While his in-ring days are behind him, Tyson Kidd is still contributing his wealth of knowledge to the wrestling business.

As a WWE producer and occasional trainer, Kidd has been an integral behind the scenes hand when it comes to executing matches, guiding wrestlers, and teaching talent. Speaking on The Angle Podcast, Kidd revealed that he mostly produces main roster women’s matches.

“Most of the women’s matches currently on the main roster [I producer],” Kidd said. “Sasha and Carmella. Sasha and Bayley. Nattie and Bayley. Nattie and Bianca. I’m so proud of them and it’s so fun for me to be a part of that. Also a lot of Nia and Lana stuff, which I’ve been very proud of. I think Lana’s surprised a lot of people. She’s proven to a lot of people that she’s been right all along.”

During Kidd’s final in-ring run, he tagged with Cesaro in a team that won over both the WWE Universe as well as some WWE Hall of Famers. Outside the squared circle, Kidd is very close with the Swiss Superman, previously revealing that Cesaro was one of the first people by his bedside when he was hospitalized in what would become his career-ending neck injury. According to Kidd, he believes there’s no reason why the Wrestling Purist shouldn’t be in the world title picture.

“I can’t see why not,” Kidd said. “I have to be the biggest Cesaro fan. I said before as a talent and I say it a lot as a producer, but next Monday could be your Monday. You could show up next Monday and that Monday could be the beginning of what turns into you being the guy. But if you don’t show up on that Monday the opportunity doesn’t happen.

“For example, I wanted to wrestle Trent Baretta and I believe I was scheduled to face JTG or something. I asked Jamie Noble if it was possible. Then he texted me 20 minutes later saying hey things totally changed so now you’re wrestling Jack Swagger and qualify for Money In The Bank. That was my Tuesday. You never know when it’s going to be your Tuesday. Point is, this guy is so talented. If you were to tell me in a year from now that Cesaro is world champion, I’d say, ‘No kidding! That doesn’t shock me.’ So the answer is yes and he should be. Sometimes it’s better to wait. Kofi-mania is not Kofi-mania if he wins the title in his first 2 years on the main roster.”

As mentioned, Kidd did not get to step away from the ring on his terms. During a dark match in 2015, Kidd suffered a career-ending neck injury that doctors told him only 1% of people survive. Kidd has flirted with the thought of having one last match before, considering superstars like Daniel Bryan and Edge made returns from neck injuries, but has since put that idea to rest.

“I did think about it being in a Royal Rumble where I could kind of control things in that environment where I’d be very low risk, but there’s still a risk there,” Kidd said. “That was in my head how to write the last wrestling chapter in my life.”

While one last in-ring moment likely won’t happen, Kidd did reveal a few of his dream scenarios for a final match.

“In terms of an actual match, would it be me vs. Cesaro or me vs. Harry or me, Cesaro, and Harry in a match against The New Day?” Kidd said. “Right as I got hurt, I saw Jason Jordan and Chad Gable started hitting their strides and I thought of what great matches we could have. I think Gable is so good.”