WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Legends Night, Title Change, WWE Title Main Event, Randy Orton, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Monday Night RAW Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL.

- The first WWE RAW of 2021 opens up with WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan backstage with a quick promo to hype up Legends Night.

- We're live from the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He's joined at ringside by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton.

- Cole sends us right to the ring where The Miz and John Morrison are waiting for another must see edition of MizTV. Miz says Legends Night at RAW is packed. He plugs Keith Lee vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, and announces Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton. They mention some of the special guests for Legends Night – WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair, Torrie Wilson, Booker T and Hulk Hogan, but Morrison adds that most importantly the legendary Miz will be appearing tonight. Fans boo.

Miz is excited because WWE officials came to their senses and reinstated the Money In the Bank briefcase to him. They agree that 2021 will be the year of Miz and Morrison. Miz goes on and introduces their first guests for 2021 – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day. Miz and Morrison thank The New Day for coming, but then Kofi and Woods thank Miz and Morrison for coming to their new talk show... New Day Talks.

Miz and Morrison aren't impressed. Kofi says Woods is the band leader. They go on and say this will be like a cookout, but since Miz and Morrison aren't invited they will go over what this show will be about. It's going to have a little bit of everything, including some beef and working Smell-o-vision. Woods jokes that the Smell-o-vision is working, a knock at Miz and Morrison. The two sides keep trading shots. Woods is also the bailiff, not just the band leader of New Day Talks. Kofi says every good talk show has a bailiff. They go on and Kofi says it's time for the cooking part of their show, with the celebrity chef Woods. Miz has had enough. He yells to interrupt them. Miz is furious at The New Day for making a mockery of MizTV. The music suddenly interrupts and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long.

Long hits the stage with the mic and does his signature "Hold up, playa!" line. He announces Miz and Morrison vs. The Undertaker. The New Day marks out with excitement. WWE official Adam Pearce comes out and whispers something to Long. Long corrects his announcement and says it will be Miz and Morrison vs. The New Day instead, and that match is next. Long dances around as his music starts back up. The two teams argue in the ring. We go to commercial.

The New Day vs. The Miz and John Morrison

Back from the break and the bell rings as Xavier Woods goes at it with John Morrison. Woods takes it to the corner and chops Morrison. Kofi Kingston tags in and they unload on Morrison with double team moves. Kofi covers for a 2 count.

The New Day with another tag and more double team moves. Woods drops a big elbow across the face for another pin attempt. Morrison knocks Woods back and knees him in the face. The Miz tags in and stomps on Woods while he's down. Miz kicks Woods around but misses a running big boot. Woods rolls him up for a 2 count. Woods turns it back around in the corner. Kofi tags back in for more double teaming. Miz kicks out at 2. Kofi grounds Miz in the middle of the ring now.

Miz and Kofi trade offense now. They also trade counters on the Skull Crushing Finale and Trouble In Paradise. Kofi with more big offense on Miz to turn it around. Miz kicks Woods in the face and then tags Woods in for another double team and a 2 count. More back and forth between the two teams. Miz and Morrison end up knocked out to the floor. Kofi runs and leaps out, taking them back down. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kofi is beating Morrison up. Kofi also knocks Miz while he's trying to distract. Morrison takes advantage and attacks, leveling Kofi with a kick to the face. Miz tags in and goes to work on Kofi with strikes while he's down. Miz uses the middle rope on Kofi as the referee warns him. Miz argues with the referee, allowing Morrison to land a cheap shot on the apron. Fans boo him.

Morrison tags back in and they hit the double Gutbuster on Kofi for a 2 count. Morrison grounds Kofi now as Miz distracts the referee some more. Fans rally for Kofi now. Kofi fights out and up but Morrison stops the tag, ramming Kofi back to the corner. Miz tags in, mocks Woods and hits the running corner clothesline to Kofi for a 2 count. Miz grounds Kofi with a knee to the back now. Kofi powers up and out as fans chant for The New Day. Kofi still can't tag as Miz knees him in the ribs. Miz goes for the Figure Four but Kofi kicks him away. Kofi unloads with offense and drops Miz with the SOS. They both go down as their partners reach for tags.

Morrison and Woods tag in at the same time. Woods with two clotheslines and a scissors kick. Miz runs in but Woods sends him to the floor. Morrison kicks Woods and rocks him with a stiff forearm to send him to the mat. Woods tangles with Morrison and hits the discus forearm. Woods leaps onto Morrison on the second rope, ending up on the floor to dodge Miz. Kofi comes over and takes out Miz. Morrison and Woods tangle in the ring now. Kofi stops Morrison from cheating with the ropes. Morrison argues with Kofi but Woods dropkicks him from behind. Woods goes on and hits a Shining Wizard to Morrison for the pin to win.

Winners: The New Day

- After the match, The New Day celebrates as their music hits. We go to replays The camera shows Miz and Morrison sitting up against the barrier, looking disappointed as the winners celebrate.

- The announcers show us how last week's RAW ended with Randy Orton holding the match over Alexa Bliss, who had soaked herself in gasoline. Orton is backstage with Charly Caruso now. She asks what he was thinking at that moment. Orton says the voices in his head told him to drop the match and watch Bliss burn but he couldn't do it, and he realized why – it's because just like everyone else who has faced The Fiend, something changes in you. Orton says he showed Bliss restraint, therefore he showed her compassion and mercy, and for that he hates himself for it. But then he realized that the hatred for himself, he can mold and sculpt it. He realized that now there are no boundaries and he is capable of any and everything. Orton asks if we can imagine him re-directing that newfound hatred to someone else? Caruso asks about The Fiend but Orton doesn't want to talk about The Fiend right now. Now he's going to go on a walk and find some of his old friends, some Legends, and remind them why he is The Legend Killer. Fans boo as we go back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see how Angel Garza won the WWE 24/7 Title from R-Truth on New Year's Eve during the TikTok livestream. Garza is backstage flirting with Alicia Fox now but she isn't interested. Fox walks off. Garza approaches Tatanka, Mickie James and WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter now. After some brief dialogue, Garza says he's honored to meet Mickie, and then offers a rose to her but Slaughter intercepts it and calls Garza a maggot. Garza walks off.

AJ Styles vs. Elias

We go back to the ring and out comes AJ Styles with Omos. Elias is out next with Jaxson Ryker.

The bell rings and they go at it. AJ takes control early on, taking Elias down with a headlock. Elias looks to break it but AJ keeps it locked in and tries for a quick pin attempt. Elias fights up and out, rocking AJ in the jaw. Elias knocks AJ into the corner and unloads now, beating him down and stomping away. Elias chops AJ. Elias whips AJ hard across the ring, then clotheslines him for a 2 count.

Elias grounds AJ now. More back and forth between the two. Elias drops AJ over the top rope and then presses him high in the air, launching him ribs-first onto the top turnbuckle. Elias then levels AJ with a big right hand, knocking him from the apron to the floor near Omos. Elias stands tall in the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Omos watches as Elias takes AJ to the top turnbuckle. Elias works AJ over, uppercutting him. AJ fights back now but Elias stays on him with right hands. Elias climbs up for a superplex but AJ slides under him and drops him face-first into the top turnbuckle. AJ runs into a big boot in the corner. They trade shots out of the corner now.

Elias with a big boot and a knee to the gut. AJ keeps the punches coming. Elias with a big sitdown chokeslam for a close 2 count. Elias shows some frustration now. Elias stomps while AJ is down. Elias goes to the top but AJ rolls to the other side of the ring. Elias comes down and follows but AJ kicks him in the head. AJ springboards in from the apron but Elias blocks the Phenomenal Forearm with a big knee to the face in mid-air. AJ still kicks out at 2 and Elias can't believe it.

Elias mounts AJ now. The announcers plug Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans in a non-title match for later. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair will be in the corner of the champs. AJ fights out of an Electric Chair and sends Elias face-first into the corner. AJ goes on and hits a Brainbuster, then the Styles Clash in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: AJ Styles

- After the match, AJ gets back up as his music hits. Ryker runs in with an attempted guitar shot to AJ but Omos blocks it and shatters the guitar with one kick. Ryker and AJ are shocked. Ryker joins Elias at ringside as Omos stares them down from the ring.

- We see backstage video from earlier today with WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair telling Sarah Schreiber that she will be in the 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match, joining Nia Jax as the only confirmed names for the women's match.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans

We go back to the ring and out first are the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions – Charlotte Flair comes out with her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, to start. They stop on the ramp and the pyro goes off. We go to commercial before RAW Women's Champion Asuka can make her way out. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Riddle is backstage with Big Show, or The Big Bro. Riddle says he's going to get ready for his huge match with WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley, but he will reconnect with Show later. Riddle walks off. Randy Orton walks up and says it must be an interesting feeling knowing you can't step in the ring again. Show asks who says he can't get in the ring? Orton reminds him what happened last time they got in the ring together, and says Show's career is over thanks to him. Show dismisses this and says he can get back in the ring any time. Orton ends up grabbing Show by the throat and threatening him some more. Show just smiles and sits in his chair, while Orton's hand is still around his throat. Show knows what Orton is trying to do. Show goes on and says he's not embarrassed to be out there with the Legends tonight, he's proud. Orton isn't buying this and says if true Show would do something about what he just did. Orton goes on taunting Show before walking off. We see Show seething in his chair.

We go back to the ring and Asuka is out to join Flair. Peyton Royce is out first for her team as Mike Rome does the introductions. Fans boo Royce. Out next comes Lacey Evans. We see video recorded earlier today with Royce and Evans giving props to the champs, but then taunting them over tonight's match. Flair starts this non-title match off with Royce. They have words and lock up. Flair slams Royce. Evans tags right in and waves to The Nature Boy. Flair locks up and takes Evans down.

Evans slaps Flair but gets taken back down. Evans avoids the Figure Four and rolls to the floor. Flair chases her around the ring and back in, but doesn't see Royce tag in. The numbers game ends up getting the best of Flair as Royce works her over while she's down. Flair fights back in from the apron and rolls Royce for 2. Royce drops Flair and then rocks Asuka on the apron. Asuka comes in the ring and she's upset. Royce and Evans double team Flair while the referee is distracted.

Flair fights off Evans and Royce at once. Asuka tags in and hits a missile dropkick to Evans for a big pop. Asuka with a Hip Attack to knock Evans off the apron. Asuka unloads on Royce now as fans cheer her on. Royce takes a Hip Attack in the corner. Asuka goes on and takes down Royce and Evans at the same time. Asuka with a 2 count on Royce.

Royce blocks a German suplex. They go at it some more until Asuka is knocked from the ring to the floor by Royce. Flair walks over to Evans and her dad as Evans is messing with him again. Charlotte slaps Evans in the face. Evans tackles Charlotte and they brawl at ringside now as Ric looks on. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Evans is beating Asuka down in the corner. Evans grounds Asuka with a submission as The Flairs look on and the crowd tries to rally. Royce tags in and kicks Asuka while Evans holds her. Evans whips Asuka face-first into the turnbuckles and she goes down. Royce tosses Asuka across the ring, then takes her to the corner. Royce takes Asuka back down and in comes Evans to ground her while talking trash to the other team. More back and forth now. Asuka fights out of the corner and levels Royce after she came back in.

Flair and Evans tag in at the same time as the crowd pops. Flair unloads and knocks Royce off the apron with a big boot. Flair rocks Evans and works on the leg. Flair with big chops now. Royce tags in as Flair launches Evans overhead with a suplex. Flair then kicks Royce and launches her. Flair goes to the top for the moonsault but Asuka tags herself in. Flair hits the moonsault on Evans and Royce at the same time. Asuka comes in with the running kick to Royce's head but she kicks out at 2. Asuka is frustrated. Royce blocks the Asuka Lock. Flair tags in and hits double knees to the face of Evans, then Natural Selection to Royce for 2 as Evans breaks it up. Evans and Asuka go at it. Evans blocks a Hip Attack, then snaps Asuka's neck back.

Evans crawls to Ric on the apron but Charlotte kicks her to the floor. Charlotte follows and brings Evans back in. Flair ducks a Royce kick. Ric then trips Charlotte as she run the ropes, on accident or possibly not, and Royce takes advantage with the pin to win.

Winners: Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce

- After the bell, Charlotte sits up and she's shocked. Evans runs over and kisses Flair but he acts annoyed and upset. Evans and Royce back up the ramp together as the music hits. Charlotte slowly exits the ring and stares her dad down. She gets in his face and tells him to stay out of her business, again. She asks him if he understands and he just nods, still staring her down. Charlotte tells Ric to back away and then get out. Ric turns and walks up the ramp by himself.

- Sheamus and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre are backstage. Sheamus talks about tonight's main event and asks Drew to give Lee an extra kick in the head for him. Drew says he will do whatever it takes to defend his title. Sheamus wishes him good luck. Sheamus turns to leave but WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart have walked up. Hogan is fans of both and he's glad he ran into the champ, so he can wish him all the good luck in the world. Hogan says it looks like Drew has been saying his prayers and eating his vitamins, and he's proud of the way Drew has been carrying the WWE Title through these trying times. Hogan goes on and says Drew reminds him of himself. Drew thanks Hogan and says this is all surreal. He jokes around and asks if Sheamus reminds Hogan of Hart. Sheamus isn't in the mood for jokes but wishes Drew good luck again, and says he will see Drew and Hogan for drinks later. Hart tells Sheamus to lighten up some and follows him away, yelling over and over about lightening up. Drew and Hogan then deliver the "what ya gonna do..." line for Lee.

- Still to come, Riddle vs. Lashley and Lee vs. McIntyre. Back to commercial.

Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle

Back from the break and out first comes Riddle for this non-title match. He hits the ring and the pyro goes off. Out next is The Hurt Business – WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley with MVP.

Lashley is handing his title over to MVP on the outside when Riddle attacks from behind and unloads. The referee finally pulls him off as Lashley recovers. The bell then rings and Lashley swings but misses. Riddle goes to work on an angry Lashley now. Riddle looks to get the upperhand and take control but Lashley manhandles him and dumps him on his neck. Lashley takes Riddle to the corner and goes to work as MVP cheers him on.

They tangle at the ropes and Riddle tries to apply a triangle on the ropes, but they both tumble. Riddle kicks but Lashley ends up catching him on his shoulders. Lashley runs Riddle into the ring post and hits hard on the edge, turning Riddle inside out. Riddle lands on the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley is in control. Lashley grounds Riddle now. We see how Lashley hit a big chokeslam during the break as Riddle charged. Riddle fights up and out now. Riddle with a kick. Lashley catches the next kick, then delivers a back elbow and runs over Riddle, stunning him on the mat. Lashley grounds Riddle again as a "Bro!" chant starts up from the crowd.

Riddle fights up but Lashley sends him head-first into the top turnbuckle. Lashley with more big strikes in the corner. Lashley dominates in the corner as the referee warns him again. Lashley charge into a corner but has to put the brakes on as Riddle moves. Lashley keeps control and takes Riddle head-first into the turnbuckles again. Lashley sends Riddle to the mat. Riddle gets up and avoids a full clothesline. Riddle with a kick to the head and more offense. Lashley blocks the Exploder suplex but Riddle counters the next move, hits a punt kick and more for a 1 count. Riddle with the Final Flash for another quick 1 count.

MVP continues yelling as Riddle goes to the top. Riddle is barely distracted, but that's enough for Lashley to come over, put Riddle on his shoulders, and deliver the Dominator in the middle of the ring. Lashley stands over Riddle and poses as the boos get louder. Lashley wastes some time but then applies the Hurt Lock. Riddle tries to break it but he eventually taps out. Riddle gets sent to the mat as the referee comes to the apron to join Lashley. However, the referee didn't see Riddle tap out and the match is still going. Riddle takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Lashley up for the pin to get the non-title win.

Winner: Riddle

- After the match, Riddle heads straight to the ramp as the music hits. MVP and Lashley argue with the referee. The replay shows that Riddle tapped out when the referee couldn't see him. The announcers wonder if this was intentional, agreeing that it was clever. Lashley fumes and looks on at Riddle on the stage.

- Ricochet is backstage with WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, thanking him for everything he's done. Henry is using one of the medical mobile scooters for his knee, indicating a recent surgery or something like that. Randy Orton walks up and taunts Henry some, and also declares his entry into the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. Henry goes to leave but Orton grabs him and stops him. Orton says maybe they should go somewhere and reminisce, catch up on old times like when Henry was representing the Hall of Pain and hit Orton with the World's Strongest Slam over and over and over. Orton says he owes Henry a lot of receipts, but he was thinking of giving Henry a pass because it's a special night, but a pass only if Henry pedals his way out of here. Orton tells Henry to get out of here. Henry starts pushing his scooter as Orton yells at him and taunts him. Fans boo Orton and we go back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see what just happened with Riddle and Bobby Lashley. Charly Caruso is backstage with MVP and Lashley now. MVP says Lashley was robbed of a victory, and it's nothing but a travesty. They both go on and insist that Riddle quit. Lashley says next time he gets his hands on Riddle he won't beat him or hurt him, he's going to hurt Riddle's punk ass. Lashley storms off and MVP isn't far behind after another word to Caruso.

Mandy Rose vs. Shayna Baszler

We go back to the ring and out comes Mandy Rose. We see what happened during last week's show with Shayna Baszler defeating Dana Brooke and the post-match attack to Rose, but Baszler suddenly attacks now and takes Rose out at ringside. Brooke runs down to check on Rose as Baszler stands tall in the ring. Brooke yells at Baszler while the referee tells her to leave as he checks on Rose

The bell rings and Baszler ducks, then unloads on Brooke with kicks. Baszler grabs Brooke by the face and taunts her, but she then gets tossed through the ropes to the floor. Baszler rushes back in and they tangle. Brooke avoids the Kirifuda Clutch and turns that into the upset pin out of nowhere.

Winner: Dana Brooke

- After the match, Baszler immediately locks in the Kirifuda Clutch. Rose rushes in and drops Baszler with a knee to make the save. Rose and Brooke then double team Baszler face-first into the mat. Baszler ends up on the floor as Rose and Brooke taunt her from the ring.

- Randy Orton approaches WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair with Molly Holly and Irwin "IRS" Schyster backstage. IRS and Holly immediately walk off. Orton proposes that Flair walk him to the ring for old times tonight. Flair yells at Orton and says he'll never walk Orton out again, and goes on about Orton recently turning on him. Orton says he learned everything he knows from The Dirtiest Player In the Game but Flair is only relevant now because of his daughter. Orton asks Flair how he feels after taking that punt kick last year. Orton goes on and says when he looks at Flair, he sees a man who looks and talks like Flair, but he is not the man who taught Orton damn near everything he knows. Orton says Flair is now nothing to him, and everyone else, but a pathetic old man. Fans boo Orton as he walks off. Flair stares him down as we go to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see how Keith Lee defeated Sheamus to become the new #1 contender last week. Lee is backstage warming up now when Riddle approaches him, wishing him good luck. Riddle says Lee doesn't need the good luck because he's a stallion, and it's time for Lee to be the new champ for the new year. Lee thanks Riddle and says he will see him later as Riddle leaves.

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

We go back to the ring and out first comes Randy Orton to boos. Orton takes his time getting in the ring, then poses. Jeff Hardy is out next to a pop as the pyro goes off. Hardy runs around and into the ring, hitting the corner to pose for more pyro.

The bell rings and they size each other up, then lock up. They go to the corner and tangle as the referee warns, then counts. Orton backs off but connects a thumb to the eye as fans boo some more. Orton works Hardy over while he's down now. Orton tosses Hardy to the floor through the ropes. Orton follows and slams Hardy's face into the announce table several times.

Orton then lifts Hardy and slams him on top of the announce table as fans boo. Orton returns to the ring and goes back out after resetting the count. Orton brings Hardy back in for a 2 count. Orton stalks Hardy while he's down and takes his time. Orton focuses on the arm now as Hardy yells out in pain. Orton stomps and continues working the arm over. Hardy fights out of the corner now but Orton knees him in the gut. Hardy gets whipped into the turnbuckles but he comes right out of the corner with a big clothesline. Hardy rams Orton into the corner with shoulder thrusts.

Orton rocks Hardy with a shot to the gut and then starts stomping on his limbs while he's down, smiling as fans boo. Orton grounds Hardy with a headlock now. Hardy fights up and out, hitting the Twist of Fate into a neckbreaker. Hardy goes to the top but Orton rolls to the floor to avoid the flying attack. Hardy then leaps off the apron and takes Orton down at ringside. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Orton grounds Hardy with another headlock. Fans rally for Hardy as he fights up and out. Orton immediately drops him for another close 2 count. Orton takes Hardy back down and grabs his open ear lobes, stretching them out. Hardy screams out in pain as fans boo Orton. The referee tries to get him to stop.

Orton finally breaks it and then starts stomping on Hardy again. Orton drops a big knee for another close pin attempt. Orton grounds Hardy with another headlock. Hardy finally gets the bottom rope to break free once again. Hardy finally breaks free with a jawbreaker. Hardy fights off the second rope draping DDT and hits an inverted Atomic Drop, the leg drop and some more signature moves. Hardy with a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Hardy and Orton trade strikes on their feet now. Hardy clotheslines Orton and splashes him in the corner. Orton runs into an elbow in the corner. Hardy goes to the top and hits Whisper In the Wind but somehow Orton kicks out just in time. Orton and Hardy are both slow to recover. Hardy gets up first and looks to put Orton away. Orton catches a kick but Hardy kicks him in the gut, sending him out to the floor. Hardy with another kick to the outside. Hardy brings it back in and goes to the top. Hardy has to come back down as Orton rolls to the other side of the ring to avoid the flying attack.

Hardy approaches but Orton strikes first and then nails the draping DDT as fans boo. Hardy is slow to get up now. Orton drops down and pounds the mat, waiting for Hardy to get back up. Hardy blocks the RKO but Orton kicks out at 2. They tangle some and Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Orton counters with the RKO for the pin to win.

Winner: Randy Orton

- After the match, Orton recovers and stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. We come back to Orton posing in the corner, staring out at the crowd.

- Lucha House Party approaches Melina backstage. They ask her if she's here for Lucha Legends Night. She does a quick "Lucha!" chant and they get hyped up. Melina walks off one way as Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik head to the ring, apparently excited over the endorsement by Melina.

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin vs. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik

We go back to the ring and out first is The Hurt Business for this non-title match – RAW Tag Team Champions Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin for this non-title match. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and MVP has joined the announcers for commentary. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik of Lucha House Party are out next. We get a pre-recorded video where they talk about 2021 being their year starting with Legends Night. Benjamin strikes first with a knee and beats Metalik down. Benjamin then drops him with a big shoulder.

Benjamin keeps control but runs into a boot in the corner. Metalik then sends Benjamin flying with a scissors. Metalik flies off the second rope but Benjamin catches him and hits a huge powerbomb. Cedric tags in and takes over on Metalik. Metalik fights off the Lumbar Check attempt. Cedric runs into a boot. Lince tags in and hits a big flying hurricanrana. Lince charges again but Cedric counters and drives him into the mat with a big power move.

Cedric mounts Lince with more lefts and rights. Cedric drops Lince with a right. Lince catches Cedric with the springboard back Stunner. Shelton tags in but knocks Metalik off the apron with a flying knee Benjamin beats Lince down in the corner now. Cedric tags in and keeps Lince in their corner.

Benjamin tags back in and there's some arguing between the champions. Lince takes advantage and rocks Cedric, then takes Shelton down with a modified Stunner. Lince capitalizes again and rolls Shelton up for the pin to get the non-title win.

Winners: Lucha House Party

- After the match, a furious Shelton sits up while a furious MVP gets up from the announce table. He calls the champs over and yells at them about how they should be embarrassed right now because he is. MVP tells them to figure out what's wrong between them and fix it. They argue some more and Cedric storms off. Shelton goes to charge at him but MVP holds him back, telling him he needs more from him.

- WWE 24/7 Champion Angel Garza approaches Nikki Cross and WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson backstage. He offers Torrie a rose but she says she's in the middle of a conversation with Cross right now. Torrie then tells Garza that she invited Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande to watch RAW tonight. She says they are living their best lives right down the hall, and Cardi would love to have the rose. Garza asks if they're really here, and Torrie points him down the hall into a room. Garza walks away and enters the room, looking for Cardi B. Red lights suddenly come on and it's The Boogeyman. He scares Garza off. Garza goes running down the hall and R-Truth rolls him up to win the title. Truth dances away with Torrie and Cross. WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons walks up, looks down at Garza, and does his trademark "Damn!" catchphrase.

WWE Title Match: Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring for tonight's main event and out first comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre with the sword and pyro. The champ hits the ring and yells out as more pyro explodes. Drew raises the title in the air as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Drew looks on as Keith Lee makes his way out to a pop. We see all of the WWE Legends and Hall of Famers standing on the stage to greet Lee. Lee enters the ring and we get formal ring introductions from Rome. Lee and Drew face off and have some words as the Legends look on from seats on the stage.

The bell rings and they lock up, going to the corner and then against the ropes. The referee counts and Drew backs off. They lock up again and Lee takes it to the corner, overpowering Drew. They break again and lock up. Drew goes behind and takes control with a headlock, wearing Lee down. Lee breaks out. They collide with shoulders and face off again. Drew runs the ropes. Lee leaps over him but his foot hits his shoulder and he goes down, but keeps moving. Drew gets the upperhand for a second. They trade shoves. Lee yells that this is a championship match. Drew smacks him and things pick up. Drew beats Lee into the corner and unloads. Lee overpowers but Drew kicks him in the shoulder. Lee makes a big power swing and Drew goes down, stunned

Lee yells at Drew to come back in the ring as the referee counts. Drew holds his jaw as he comes back in. They go for a test of strength now. Drew takes control and kicks Lee to bring him to one knee. Drew with more offense while Lee is on one knee. Drew drops Lee and stomps on his face. Drew with a big chop in the corner now. Lee ends up clotheslining Drew over the top rope to the floor. Lee follows and they fight at ringside. Lee charges with a big Pounce to knock Drew over the barrier as fans pop. Lee stands tall as ringside as Drew struggles to get back up and come over the barrier. We go to commercial as Lee returns to the ring.

Back from the break and Lee is in control. Lee whips Drew hard into the corner and he goes back down. Drew is clutching his ribs now. Lee with another close 2 count. Lee with more big strikes, keeping Drew down in the opposite corner. Lee works over Drew some more for another 2 count. Lee delivers a big scoop slam but Drew kicks out at 2. Lee with another big slam and pin attempt as we see the Legends and Hall of Famers watching from the stage.

Drew avoids a big shot in the corner, and then Grizzly Magnum. Drew with big chops of his own. Lee fights off a belly-to-belly suplex attempt. Drew rams Lee back into the corner. Lee keeps fighting off the suplex but Drew isn't giving up. Lee scoops Drew but he slides out and rams Lee into the turnbuckles. Drew tries again and finally launches Lee with the big belly-to-belly suplex. Fans pop and the Legends applaud.

Drew with a neckbreaker and a kip up for another pop. Lee side-steps the Claymore Kick and they tangle some more back and forth. Lee drives Drew down into the mat with a chokeslam for another close 2 count. Drew rolls to the floor for a breather but Lee is following him. Lee stops to argue with the referee on the apron. Drew takes advantage, grabs Lee from the floor and sends him crashing through the announce table. Lee is down in the debris as RAW goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Drew floors Lee in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Lee counters a shot and hits the Grizzly Magnum chops. Lee turns Drew inside out with a big clothesline for another close pin attempt. Lee charges but Drew ducks a clothesline and goes for a back-slide. Lee resists but Drew flips over, kicks him in the gut and drops him with a Futureshock DDT. Lee kicks out just in time as the Legends look on.

Fans chant "this is awesome!" now as the Legends clap with them. Drew goes to the top but Lee jumps up with a headbutt. Lee climbs up for a superplex but Drew fights back. Lee clubs Drew over the back. Lee is slow to get in position but he then delivers a huge Spanish Fly from the top. Drew still kicks out at 2. Lee can't believe it.

Lee looks for the Spirit Bomb but Drew fights him off. Drew catches Lee with a big Spinebuster in the middle of the ring but Lee still kicks out. Drew goes right to the corner and waits for Lee to get back to his feet. Lee catches the Claymore Kick in mid-air. Drew blocks the Spirit Bomb. They run the ropes and Drew delivers a Claymore for the pin to retain.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

- After the match, the Legends on the stage give Drew a standing ovation. Drew stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. We come back and see a show of respect between champion and challenger in the middle of the ring. Drew takes the mic but the music interrupts and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. Goldberg yells Drew's name and says he was in the back and was thinking that there couldn't be a better representation of the WWE Champion. He says Drew has it all, he's got size, speed, and athleticism, but the one thing that you don't got is respect. Goldberg steps closer to Drew and says he heard what he was saying earlier, but that wasn't what he was thinking. Goldberg says Drew thinks the Legends are just a bunch of tired old men and women, who he's better than when they were in their primes, and not one of them pose a threat to him.

Goldberg says that's where Drew is wrong, and that's where he steps in. Goldberg says it's about respect. Goldberg tells Drew not to think that he's coming out here and demanding anything, or posing a threat. No sir, Goldberg is coming out here to challenge Drew for the title at the Royal Rumble. Drew says he didn't say or think that about the Legends and Goldberg is just trying to get into his head, and everyone knows Drew is all about respect. Drew goes on and says this would be like fighting his own dad, mate. Drew drops the mic as his music starts up. Goldberg immediately shoves Drew to the mat as the first RAW of 2021 abruptly goes off the air on the USA Network.