WWE NXT UK Recap (1/21): Kay Lee Ray Defends Against Jinny, Dragunov Back In Action, Mastiff vs. Rampage

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Intro song.

Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from BTSport Studios. The Bomber Dave Mastiff makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be taking on Rampage Brown in singles-action.

Dave Mastiff versus Rampage Brown

Tie-up. Neither man is ready to budge as the power between both seems about similar. Mastiff snags a headlock until Brown eventually traps him in one of his own. Mastiff off the ropes...Brown shows off his agility with a huge dropkick, but Mastiff defies gravity and lands a dropkick of his own in response. Brown refuses to be beaten that easy. He comes right back with a flying crossbody before clubbing Mastiff down with huge thunderous blows. Mastiff shakes it off and sends Brown flying with a suplex, then crushes him with a senton. A pump-handle suplex gets Mastiff a close two count. Brown gains some momentum and hits a running lariat...another. Big back suplex by Brown, who follows up with a sit-out powerbomb attempt...HE GETS IT. That'll do it.


Rampage Brown wins by pinfall

Footage is shown of NXT UK champion WALTER defeating the Heritage Cup winner A-Kid from last week's main event. The Ring General picked up the win after connecting with a vicious standing-lariat.

Cut to a conversation between Kenny William and Amir Jordan where it is revealed that Jordan has a match against Tyson T-Bone for later in the show.

Our next bout was one that was set up from a backstage encounter last week. Ilja Dragunov, who has not competed since his classic against WALTER, takes on Jack Starz.

Ilja Dragunov versus Jack Starz

Tie-up. Starz puts pressure on Dragunov early by backing him into the ropes. The referee forces a break and both men reset. Wristlock exchanges...Starz manages to roll Dragunov up but the mad Russian escapes and sends Starz hard into the mat with a spinebuster. Dragunov slows the pace with a side headlock...Starz to his feet...Dragunov sends him back down with a flying shoulder block. He lands the first strike of the match with a big chop. He sets up for Torpedo Moscow but Starz knocks him out of the air with a lariat. He picks him up and hits a German suplex for a nearfall. This leads to a back and forth striking exchange...Dragunov gets the better and follows up with a float over suplex...he maintains body control...German suplex. Another. A third. Multiple knees from Dragunov. He finally hits Torpedo Moscow, but instead of the cover continues assaulting Starz with a series of elbows. The referee eventually calls for the bell and Dragunov wins.


Ilja Dragunov wins due to referee stoppage

A look back at Ben Carter's impressive debut match against Jordan Devlin for the NXT cruiserweight championship. Despite his best efforts, Carter came up short and Devlin continues to call himself the true cruiserweight champ.

Jordan and T-Bone wrestle next. Kenny Williams accompanies Jordan to the ring.

Tyson T-Bone versus Amir Jordan

The action starts quick with T-Bone nailing Jordan with a running elbow, followed by a backbreaker/fall away slam combination. Kidney shot from T-Bone wakes Jordan up a bit. He lands some elbows of his own and bounces off the ropes for another maneuver but T-Bone catches him and whips him into the ropes throat first. It seems that T-Bone is in complete control until Jordan coutners a pin attempt and steals a victory.

Amir Jordan wins by pinfall

Commentary reminds us that the tag team fatal-four way number one contender's matchup will be taking place next week. Eddie Denis will be barred from ringside as his team The Hunt have their eyes on the NXT UK tag gold.


Main event time. Jinny is out first along with her new lackey Joseph Conners. The champ, Kay Lee Ray, comes out second. Here we go.

Kay Lee Ray versus Jinny for the NXT UK women's championship

Tie-up. Ray forces Jinny into the corner, then brings the challenger to the mat. She puts on an armbar before transitioning easily into a chin bar. Jinny shows off her ground technique by reversing the hold. Backstage Piper Niven and Dani Luna are watching closely wondering if Ray will finally be dethroned. Pace slows down a bit...Jinny whips the champ into the corner...she locks in a stretch but Ray gets to the ropes for the break. Each lady lands a series of kicks...Ray floats over and hits a DDT. Cover...only two. Ray goes for another submission but Jinny has it scouted...she stacks her for a close pin attempt. Big lariat from Jinny, followed up by a flurry of strikes targeting the back. When it seems Ray has retaken control Conners provides a distraction...this allows Jinny to connect with the Makeover...TWO COUNT. The referee ejects Conners, which has Jinny livid. She tries to smash Ray with the championship but the referee stops her at the last moment. From there Ray lands some offense, then hits the Gory Bomb to retain.


Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall to retain the NXT UK championship

Ray celebrates the win and stands tall as the top of the women's division for the brand.

That's the show friends.