WWE 205 Live Recap (1/1): Stallion And Ever-Rise Take On Daivari And Bollywood Boyz, Atlas/Mansoor

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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the Capitol Wrestling Center and airing live on the WWE Network. Mansoor makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be taking on Jake Atlas in singles-competition, the first time these two athletes have met. Commentary reminds us that Mansoor was not defeated in 2020 on 205 Live. Atlas is out second and this opening contest is underway.

Mansoor versus Jake Atlas

Tie-up. Atlas grabs wrist control and powers Mansoor to the mat. Mansoor shows off his athletic agility and transitions to a headlock...takedown and Atlas is on the mat. He uses the ropes to lock the hold in deeper. Atlas breaks free but runs right into another takedown. Atlas tries back suplex...Mansoor lands on his feet, but isn't able to avoid an arm-drag from Atlas. He keeps the pressure on...series of counters from both competitors...Mansoor wins the exchange and grabs the ankle planting it into the ground. He continues targeting the limb to slow Atlas down. Single-leg crab applied by Mansoor. Atlas breaks free and traps Mansoor in the corner...huge chop followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Cravat locked in by Atlas. Mansoor in trouble as he is in the middle of the ring...crowd cheering Mansoor on. Atlas shuts the crowd up with a stiff strike. Mansoor pushes Atlas off and goes for a lariat...Atlas counters...Mansoor goes back to the leg with a chop block and multiple dragon screws. He puts the crab back on. Huge spinebuster from Mansoor. A modified scorpion deathlock is put on by Mansoor...Atlas screaming in pain but still manages to get to the ropes. Atlas breaks free with an elbow strike...he goes for a neckbreaker...he gets it. CLOSE two count. Atlas tries a suplex...his leg gives out and Mansoor counters with a pin...a series of pins from both competitors....huge brainbuster from Atlas. Mansoor connects with a dragon screw from the top rope...he cradles Atlas for the victory.


Mansoor wins by pinfall

Afterwards both men share a respectful handshake. Atlas leaves the ring and allows Mansoor to celebrate his victory, which keeps him undefeated for the purple brand.

Advertisement for Raw legends night featuring Hulk Hogan, Torrie Wilson, and a number of other famous WWE superstars. Cut to footage of Gran Metalik defeating Raul Mendoza on this week's NXT on USA. Commentary reminds us that Santos Escobar will defend the NXT cruiserweight championship against Metalik on next week's NXT New Year's special.

Cut to interview with Curt Stallion. He says that he is not rooting for anyone in particular in the Metalik matchup, but he looks forward to proving a point in tonight's main event. Ever-Rise shows up for a funny bit. "Ever-Rise Rules."

Stallion makes his way to the ring, followed by his tag partners. Ariya Daivari and the Bollywood Boyz are out next. It's main event time. Here we go.

Curt Stallion/Ever-Rise versus Bollywood Boyz/Ariya Daivari


Stallion and Daivari begin. Headlock from Stallion. Daivari takes early control with a knee to Stallion's gut. Huge chops in the corner from Daivari. Stallion tries landing shots but Daivari drops him with a back suplex for an early nearfall. Bollywood Boyz ask for a tag...Daivari says he doesn't need them. Sunil ends up in the ring with Martel...Samir tags quickly in and hits a bulldog. He covers Martel...only two. Martel and Samir lay stiff strikes into each other. Hard Irish-Whip sends Samir hard into the turnbuckles. Martel goes for a tag but Sunil gets the tag and stops Martel in his tracks. Headlock applied. Sunil turns it into a choke. Daivari back in. He rocks Parker on the apron, then goes back to work on Martel...he goes for a neckbreaker....Martel counters with a backslide...it gets countered again into a double lariat. Stallion gets the hot tag and takes care of both the Bollywood Boyz on his own. Corner dropkick from Stallion, double-stomp, and pull-up DDT. He goes for the cover...Samir just sneaks a shoulder up. Parker back in...a series of quick tags...Ever-Rise and Stallion hit some tandem offense. Stallion to the top...crossbody takes out Daivari. Sunil rolls up Stallion...he kicks out. Spinning heel kick by Sunil for another close two. Daivari unloads fists onto Stallion...double-team attempt...Samir accidentally nails Daivari. This leads to an argument between the trio...Stallion takes them all out with a tope con hilo. Ever-Rise takes Samir out with a double-flapjack...Stallion hits his running strike. It's over.


Curt Stallion/Ever-Rise win by pinfall

Highlights of the matchup are played. Commentary reminds us that this was the first main event for 205 Live in 2021. Stallion and Ever-Rise celebrate their victory in the ring.

That's the show friends.