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Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes & M’Badu vs. The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) & Nick Comoroto

Comoroto and Terrell start things off as Comoroto quickly pushes him down. Terrell tags in his brother Terrence who meets the same result. Comoroto calls out M’Badu as he tags into the match and takes some shots at The Natrural Nightmares allowing TNT to tag advantage. M’Badu is sent off after a back body drop, and Comorto lays out TNT as QT tags in.

M’Badu counters QT in the corner as TNT tag in and go to work on QT, but an assisted Death Valley Driver is countered allowing Dustin to tag in. Dustin takes Terrell down with an arm drag. Dustin tries to fight off TNT, but Terrell takes him down with a clothesline, cover, but Dustin kicks out. M’Badu comes in and drops Dustin with a heavy punch then throws him into the corner.

M’Badu is laying in more shots on Dustin after taking out QT. Terrence takes a cheap shot at Dustin as the ref was breaking up Terrell from the ropes. Dustin is fighting his way out trying to tag out. He fights off TNT and M’Badu and fires himself up. Dustin avoids a schoolboy and hits a powerslam. Dustin is fired up and tags in Comoroto! Comoroto is going to work as he sandwiches Terrence and M’Badu. Comoroto hits a DDT / press slam combo on Terrence and M’Badu! The Natural Nightmares cut off Terrell as Comoroto hits a military press into a powerslam for the win.

Winners: The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) & Nick Comoroto

Rey Fenix vs. KC Navarro

Fenix and Navarro exchange wrist holds. Fenix quickly rolls his way into a stretch into a quick pin, but Navarro quickly kicks out. Fenix catches a kick and counters Navarro’s strikes as Fenix offers his hand for a show of respect. Navarro doesn’t want it but meets a chop. Fenix cuts off Navarro, but Navarro is able to bait Fenix into the ropes and hits a kick to the side of the head. Fenix catches a flying crossbody, but Navarro hits a Stung Dog Millionaire, cover, but Fenix kicks out at one.

Fenix rolls up Navarro into a dropkick! Fenix taunts Navarro as he tries to get Navarro in a double underhook. Navarro fights out, but Fenix gets him into a sharpshooter with Navarro’s elbow caught. Navarro tries to fight back and counters a powerbomb and hits a running Sliced Bread, cover, but Fenix kicks out at two! Navarro goes up top, but Fenix meets him and hits two brutal chops and knocks Navarro off the top with an area code shot. Fenix goes up top and hits a Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rey Fenix

Tay Conti (w/Anna Jay & Negative One) vs. Tesha Price

Conti quickly gets Price in a side headlocks then a reverse DDT. Conti has Price’s arms locked up and bridges, but Price counters into a pin. Conti tries for the same move as Price runs into the corner and hits a spinning kick. Price trash talks Jay as Conti grabs Price’s hair and lands some strikes. Conti catches Price’s leg and avoids a few punches and locks in a knee bar on the outside. Conti tries for a pump kick, but Price rolls her back in the ring, but Conti kicks out at two. Conti and Price trade kicks and both hit a bulldog on each other.

Price is the first to get up, but Conti creates some distance with a boot and lands some clotheslines. A series of judo throws gets Price in the corner. Conti lands a running knee. Conti baits Price in the corner and hits an elbow. Conti leaps out of the corner and lands a pump kick. Conti sets up Price for the Tay KO for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

– Another episode of The Waiting Room kicks off with Reba introducing our host Dr. Britt Baker DMD. Baker calls Kenny Omega “the latest fashion icon” and invites him to The Waiting Room because he’s “a shoe-in”. Baker talks about the Tag Team Battle Royal at Beach Break making a joke about The Young Bucks always wanting to get themselves over. She comments about the wedding and notes that you can always blame the butler for a bad photo.

Guest Ricky Starks is introduced as Ricky and Britt tell each they look good back and forth. Britt is curious about what Ricky has going on as Ricky hypes up his Street Fight against Sting and Darby Allin at Revolution. Britt calls Ricky “a shining star” as Ricky says “the future is clear now” because he’s in front of Britt. Britt takes off her jacket to show more of her look.

Ricky calls Britt “the Megan Markle of AEW”. Ricky and Britt share more compliments as they get close and closer. Tony Schiavone comes in! Tony tells Britt to put her jacket on as he says they’re out of time and closes out The Waiting Room.

Thunder Rosa vs. Dani Jordyn

Thunder gets the go-behind and spins around Jordyn into a front chancery. Dani gets out and gets a side headlock and gets control of Rosa’s wrist. Rosa evades Dani and hits a series of arm drags followed up by a bodyslam and a senton, cover, but Dani kicks out at two. Dani goes to the corner as Thunder hits an elbow in the corner. Dani evades another corner strike and hits an uppercut. Dani brings in The Burn Book as she has Thunder on the ropes and tries to mock her.

Thunder drops Dani with a dropkick. Thunder misses an elbow in the corner, and Dani hits one of her own. Thunder drops Dani with a drop toehold in the corner then a flies in with double knees in the corner. She runs in with a dropkick to the corner. Dani has Thunder hanging on the ropes and hits a DDT, cover 1-2-no! Rosa hits a few strikes and plants her with a Fire Thunder Driver for the win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Fuego Del Sol & Vary Morales vs. Santana & Ortiz

Ortiz and Del Sol start things off for their teams as Ortiz tries to gain an advantage, but Del Sol counters each time and drops Ortiz with a dropkick. Ortiz evades a corner strike and hits a backbreaker and then hits a flatdown, cover, but Del Sol kicks out at two. Santana tags in, and they hit a powerbomb / neckbreaker combo, cover, and Morales breaks up the pin.

Morales tries to fight Santana but meets boot sending him to the outside. Del Sol gets Santana in a few pinning predicaments, but Santana finally drops Del Sol. Ortiz tags in as Santana takes out Morales. Santana and Ortiz hit a Death Valley Driver / neckbreaker combo for the win.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

Leyla Hirsch vs. Katalina Perez

Leyla gets Perez down looking for a quick armbar win. Perez goes to the outside as Leyla doesn’t give Perez time and drops her with a few gutwrench slams. Perez runs to the ropes as Leyla has a waist lock, and Leyla is knocked down. Perez hits a series of strikes and tries to send Leyla into the corner, but Leyla evades and rolls Perez into a knee. Leyla catches Perez in a cross armbreaker for the submission victory.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

– A music video featuring The Acclaimed talking about how their going to win the tag team battle royal and become number one contender plays.

– Max Caster drops a diss rap mocking Limelight and his tattoo. He says whenever he has the mic he “makes Taz pop” as he runs over and daps up Caster.

Danny Limelight & Ryzin vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

The Acclaimed attack Ryzin and Limelight, but Limelight and Ryzin cut them off. Limelight with a tornado plancha on Caster! Bowens tries to cut off Caster but meets a kick. Caster responds with a dropkick forcing Ryzin to tag in. Ryzin hits a leg lariat followed up with a splash. Ryzin tries for a crossbody, but Caster catches him and drops him on the ropes. Bowens tags in, and The Acclaimed hit a combo on Ryzin, cover, but Limelight comes in to break up the pin.

Bowens laying in more shots on Ryzin as he tags in Caster who continues to mount the pressure on Ryzin and dances on top of him. Caster has a headlock as Ryzin tries to fight out of it. Caster drops Ryzin with a back suplex as he taunts Limelight. Ryzin fights off The Acclaimed and tags in Limelight. Limelight drops Bowens with a pump kick and goes into Caster that ends in a top rope Meteora, cover, but Caster kicks out. Ryzin tags himself in as Limelight is dropped. Bowens lays out Limelight, but he snaps Ryzin’s head on the ropes. Caster hits a ripcord strike then tags in Bowens as The Acclaimed hit Acclaim to Fame for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Aaron Solow, Baron Black, Mike Verna & Shawn Dean vs. Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson), Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Janela and Solow start things off in this gigantic tag match. Janela catches Solow with an arm drag and tags in Kiss who hit a combo move on him. Verna tags in as he halts Kiss’ speed with a powerbomb in the corner then a powerslam. Black tags in and hits a heavy shot on Kiss and follows up with an abdominal stretch. Black with an atomic drop / backstabber combo. Dean tags in and hits a series of dropkick in the corner then a sit-out spinbuster, but Kiss kicks out each time.

Solow stops Kiss from tagging out with a big double stomp. Kiss counters Solow in the corner and hits a corkscrew roundhouse kick. Janela tags in and takes out Verna and Solow. Janela baits in Black and Dean to the outside. He climbs up top and uses Boulder to dive off his shoulders on the outside. Janela hits an uppercut leading to everyone attacking Verna in the corner. Janela hits a Death Valley Driver, cover but everyone breaks up the pin. Bronson gets on Boulder’s shoulders. Bronson splashes onto Verna, and Janela hits an elbow drop for the win.

Winners: Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson), Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Diamante & Ivelisse vs. Jamzin Allure & Vertvixen

All four women are in the ring as Ivelisse and Diamante hit stereo arm drags. Ivelisse and Allure kick things off as Allure drops Ivelisse with a dropkick and tags in Vertvixen. Vertvixen hits a series of kicks but misses a pump kick, and Ivelisse slams her down. Diamante tags in and hits a German Suplex with Vertvixen hanging on the second rope, cover, and a kick out at two. Diamante tags in Ivelisse as they wear Vertvixen down with stereo kicks.

Ivelisse hits a suplex into a pin, but Vertvixen kicks out. Diamante tags in, and she and Ivelisse hit dual chops. Diamante hits another chop, cover, but Vertvixen kicks out again. Ivelisse tags in and hits a kick to the midsection. Ivelisse has Vertvixen grounded and gets a straight jacket hold in. Vertvixen counters Ivelisse’s corner attempt and drops Ivelisse with a neckbreaker.

Ivelisse tries to prevent a tag, but Allure and Diamante make the tag. Allure knocks Diamante down and follows up with a floating neckbreaker. Allure drives Diamante into the corner and tags in Vertvixen, they hit a combo move, cover, but Ivelisse breaks up the pin. Allure tags back in as a dual biel attempt is countered. Vertvixen is thrown out as Ivelisse and Diamante hit stereo strikes all around ending with stereo kicks to the head for the win.

Winners: Diamante & Ivelisse

John Skyler & Ray Jaz vs. Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn) (w/Austin Gunn)

Colten and Jaz start things off as Jaz sizes up Colten. Jaz gets Colten in a leg scissors as Colten gets a hold of the ankle. Jaz tries to counters and gets a hold of Colten’s elbow, but Colten counters into a head scissors. Colten gets off an arm drag, but Jaz drives Colten into the corner and hits a shoulder tackle. Colten evades Jaz and hits a dropkick.

Skyler tags in and meets another Colten dropkick. Billy tags in and hits a forearm to Skyler’s back as he’s hanging on the ropes. Billy hits a sliding German Suplex as Slyler is outside. Skyler tries to throw Billy into the corner but meets an elbow. Skyler finally gets Billy into the corner as he brings Billy back in and lays some strikes on Billy. Jaz tags in and quickly gets a front headlock in. He tries for a pin but the kick out pushes him off as Skyler tags in and puts on a headlock.

Billy tries to fight out, but Skyler hits an intercepting spear, 1-2-no! Jaz tags in as he puts the pressure on Billy in the corner. Billy fights out of the corner and drops Jaz with a DDT! Billy crawls over and tags in Colten as Skyler tags in as well. Colten drops Skyler and Jaz with clotheslines followed up by splashes in the corner. Jaz is taken out. Gunn Club hit 3:10 to Yuma for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn)

Alex Gracia vs. Red Velvet

Red Velvet and Gracia quickly exchange wrist locks as Gracia catches Red Velvet in a front headlock. Red Velvet transitions out into a full nelson. Gracia runs the ropes and drops Red Velvet then hits an elbow. Red Velvet escapes and hits a back elbow and climbs up for a twisting arm drag then a leg lariat. Red Velvet escapes Gracia in the corner and has her boot on Gracia’s face in the corner.

Gracia catches Red Velvet with a knee. Gracia throws Red Velvet out, misses meeting a kick. Red Velvet tries for a sunset flip, but Gracia counters into a dropkick. Gracia does some showboating as she dives in for a senton. Red Velvet counters a waist lock into a Stunner followed up by a series of clothesline. Red Velvet avoids a few punches and hits a kick. Cazadora into a bulldog then a standing moonsault, cover, but Gracia kicks out. Red Velvet hits double knees on Gracia as she’s hanging on the rope then a Claymore kick for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

10 (w/-1) vs. Jake St. Patrick

10 carries St. Patrick to the top rope but leaves him there. St. Patrick gets dropped by an elbow but gets back up right away. 10 hits a stalling suplex sending St. Patrick to the outside. 10 throws St. Patrick back into the ring. St. Patrick catches 10 by surprise and hits a dropkick in the corner. 10 and St. Patrick trade chops in the corner as St. Patrick stomps 10 in the corner.

St. Patrick continues to lay it onto 10. 10 responds with an elbow, but St. Patrick drops 10 with a dropkick, cover, but 10 kicks out at two. St. Patrick tries for a roundhouse kick, but 10 counters with a few lariats then a back body drop. St. Patrick hits a kick to the back of 10, but 10 counters into a spinebuster. 10 hits a deadlift powerbomb for the win.

Winner: 10 (Preston Vance)

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Serpentico tries to charge in on Kazarian, but Kazarian evades and drops Serpentico after a collar and elbow tie up. Kazarian has a cross armbreaker locked in, but Serpentico manages to reach for the ropes. Kazarian goes over the top and rocks Serpentico with a chop. Leg drop on Serpentico’s arm as Kazarian maintains wrist control. Kazarian with an arm DDT, cover, but Serpentico kicks out.

Daniels tags in and dives right onto Serpentico’s arm. Serpentico hits an elbow and tags in Luther. Daniels runs the ropes and hits a dropkick and tags in Kazarian as they hit a leg drop / elbow drop combo, cover, but Luther kicks out. Serpentico grabs Kazarian’s legs and slides him into the corner groin first. Luther tags in Serpentico and bodyslams him on Kazarian followed up by throwing him into a splash, cover, but Kazarian kicks out.

Kazarian rolls up Serpentico, but Serpentico creates some distance with a Mongolian Chop. Luther tags in and uses Serpentico to leg drop him on Kazarian, cover, but Kazarian kicks out at two again. Arm drag from Luther as he tags in Serpentico. Kazarian fights off Chaos Project but is tagged with a kick. Luther sets up Serpentico for a swinging DDT 1-2-no!

Kazarian creates some distance in the corner and hits a snap exploder in the corner. Luther and Daniels tag in as Daniels tries to bring Luther down. Daniels uses Serpentico as a weapon and then a heel trip. Daniels uses Serpentico for a leg drop, cover, but Luther kicks out at two. Daniels drops Serpentico but meets a leg lariat from Luther. Daniels hits Angels Wings, cover, but Serpentico breaks up the pin.

Serpentico tags in and rolls him up for a kick then a short DDT, cover but Daniels kicks out. Daniels rolls out of the corner and tags in Kazarian. Kazarian rocks Serpentico with a lariat. Daniels tags in, and Luther interrupts SCU. SCU hit a trip then a clothesline to tag him out. SCU hit Celebrity Rehab for the win.

Winners: SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)