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– Excalibur, Taz and Anthony Ogogo welcome us to another packed episode of Dark.

Jon Moxley vs. Jon Cruz

Cruz goes at Moxley right away with a dropkick and some punches in the corner. He follows up with a head scissors. Moxley catches Cruz’s splash and hits a German Suplex. Moxley then turns Cruz inside out and follows up with some strong kicks and elbows. Moxley covers, but Cruz kicks out at two. Moxley with a heavy chop in the corner as he brings Cruz on top and rakes Cruz’s back. Cruz gauges Moxley’s eyes. He misses a top rope splash and meets a rolling elbow. Cruz fighting back, but Moxley catches him and locks in a guillotine choke. Cruz is knocked out and the ref calls the match.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Serpentico and Boulder start the match as Luther’s distraction fails as does Serpentico’s offense as he just bounces off Boulder. Boulder shows off his strength with a Gorilla Press. Bronson tags in and slingshots Boulder onto Serpentico followed up with a shoulder tackle. Bronson stretching out Serpentico, but Luther comes in and takes out Bronson to the outside as the referee is distracted.

Serpentico hits a splash, cover but only gets two. Luther takes in and bulldogs Serpentico on Bronson! Luther counters Bronson’s punches and takes in Serpentico as he targets Bronson’s left leg. Serpentico isn’t able to get a single leg crab so he tags in Luther who smashes Serpentico’s face onto Bronson. Serpentico tags back in, but Bronson counters an combo Irish whip attempt.

Boulder tags in and takes out Chaos Project with a series of clotheslines and body slams. Boulder hits a DDT / Samoan Drop combo on Chaos Project. Bronson tags in and tries to go up top, but Luther intercepts. Luther takes out Boulder on the outside as Serpentico takes down Bronson and hits a senton atomic, cover 1-2-no!

Bronson tries to fight of Chaos Project but the numbers game is too much. Boulder intercepts Creeping Death allowing Bronson an opening. Bronson piledrivers Serpentico onto Luther! Boulder tags in as Bronson goes up top. Assisted splash from Bear Country gives them the win.

Winners: Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson)

Jake St. Patrick & Sage Scott vs. The Butcher And The Blade (The Blade & The Butcher) (w/The Bunny)

Butcher and Blade quickly go at their opponents as Bunny laughs at the carnage. Match officially starts as St. Patrick is taken down with a powerbomb. Butcher and Blade hit a lawn dart / knee strike combo. Scott takes in, but Blade continues the beat down. Scott flips out of a suplex, but Blade is pissed as Scott tries to run away. Butcher intercepts and brings him back in the ring. Butcher tags in and hits a corner splash with Blade hitting a spinebuster. Butcher and Blade hit a neckbreaker / powerbomb combo for the win.

Winners: The Butcher And The Blade (The Blade & The Butcher)

Shanna vs. Renee Michelle

Shanna and Michelle lock up as Michelle quickly gains control of Shanna’s arm and starts working on it. Shanna rolls through and gains wrist control. Shanna and Michelle battle back and forth as Shanna gains control and hits a series of arm drags. Step up tiaris takes Michelle to the corner. Michelle with some strong right hands followed up by sending Shanna head first to the corner.

Shanna starts to build some distance, but Michelle counters with a big shot. Michelle twisting around for an arm bar, but Shanna counters and drops Michelle. She follows up with a few clotheslines then a flurry of chops in the corner then an elbow. Big running elbow then an Angels Wings, cover but Michelle kicks out at two. Shanna rolls up Michelle but only gets two. Huge Stunner from Shanna! She follows up with a running dropkick then a Tiger Suplex for the win.

Winner: Shanna

Eric James & VSK vs. Alex Reynolds & John Silver

Reynolds and James start things out with a quick back and forth in favor of Reynolds. Double hip toss then a roll through to flatten James from Dark Order. Silver running the ropes and taking down James. VSK tries to get a kick in and blindsides Silver with a right hand allowing James to hit a falling neckbreaker. VSK tags in and hits a neckbreaker then a running knee strike combo with James.

Silver flips over and tags in Reynolds. Running back elbows then a dropkick from Reynolds. Big elbow then a suplex to follow up. Siler tags in and intercepts James and takes him out. Dark Order hit Dark Destroyer for the win.

Winner: Alex Reynolds & John Silver

Baron Black & John Skyler vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (w/Marko Stunt)

Jungle Boy drops Black with a shotgun dropkick. Skyler tags in and meets an arm drag. Luchasaurus drops both Black and Skyler. Jungle Boy with a kick /brainbuster combo. Jurassic Express hit an overhead throw / powerbomb combo for the quick win.

Winners: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)

Tay Conti (w/Anna Jay) vs. Vertvixen

Conti tries for an armbar but Vertvixen counters with a roll up. Conti then goes for a few Judo throws followed up by a kick to the face sending Vertvixen to the outside. Vertvixen runs into Anna Jay, and Vertvixen uses the distraction to her advantage. Vertvixen catches Conti with a kick, but Conti follows up with a knee strike. Conti then hits a running knee to the corner then another running knee. Conti then rolls through and gets a chokehold on Vertvixen forcing her to tap.

Winner: Tay Conti

Eddie Kingston vs. Aaron Solow

An exchange of holds ends with Kingston getting the side headlock in. Solow counters his way out with a head scissors, but Kingston reaches the ropes. Kingston powers Solow into the corner. He misses a chop as Solow lands a few punches, but Kingston drops him with a shoulder tackle. Kingston hits an elbow drop and only gets one on the cover. Kingston grabs Solow’s hair and rakes his boot onto Solow on the ropes.

Solow fights back with a series of elbows, but one chop from Kingston drops Solow. Kingston hits a bodyslam, cover but only two as Kingston locks in a headlock. Solow fights out. Kingston catches Solow and hits a double underhook suplex, cover but only two again. Kingston hits a strong kick on the back of Solow. Solow goes around for an arm drag then a drop kick followed up by a corkscrew kick, cover 1-2-no!

Solow goes up top, but Kingston meets him and nails another powerful chop. Kingston then hits a headbutt and goes up top. Solow hits his own headbutt sending Kingston down. Diving foot stomp, cover, and Kingston kicks out at two! Kingston hits some palm strikes to build some distance then a knee lift followed up by a spinning back fist for the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Ricky Starks (w/Hook) vs. KC Navarro

Navarro hops into the ring, and Starks hits a spear for the win!

Winner: Ricky Starks

– Ricky runs over to commentary and does play-by-play of the replay.

Brandon Cutler vs. Misterioso

Quick counters but Misterioso gets the better of Cutler sending him to the outside. Misterioso hits a tope con hiro! He follows up with a stalling senton, cover but only gets two. Cutler flips out of a suplex then hits a springboard forearm. He sweeps Misterioso’s legs then hits his own senton then a leg drop, cover, but he also gets two. Misterioso counters Culter in the corner then hits a dropkick sending him to the opposite corner.

Misterioso goes up top for a moonsault, but Cutler gets the boots up. Cutler counters Misterioso int he corner and hits a roundhouse kick followed up by an enzuguri, cover but another two count for Cutler. Culter dumps Misterioso outside, and Cutler nails a tope suicida! Cutler hits a springboard crossbody, cover 1-2-no! Misterioso tries to build some distance, but Cutler counters and hits another crossbody, cover and another two count.

Cutler goes up and over and hits another crossbody and gets another two count on the cover. Cutler lands some heavy punches followed up with a boot. Misterioso vaults off Cutler, hits a few kicks, cover, but Cutler kicks out at two. Misterioso sets up Cutler and misses the first moonsault but hits the next, cover but two again for Misterioso. Cutler and Misterioso trade strikes, but Misterioso sets up Cutler up top. Misterioso hits a step-up enzuguri. Cutler pushes Misterioso off top and hits a springboard elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Brandon Cutler

Ryzin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Hook)

Hobbs starts off quickly with a splash in the corner. Hobbs hits Town Business for the win with Team Taz celebrating on commentary.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Nick Comoroto (w/Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) vs. Fuego Del Sol

Del Sol rolls around trying to gain an advantage, but Comoroto is unfazed even by Del Sol’s kicks. Del Sol catches Comoroto with a few dropkicks, but Comoroto intercepts Del Sol and hits a neckbreaker followed up by a heavy elbow strike. Comoroto hits some shoulder tackles in the corner then a biel to the other corner. Comoroto follows up with another biel back to the other corner.

Del Sol tries for a chop, but Comoroto picks up Del Sol to the top rope and hits his own chop. Comoroto carries Del Sol with one hand, but Del Sol counters and tries to go at Comoroto. Comoroto halts Del Sol’s momentum with a knee lift. Del Sol counters Comoroto’s charge in the corner. He tries for the tornado DDT, but Comoroto stops him and sets him up for the powerslam for the win.

Winner: Nick Comoroto

– Excalibur previews tomorrow’s episode of Dynamite as that concludes this weeks episode of Dark.