As one of the last trainees of the infamous Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd has been associated with the Hart family for almost all his life.

Speaking on The Angle Podcast, Kidd discussed what it was like growing up around one of the most storied bloodlines in wrestling history, including being around the Harts during that infamous night on November 9, 1997.

While he was only 17 years old at the time, Kidd says he could still comprehend the weight of what would become known as the Montreal Screwjob.

“It was a dark spot for sure,” Kidd said. “I understood a part of it at the time, I understood the betrayal of it. I understood more as I have a good relationship with Bret and I’ll never say I fully understand it. I remember watching it on PPV at Harry’s [David Hart Smith, Davey Boy Smith Jr.] house with his mom and the family was over. You don’t know what’s happening. You see the sharpshooter, the bell rings, and Shawn’s champion and the show ends quickly and you see Vince out there which is one of the first times he’s out there like that and not on commentary.”

While Kidd was able to notice the odd finish on his own, he says it wasn’t until Davey Boy Smith called the house that he realized something bigger went down.

“I didn’t think anything of it until Davey called home and said that was not supposed to happen at all,” Kidd said. “And he talked about the fight after and how Davey and Owen were supposed to run out as part of the finish.”