Leva Bates in the hallway. He asks Bates how she's doing, and noticed she's been winning a lot of matches lately. She says the same about him. They have some awkward small talk, then go to hug, but don't.

* Statlander is examining Pillman Jr., and asks him to read some words: "Eeye em sofa king stoop ed." Pillman reads it out loud and realizes what he's saying, then gets mad. She kicks him out of her "spaceship."

* Luchasaurus sees the EVPs have now stolen the locker room. He decides to steal one of their drinks, but Brandon Cutler catches him. Cutler asks him if he's ready for their match tomorrow on Dark. Cutler calls him a "fossil." Luchasaurus didn't like that at all.

* Kip Sabian talks with Leva Bates in the hallway. Sabian is acting cocky since he got his win over Bates in a video game. She finally tells him that she let him win. He initially doesn't believe her, and then gets all angered about it. Sabian then offers up one more challenge and she agrees to it.

* BTE Champion John Silver defends his title against Alex Reynolds in beer pong using bottle caps. Silver ends up winning and retaining his title.

* Nick and Matt Jackson heading out of Daily's Place to get to their flight. They are leaving their new locker room, but Matt Hardy comes in to check on them. Kassidy opens the door, Hardy kicks him out. Matt and Nick say the keys Matt gave him didn't work. Matt says it was in the contract (that Matt didn't read) that he was the only person that would have a key to lock and unlock the door. Hardy then wanted to discuss payment, Matt and Nick hand over almost $1,000 rent ? for the week. Nick asks Matt if they are going to get duped by all the heels in the company. Matt responds they are "shoot millionaires" so they are fine. Matt says he's pretty sure the contract he signed was a blank piece of paper. Nick says they are just stupid babyfaces now as the brothers leave the room.