Arn Anderson Recalls John Cena Legitimately Choking Out Talent When He First Used STF

On the latest episode of the ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson talked about his time in WWE as the main agent of John Cena's matches. He was a big factor in Cena's career, including giving him the STF submission. Arn mentioned that Cena relaxed the hold on wrestlers after many complained he was choking them out.


"I gave him the move because I saw it in Japan," Anderson said. "I thought it was a tremendous finish. You trap the guy's leg, his knee is bent uncomfortably, and then you reach up and you hook him around the jaw. Apparently he did snug it up when he first started using it and some guys said 'Hey man, you're choking me out, you need to loosen up.'"

WWE paid tribute to the legendary WCW pay-per-view Starrcade in 2017 as a live event special. Anderson appeared on the show during the Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode match to aid Roode by hitting a Spinebuster on Ziggler. Arn talked about this appearance and how it came about. He said he was so happy with the fans being able to remember him.

"I think Michael [Hayes] and Dolph himself," Anderson said. "I think Dolph wanted to take one, in fact some of the guys were volunteering to take one. Michael was the event coordinator and I think he knew what was going to happen if we did it. Dolph was very generous, Bobby Roode was very generous letting me get involved in his match. That was one of the moments I'll take to my grave. What a reaction, can't believe they all remembered. It was awesome."


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