WWE NXT UK Recap (1/14): WALTER Defends Against A-Kid, Tyler Bate Returns To Action, Jinny Speaks

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Footage hyping today's main event match between WALTER and the 2020 Heritage Cup winner A-Kid for the NXT UK championship is played. As a reminder A-Kid managed to best Tyler Bate in the tournament, and is looking for another shocking upset over the Ring General on tonight's show.

Intro song.

Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from BTSport Studios. Joe Coffey makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be taking on Charles Samuels, who is already in the ring.

Joe Coffey versus Sha Samuels

Tie-up. Neither man is ready to budge. Samuels powerslams Coffey, but the Gallus leader runs through him with a vicious shoulder bump. He pumps over Samuels and sends him to the outside. Samuels screams on the microphone that he will be respected. He comes back in and sends Coffey to the mat. Big elbow drop from Samuels. Another for a nearfall. Commentary is surprised by Samuels incredible performance over an NXT UK vet like Coffey. Coffey manages to retake control with a flush uppercut and a vicious combination. Heh goes for a springboard crossbody...Samuels catches him with a huge slam. Cover...Coffey JUST gets a shoulder up. Coffey cannot believe it. He climbs to the top and connects with a crossbody...Samuels kicks out. Coffey with more strikes, followed by a huge headbutt to Sameuls head. He finally hits his huge discuss lariat for the victory.


Joe Coffey wins by pinfall

Commentary tells us that Kay Lee Ray will be defending the NXT UK women's title against Jinny on next week's program. They are set to have a face-to-face later tonight.

Cut to Sid Scala. Pretty Deadly interrupts him on a phone call asking when they can expect a shot at the NXT UK tag titles. Scala tells them that they'll be facing The Hunt, Mark Andrews/Flash Morgan Webster, and Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter to determine a new number one contender for the tag titles. That match is next week.

We go to commercial.

Dave Mastiff is shown at the Performance Center talking with Rampage. Although there is tension...nothing gets physical.

Tyler Bate makes his way to the ring for our next matchup. He'll be taking on...Sam Gradwell in singles-action.

Tyler Bate versus Sam Gradwell


Tie-up. Gradwell powers Bate to the mat and yanks at his arm. Gradwell shows off his ground game but Bate is skilled in that area and counters the pressure. He trips Gradwell up and the two reset. Bate grabs a headlock on second tie-up. Bate avoids Gradwell, then ties him up with a school-boy for an early two count. Big arm-drag from Bate as Gradwell shows off some frustration. Gradwell rakes Bate's eyes, then drops him with a big powerslam. Huge chop by Gradwell, followed by a series of knees. He stomps Bate in the back of the head, even ignoring the referee's count as he chokes him on the ropes. Bate sparks a comeback with a big haymaker and a lifting knee. He climbs to the middle-rope...diving uppercut lands. Bate follows up with a corner uppercut. He catches a charing Gradwell and sends him flying with an overhead suplex. Standing shooting star press by Bate...only two on the cover attempt. Bate sets up for the Tyler Driver...Gradwell has it scouted and almost steals the match with an STO. He mounts Bate and unloads a series of fists. He pulls Bate up...Bate with a flurry into the Tyler Driver. That'll do it.

Tyler Bate wins by pinfall


Backstage Sid Scala alerts Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter that they will be competing in the Fatal-Four way tag next week. They are ecstatic.

Advertisement for Bayley on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions.

Ilja Dragunov is seen working out at the PC. He acknowledges that he has to start from the beginning after his loss to WALTER, and challenges the gatekeeper to a singles contest.

Jinny makes her way to the ring along with Joseph Conners, who assisted Jinny on last week's show to become the new number one contender for the NXT UK women's title. Jinny grabs a microphone and says that she paid Conners to stand in her corner, because "with money comes power, and with power comes connections." She promises that next week she'll be walking away as the new champion of the brand. This brings out Kay Lee Ray. Ray says she's beaten everybody that NXT UK has put in front of her, and she'll do it again next week. Jinny comes back with claims that Ray is not championship material. She also tells Ray that she helped her keep her championship in the past.


Promo from hyping up the Hunt participating in next week's Fatal Four way. "We are the Hunt...and you are the Hunted."

Main event time. A-Kid makes his way to the ring first carrying his Heritage Cup trophy. The Ring General WALTER is out second. Here we go.

WALTER versus A-Kid for the NXT UK championship

Walter chases Kid around the ring. He forces Kid against the ropes and goes for a chop but Kid quickly evades. Leg kick from Kid. Another except this time Walter catches it and drops his weight on Kid. Walter tries a single-leg crab...Kid shows great resiliency...he manages to trap Walter in the corner and lights him up with a huge overhand chop. The champ doesn't like that. He brings the challenger down with a big headlock. Eventually he lets him go and the two reset. Kid connects with two more stiff leg kicks and Walter comes up limping. Test of strength...Walter wins the exchange easily...he presses Kid down with all of his body weight...KID POPS WALTER OFF HIM. Both men back to their feet again. Kid keeps targeting the leg...However Walter kicks him in the gut and tries to lariat him over the ropes...Kid turns it into an armbar. Walter is all out of sorts as Kid has been one step ahead throughout. Another flurry of leg-kicks drops the champion. Kid puts on a half-crab...Walter escapes. He baits Kid in and finally connects with a huge chop that slows Kid down. Another one sends Kid on his head. Boston Crab from Walter...he transitions into an STF. Kid somehow gets to his feet but Walter big boots him across the face. Kid responds with more strikes...Walter is rocked but shoots back with another big boot and sleeper hold. He places Kid on the top ropes and overhands him across the throat. Kid has Walter tied up in the ropes...dragon screw! Short dropkick and Walter is down again. Kid tries an armbar...Walter impressively blocks it and gets to the ropes. Jumping dropkick sends Walter back...Walter with a dropkick of his own! Huge powerbomb and press...A-KID KICKS OUT! Walter is shocked. He picks Kid up...CHOP. Kid catches a chop attempt and nearly has the armbar applied...Walter shifts his weight but Kid turns it to a triangle. Walter slides out of the ring with Kid attached...he powerbombs Kid off the ring apron. Back inside he puts the sleeper on. A series of lariats from Walter...that'll do it.


WALTER wins by pinfall and retains the NXT UK championship

WALTER walks out acknowledging that A-Kid put up a miraculous fight. Kid composes himself in the ring. He looks distraught after coming that close to being the top dog.

That's the show friends.