Video: John Cena In Experian Commercial With New Hairdo

Experian has released their new commercial with veteran WWE Superstar John Cena.

The "Mind Control" commercial premiered on TV during the recent NFL NFC Championship game. Experian announced earlier this week that Cena is returning with his Cow Sidekick for a second year of advertisements.

You can see the commercial below, which features Cena sporting a new hairstyle.

The new commercial is for the Experian Boost product. The "Mind Control" commercial seen below is the first of five new ads to be released with Cena and his purple-spotted cow.

You can watch Cena's first campaign with Experian and the cow from February 2020 by clicking here. Experian Consumer Services Vice President of Consumer & Brand Marketing Kevin Everhart noted in this week's press release that they saw "tremendous success" with the original campaign that featured Cena and the cow.

"We have seen tremendous success with this campaign over the past year capturing consumers' attention and showcasing in amusing scenarios that the tool can improve your financial health," Everhart said. "They really responded to the Experian Boost product and the creative humor avidly discussing it on social media, so we aim to keep that momentum going in 2021."

The new "Mind Control" commercial seen below kicks off a new chapter in the story of Cena, the hero, and his Cow Sidekick.

"This first commercial kicks off a new chapter in our story of a hero and his purple cow as they continue their mission to spread the word about Experian Boost," said Todd Miller, Chief Creative Director at The Cooler, which is Experian's in-house creative agency. "The cow's now-recognizable 'Booooost' response in the new creative builds on the iconic identity of this revolutionary product."

Experian wrote on Instagram, "Take it from've been brainwashed if you think any credit app but Experian's can give you your FICO® Score and help BOOOOOST it instantly. And only #Experian offers this for free with Experian Boost."

You can watch the commercial below: