AEW Dynamite Results: Riho vs Serena Deeb, Young Bucks take On Santana and Ortiz

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Hangman Page and Matt Hardy vs. TH2

Hardy sent out to the floor right as the bell rings, TH2 goes to work on Page, but he is able to fight off both of them. Page chops Evans, then tags in Hardy. Matt up to the second rope and hits an elbow drop on Evans's arm, neckbreaker, pin, two. TH2 regains control of the match, Angelico kicks away at Hardy and brings Evans back into the ring. TH2 with a double foot stomp/side suplex combo, cover, two-count.

Angelico tags in, Hardy gets a few shots, but Evans slows that down with some attacks from the apron, cover by Angelico, two-count. Page gets into the match, avoids a pump kick and lands a spinebuster on Angelico. Page with a step-up clothesline on Evans, and then splashes down on him. Page takes Angelico down, goes for another pin, two. Page catches Evans midair and powerbombs him down on Angelico.


Page looks for his finisher, Hardy tags himself in. Angelico then shoves Hardy into the ropes and knocks Page down to the floor. Hardy gets taken down, Evans tries for a phoenix splash and completely messes it up, barely hitting Hardy. Page with double buckshot lariats on both guys, Hardy hits twist of fate on Angelico, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Hangman Page and Matt Hardy via Pinfall

- Post-match, Hardy gets on the mic, says Page looks like a billion bucks and he is going to make a lot of money. Hardy says he's going to make 30% of it, and he will be making money, too. He's very happy that Page decided to sign with him. Page says he had some friends who told him to keep an extra set of papers up his sleeve. Page says Hardy should have looked at those papers a little closer. Hardy says he just sent it over to the lawyers. Page has the Jags mascot come out with the papers that Hardy signed. Hardy reads it over and says it's not for a talent management contract it's for a match at Revolution. If Page wins, he'll earn Hardy's first quarter earnings. Hardy calls Page a carny! He asks Page to put up his earnings. Page responds that we may have a "money match." Hardy then tells Page that he's finished as they shake hands. Isiah Kassidy was in the mascot costume and attacks Page from behind. Hardy tells TH2 he'll pay them to beat up Page. The Dark Order runs out to make the save. Page nearly hits a buckshot lariat on Hardy, but he ducks it and runs off with Kassidy.


- Backstage, Santana and Ortiz talk about how tonight wil lbe their first title match after being in the company for 18 months. They said fear is the reason they haven't been afforded that opportunity. MJF then takes the mic and still wants an apology from Sammy Guevara about what happened last week. Chris Jericho tells MJF to shut up and that we all saw MJF goating Sammy week after week. Jericho says some of it is MJF's fault, but most of it is Sammy's fault. Y2J says ultimately Guevara's stupidest decision was quitting Inner Circle, and that he's dead to Jericho. Jericho hypes up Santana and Ortiz about tonight's title match.

- Recap of tournament matches from Japan are shown. AEW announces this Monday at 7 pm ET on its YouTube channel will be Tay Conti vs. Nyla Rose, also, Britt Baker vs. Anna Jay.

NWA Women's World Champion Serena Deeb vs. Riho (AEW Women's Title Eliminator Tournament Match)

This is Riho's first match in AEW in 11 months. Commentary noting that Deeb tweaked her knee recently, and Riho is already targeting it in the early stages of the match. Back and forth mat work from both wrestlers. Riho with a big dropkick that puts Deeb down. Deeb catches Riho and catapults her into the bottom rope.


Deeb gets control of the match, despite her knee really bothering her. Both trade a few submissions, but Riho catches her with a snap dragon suplex. Both trade shots in the corner. Riho with a flurry of strikes, big knee in the corner, cover, two. Deeb looks for a brainbuster, but her knee gives out. Riho hits a dropkick, goes to the top rope and lands a crossbody, but Deeb rolls through and drops an elbow down on Riho's knee. Deeb then works over Riho's knee, hits a dragon screw leg whip.

Deeb with a swinging neckbreaker, pin, two-count. Riho catches Deeb's bad leg, throws forearms to the chest, dodges a charging Deeb, and lands 619. Riho heads to the top rope, double foot stomp to Deeb's back. Riho heads back up again, nails a crossbody, cover, two. Deeb recovers, hits a powerbomb, then locks in a stretch muffle. Riho counters into a pin for a two. Riho with a northern lights suplex for a two-count. Riho goes up top, double stomp to Deeb's midsection, cover, and only two! Riho running knee strike, Deeb moves, Deeb tries to drive Riho to the mat, but no luck. Multiple pins by both women, and Riho finally gets one for a three-count on Deeb.


Winner: Riho via pinfall to advance to the second round

- Video package shown of Jade Cargill doing some training, and shooting hoops with Shaq. The two will meet Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet on March 3.

Luther with Serpentico vs. Orange Cassidy with Chuck Taylor

Luther goes right to work on Cassidy and rips off his shirt. The two make it to the apron, Cassidy slips under and hits a rough looking powerbomb to the floor on Luther. Serpentico slips into the ring for an attack, but Taylor nails him with an awful waffle, then rolls him out of the ring.

Cassidy rolls back into the ring. Luther gets back in and walks right into an orange punch, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

- Video package shown of last week's TNT Title Match between Darby Allin and Joey Janela. We then see Sting in the ring with Tony as Team Taz shows up on the big screen, dragging Allin in a body bag with a truck.


- Taz, Brian Cage, and Hook make their way to the ring. They call out Sting and demand he comes out to the ring. Sting's music hits and out he strolls into the ring. Taz tells Sting that's the worst thing he could have done. He tells Sting he needs that bat, and has needed it for years. Sting tosses it aside and stares at Taz. Sting throws the coat at Cage's face and swings away. Hook chokes him with the bat, allowing Cage to get in a kick and then a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring! Sting stays down as Team Taz makes their way to the stage.

- Backstage, Eddie Kingston talks about how he wanted tonight's tag match against Lance Archer, Rey Fenix, and Jon Moxley. He talks about the history he's had with each guy, noting Moxley is the demon he needs to get rid of most. Kingston says pills, drinks, nor women will get rid of him. Only beating Moxley will do that.

- Earlier today, Kenny Omega talks to a classroom of kids, and reads them a book. Don Callis and Michael Nakazawa are next to him. Omega has The Young Bucks' autobiography. Alex Marvez walks in to ask a question, but he's immediately told to stay to the side. Omega then reads about his match about Chris Jericho at NJPW and how business went up drastically. Callis then says Omega has to go and he has a lot of business to do. Omega then checks with someone to see if his popularity is going up? The kids want to play with Omega, Nakazawa says he'll play. The kids all say "We hate Nakazawa" and pile up on him.


The Young Bucks (c) vs. Santana and Ortiz (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Young Bucks parents are at ringside, as are the rest of Inner Circle. Nick and Santana gets things started, trading a few moves. Ortiz tags in, Matt also does shortly after, hitting a few hip tosses on his opponents. Omega, Callis, Good Brothers all looking on from the back. Young Bucks take control of the match. Ortiz and Santana hit a swinging backbreaker on Nick. MJF gets too involved and the referee sends all of Inner Circle out to the back.

Santana flips Nick over, low dropkick, cover, two. Santana with a big chop, then tags in Ortiz. Ortiz with a body slam, tries for a splash, Nick moves and nails him with a superkick. Matt tags in, clothesline on Ortiz, then Santana. He swings away on both guys, hurricanrana on Santana. Ortiz kicks him away, but Matt sends him down to the floor. Matt with a twisting stunner, cover, two.

Santana works his way back into the match against Nick, hits a second rope falcon arrow for only a two-count. Nick then takes a twisting flapjack, Ortiz with a 3 in 1 submission. Nick rolls him up for a pin, two. Matt up to the top and hits an elbow drop on Ortiz. Santana gets put on Matt's shoulders, Nick hits doomsday device. Matt now the legal man, powerbomb into a kick from Nick. Double superkicks on Santana, cover, Ortiz breaks it up. Nick sends Ortiz out to the floor. Young Bucks go for BTE Trigger, miss, and their knees collide. Santana with double cutters. Santana and Ortiz hit street sweeper on Nick, Matt just barely breaks it up.


Ortiz throws Matt into the barricade, Santana and Ortiz then powerbomb him into the ringside crowd. Ortiz yells "The best!" over and over to the crow. He heads into the ring, Nick with the roll-up for the 1-2-3!

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Post-match, Inner Circle immediately attacks Matt and Nick. In the backstage area, Kenny wants to go help out. Callis holds him off and says he has an idea. He whispers something to Anderson and The Good Brothers head off. Brandon Cutler tries to help, but he's dropped on the stage. Jericho and MJF each apply a submission to the brothers. Good Brothers make their way into the ring and Inner Circle decides to head out. Jericho talks some trash to Papa Buck, and gets shoved away. MJF says he'll pay for that!

- Backstage, Brandi Rhodes says she wants to do a gender reveal on tonight's show. Brandi says she's the only person to know if it's a boy or a girl, Cody doesn't even know. Fireworks go off and we see on the screen, "It's a girl!" Cody and Brandi kiss and he celebrates a bit after hearing the news. Cody then heads to commentary as the next match gets going.


- Face of the Revolution Ladder Match at Revolution will get a shot at the TNT Championship. Six wrestlers in the match. Announced so far: Cody, Scorpio Sky, and Penta El Zero M.

FTR vs. Matt and Mike Sydal

Tully Blanchard isn't here tonight due to the snow in San Antonio. Harwood and Mike get things going, Mike is able to land a dropkick, then tags in Matt. Matt with a flurry of kicks on Harwood, followed by some shots to the head. Mike tags in, hits a double stomp to Harwood's midsection. Double knees to Wheeler. Mike with shots in the corner on Harwood. Wheeler with a huge suplex off the second rope on Mike, cover, two.

Sydal brothers with a flurry of double team strikes until Matt sends both FTR members out to the floor. Mike with a moonsault off the second rope down to the floor on FTR. Matt throws Harwood into the ring, cover, two. Matt trying to fight off both opponents, but eventually eats a big powerbomb, then a full nelson dragon suplex, but Mike broke it up.


Mike with a thrust kick on Harwood, Matt drops Wheeler, cover, two. Matt and Mike with roundhouse kicks on Wheeler. Matt up top, double knees on both opponents. Mike with a rough look moonsault, cover, Wheeler with a foot on the rope. Matt up top, Harwood trips him up, distracts Mike. Harwood tags in and hits the big rig, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall

- Post-match, Dr. Sampson is called into the ring, but FTR takes the kit and grabs the scissors. They go to cut Mike's hair, but the lights go out. We see on the big screen Luchasaurus' mask that was cut by FTR. The lights go up and Jurassic Express is in the ring. Luchasaurus has a new(ish) mask. He and Jungle Boy take out FTR with Marko Stunt cheering them on.

- Next week:

* Hangman Page vs. Isiah Kassidy with Matt Hardy

* Semis of the US Women's Bracket

* Ricky Starks and Brian Cage with Taz and Hook vs. Varsity Blondes

* Jake Hager vs. Brandon Cutler

- On March 3 edition of Dynamite:

* Cody and Red Velvet with Arn Anderson vs. Shaq and Jade Cargill

* FTR and Tully Blanchard vs. Jurassic Express

- At Revolution, AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida will face the winner of the Title Eliminator Tournament.

- Backstage, Jon Moxley says Eddie Kingston always has a stick up his ass and still has problems with all of his partners. Moxley says he still cares about Kingston, but will whoop him again. Moxley notes his February 26 match against KENTA, and then he's coming for Kenny Omega's AEW World Championship.


- Dory Funk Jr. is in the crowd tonight.

Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix, and Lance Archer with Jake Roberts vs. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, and The Blade with The Bunny

All six wrestlers start brawling in the ring, which quickly spills out to the floor. Butcher and Moxley get things going in the ring, Moxley taking some big shots. Team Kingston tag in and out as The Blade hits a body slam on Moxley. Moxley finally hits a neckbreaker on him, Archer tags in and knocks both Kingston and Butcher to the floor. Blade with a punch to the face, but ends up just taking a release german suplex.

Archer and Fenix attempt some high-flying combo, but Fenix slips, and it all kind of falls apart. Butcher working over Archer, tags in Blade who bites Archer's head. Kingston then tags in and chops away at Archer, who really needs to tag out of this match. Archer runs through a double clothesline and hits a crossbody on two guys. Fenix finally tags in, spinning heel kick to Butcher in the corner. He puts Butcher up on the second rope. Grabs Kingston's hand, leaps up and kicks Butcher, then takes out Kingston. Fenix with a big flip to the outside.



Everyone ends up dropping each other and all six wrestlers are down.  Moxley and Kingston lock eyes and each tag in. The two throw shots in the ring, Moxley with a knee, Kingston hits an enziguri. Kingston eats a kick from Fenix, then a pounce from Archer. Moxley locks in the bulldog on Kingston, but Blade breaks that up. The two are thrown out by Archer and Fenix. Archer then chokeslams Fenix down on both guys and hits a cannonball senton on Blade and Butcher. Back in the ring, Moxley and Kingston battle away. Spinning backfist by Kingston, Moxley hits a big lariat, then paradigm shift, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix, and Lance Archer via Pinfall

- Post-match, Moxley celebrates the win on the turnbuckle. He looks to the camera and suddenly gets attacked by The Good Brothers. The two hold Moxley as Kenny Omega comes out with a mic in hand. Omega shows Moxley some papers and sees Moxley slipped in a rematch clause. Omega says he'll give it to him at Revolution, but he's picking the match! Omega then announces an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the title! Moxley ends up headbutting Omega, but eats a couple v-triggers. Omega had a small cut on his forehead and tells Moxley he'll never get the title! Omega says to hit his music and he poses in the ring as the show closes.