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The Jersey Muscle Society (Steve Gibki & Tony Vincita) & Vary Morales vs. The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) & Nick Comoroto

Dustin and Vincita start things off as Dustin gets the better of Vincita to start off. QT tags in and hits a standing moonsault after a knee lift from Dustin. Comoroto tags in and lands some heavy shoulder tackles on Vincita. Dustin tags in and Irish whips Comoroto into Vincita then hits a powerslam. Gibiki tags in but runs into an arm drag.

QT tags in but Gibiki pushes QT into the corner allowing Morales to tag in. Jersey Muscle Society tag in, but QT hits a double clothesline and tags in Comoroto and takes down Jersey Muscle with a series of body slams. Comoroto then throws Morales into Jersey Muscle. Dustin tags in and gets the win after teaming with Comoroto with a military press / bulldog combo.

Winners: The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) & Nick Comoroto

Aaron Solow & Lee Johnson vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Johnson and Daniels start the match going face-to-face and share some respect. Johnson quickly drops Daniels with an arm drag and follows up with a body slam. Daniels respond with an arm drag, hip toss then a body slam of his own. Kazarian tags in, SCU land some heavy strikes on Johnson. Johnson escapes Kazarian and tags in Solow. Kazarian has Solow in a front headlock as Solow tries to fight out. Solow hits an arm drag out of the corner then a dropkick.

Solow runs into a back elbow as Daniels tags in and hits a leg lariat on Solow, cover but Solow kicks out at two. Solow gets a boot up as Daniels charges into the corner. Johnson tags in, and Solow and Johnson hit a neckbreaker / back suplex combo, cover, but Daniels kicks out. Daniels is kept in the corner, but Daniels catches Solow into a fireman’s carry and follows through on it. SCU hit a springboard elbow / springboard leg drop combo, cover, 1-2-no! Daniels keeping the pressure on Solow.

Kazarian tags in Daniels as Solow runs into a lariat from Daniels, and Daniels lifts Kazarian over the top, cover, and Solow kicks out once again. SCU each deliver heavy-handed chops. Solow answers back with his own strikes as Solow and Kazarian each knock other down with a crossbody! Daniels and Johnson tag as Johnson knocks Daniels down with a few clotheslines. Johnson catches Daniels in a fireman’s carry and spins him around followed up with a dropkick. Blue Thunder Bomb, cover but Daniels kicks out at two. Johnson powerbombs Daniels into the corner with Solow’s knees up.

Johnson and Solow with a combo, cover 1-2-no! Daniels goes over the top on a double suplex and tags in Kazarian. Frankie takes out Solow with a leg lariat then drops Johnson. Frankie hits a backstabber, Daniels nails a Gamagiri Kick, Frankie with a German Suplex, cover, and Solow kicks out! Solow tries to springboard, but Frankie hits a cutter, cover and Johnson breaks up the pin. Johnson hits a tope suicida on Daniels! Solow rolls up Frankie, but Frankie kicks out, and Solow nails an enzuguri.

Johnson and Solow have SCU in opposite corners. Irish whip gets countered by SCU. SCU hit Total Elimination on Johnson. Solow gets caught by Frankie, and SCU hit Best Meltzer Ever for the win.

Winners: SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Brian Cage (w/Hook) vs. Jake St. Patrick

Cage quickly throws St. Patrick up in the air and rocks him with a superkick. Cage gets St. Patrick in the corner, hits an enzuguri then a German Suplex. Cage hits multiple powerbombs then a Drill Claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

– Backstage segment with The Acclaimed in a therapy session as Bowens sings part of Judas and asks “what they have become.” Visions of Dinner Debonair with Chris Jericho and MJF appear as The Acclaimed drop their own version of Dinner Debonair.

Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Miranda Alize

Alize kicks Rose as she charges in. Alize tries for a cazadora, but Rose picks her up and hits a one-arm powerbomb. Rose hits some heavy strikes on Alize on the ground followed up with a diving splash. Rose opts to not pin as she drives her knee to the back of Alize’s neck as she hangs on the ropes.

Vickie slaps Alize as Rose gets moved away from the ropes. Alize tries for a huricanranna, but Rose picks her up. Alize avoids the powerbomb, but Rose catches her and rosses her aside. Rose hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose


PAC scoffs at VSK and muscles VSK into the corner. PAC gives VSK a clean break as he starts working VSK’s right arm and shoulder. VSK gains control, but PAC rolls out and stomps on VSK’s neck. PAC laying the pressure on VSK and uses the ref count to his advantage to lay in as much pain as possible. PAC with a hard hammer throw into the corner as he takes his time with VSK.

PAC does some trash talking as VSK keeps getting back up and lands an elbow strike. VSK rolls under PAC and hits a dropkick then a neckbreaker across the knee then a back elbow, cover but PAC kicks out. PAC drops VSK with a boot then locks in The Brutalizer for the win.

Winner: PAC

Sonny Kiss (w/Joey Janela) vs. KC Navarro

Navarro and Kiss show off their athleticism countering each other’s moves each time, until Kiss drops Navarro with a dropkick to the knees followed up with a split-legged cover, but Navarro kicks out. Navarro runs into a roundhouse kick, and Kiss follows with a sunset flip. Kiss hits a pump kick, but Navarro takes advantage and gets a sleeper locked in.

Kiss rises to his feet and lands some heavy strikes in the corner. Navarro baits Kiss into the ropes and lands an over the top dropkick. Spike tornado DDT by Navarro, 1-2-no! Navarro runs into a spinning kick. Kiss has Navarro positioned into the corner and nails an axe kick. Kiss gets Navarro up and hits a split-legged Stunner for the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

Tay Conti vs. Alex Gracia

Conti and Gracia exchange wrist locks until Conti gets Gracia in a pinning predicament. Conti with a few judo throws followed up with some strong kicks to the chest. Gracia sneaks out, but Conti catches Gracia in a knee bar. Gracia rolls her and Conti to the outside. Gracia catches Conti with an elbow followed up with an area code shot, cover, but Conti kicks out.

Gracia has a full nelson locked in, but Conti powers out and drops Gracia with a hammerlock DDT! Conti counters Gracia’s kick with one of her own. A series of clotheslines is followed up with a hook kick from Conti. Conti hits a running knee in the corner then a pump kick. Conti gets Gracia in a chokehold forcing Gracia to tap out.

Winner: Tay Conti

– Before the match, Ryan Nemeth takes the mic and “addressed the elephant in the room” being that no one likes him. He says people don’t like him “because he’s smart” and a list of other accolades he lists off. He talks about him being a “Hollywood Hunk.” He says no one wants to admit that they “love Ryan.” He repeats that line as the crowd boos him.

Ryan Nemeth vs. Marko Stunt

Ryan tries to tell Marko and everyone else that they like him as Marko drops Ryan with a kick. Ryan wants a timeout, and Marko responds with a tope suicida. Marko feints Ryan and hits a springboard elbow on Ryan’s back, cover, and Ryan kicks out. Ryan baits Marko in the corner, and Marko does the same. Roll throw sunset flip and a leg lariat from Marko, 1-2-no! Ryan knocks Marko off the top rope then nails a back suplex on the back of Marko’s head.

Ryan targets the injured shoulder of Marko and shows off as he locks in the hold. He starts to rake Marko’s head as Marko tries to fight back but meets a dropkick, 1-2-no! Ryan laying it onto Marko. Ryan with a shoulder tackle into the corner as he continues to gyrate his hips to the crowd. Marko hits a spinning heel kick as FTR’s music hits allowing Ryan to throw Marko into the corner and hit a high-angle neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Ryan Nemeth

Cezar Bononi & Peter Avalon vs. Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean

Bravo and Bononi start the match off for their teams as Bononi shows off his strength. Bononi catches Bravo, but Bravo wiggles out and lands a right hand. Bononi drops Bravo as Avalon, the legal man after a blind tag, tries to relax Bononi, but Bravo catches Avalon and lands some offense on him. Dean tags in as they hit a combination ending with a springboard elbow, cover, but Avalon kicks out.

Bravo and Dean hit a series of rights and lefts on Avalon. Bononi is dropped to the outside. Bravo tries to go at Avalon, but Bononi drags him away sending Bravo to the outside and laid out by Bononi. Bononi tags in and stomps Bravo and rocks with with a slap to the chest. Falcon Arrow by Bononi, cover, but Bravo kicks out. Avalon tags in and hits a stalling vertical suplex, cover, and Bravo kicks out again. Bononi keeping the pressure on Bravo.

Bononi hits an inverted body slam setting up Avalon for a dropkick, cover, 1-2-no! Bravo fights out of the corner and baits Avalon into a splash allowing Dean to tag in. Dean hits an overhead belly-to-belly then a few kicks on Bononi. Stereo cannonballs from Dean and Bravo into the corner, Bravo covers, 1-2-no! Bononi takes out Bravo setting up Avalon for Marti-knees for the win.

Winners: Cezar Bononi & Peter Avalon

Baron Black vs. 10

Black and 10 stare each other down as 10 drives Black into the corner, and 10 gives a clean break. 10 and Black aren’t able to knock each other down with a shoulder tackle. 10 and Black counter each other move for move as they exchange words. Black offers a fist bump, but Black catches him by surprise with an elbow. 10 responds with a body slam then a pump kick.

10 catches Black and drops him with a fallaway slam. Clothesline into the corner, then a chop, then an elbow. The ref calls for a break allowing Black to a right-hand then a rolling clothesline. 10 counters an exploder as 10 and Black exchange chops in the corner. Black runs into a boot but counters into a Dragon Screw. Black hits more chops as 10 is feeling the effects of Black’s strikes.

Hard Irish whip from Black as 10 agonizes in pain. 10 tries to mount a comeback, but Black responds with a knee drop on 10’s arm. 10 gets Black into the corner and hits some strikes of his own. Black rakes the eyes of 10, but 10 hits a strike to make some distance. Black catches 10 in an abominable stretch, but 10 drops him with a hip toss. Black counters with an atomic drop / backstabber combo, cover 1-2-no!

Black hits a few uppercuts on 10, but 10 is still standing. 10 counters the uppercut and drops Black with an elbow. 10 hits a series of clotheslines then a backbody drop. Black gets the boot up in the corner but runs into a spinebuster! Deadlift powerbomb from 10 gives him the win.

Winner: 10

Diamante (w/Ivelisse) vs. Red Velvet (w/Big Swole)

Diamante talks some trash and pushes Red Velvet as Diamante and Red Velvet trade holds as Diamante drops Red Velvet. Diamante runs into a leg lariat as Red Velvet lands some heavy body shots in the corner. Diamante throws Red Velvet’s boot out of the way but runs into a single-leg dropkick. Huricanranna from Red Velvet but she misses double knees with Diamante hanging on the ropes. Ivelisse gets into Red Velvet’s face as Diamante takes control in the match.

Strong Irish whip into the corner followed up with a running drop kick, cover but Red Velvet kicks out. Diamante with a few shoulder tackles in the corner followed up with more strikes and a series of stomps. Diamante tries for the dropkick in the corner again, but Red Velvet rolls out. Slingblades and a back elbow from Red Velvet followed up with a standing moonsault, cover, but Diamante kicks out at two.

Back elbow from Diamante then standing Sliced Bread, cover but only gets two. Red Velvet hits a running high knee in the corner. Cazadora into a bulldog, cover but Diamante kicks out at two. Diamante with a back elbow into a cover but only gets two again. Diamante uses Red Velvet’s taunt, but Red Velvet rolls out and hits a kick to the head then a single-leg boot for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

Jack Evans (w/Angelico) vs. Joey Janela (w/Sonny Kiss)

Evans catches Janela by surprise with a springboard kick then a moonsault off the stage. Match officially starts as Janela knocks Evans off the top rope then hits a diving crossbody on the outside! Janela with an elbow then a running back suplex, cover, but he only gets two. Evans flips off the ropes, but Janela hits a boot. Angelico holds Janela in the corner as Evans hits an enzuguri, cover, but Janela quickly kicks out.

Body kick from Evans, cover, and Janela kicks out again. The two trade strikes, but Evans gets the better of Janela and has him hanging on the outside. Evans baits Kiss for a distraction as TH2 lay it onto Janela, cover, but Evans only gets two. Janela fires up, but Evans nails a back elbow, cover but only a two count once again. Janela tries fighting back, but he gets caught in an octopus hold.

Janela gets free and hits a Death Valley Driver in the corner. Janela hits a back elbow knocking Evans to the outside followed up by a tope suicida! Janela nails another Death Valley Driver, cover 1-2-no! Evans meets Janela on the top rope and hits a huricanranna followed up by a Phoenix Splash knee drop, cover 1-2-no! Evans and Janela trade strikes as each respond with a bigger move than the other.

Janela dodges a springboard with a thrust kick. Reverse rana from Evans but Janela springs up for another thrust kick as the two fall to the ground. Janela rocks Evans with a right hand, but Evans knocks Janela down with a kick. Janela gets the knees up as Evans tries for a 450. Another high kick from Evans, but Janela responds with a clothesline. Janela hits a high-angle package piledriver, cover 1-2-no! Janela hits an elbow drop from up top for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela