News On When Kip Sabian And Penelope Ford Were Really Married

Last night's AEW Dynamite wedding between Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford was reportedly a ceremony for their actual wedding.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Sabian and Ford were actually legally married some time in the last few days, and that the segment on Dynamite was their ceremony.


Ford and Sabian spoke with Scott Fishman of TV Insider earlier this week and confirmed that they are really married.

"We're getting legitimately married," Sabian said. "I obviously wanted my parents to be there, but they understand the situation. They'll be able to watch from home."

Ford added, "My parents are having a watch party with my siblings."

Sabian said maybe they will have a more personal event with family later on.

"We could get married in our house and be just as happy," he said. "We're people who just want to be married. Down the line, once COVID is hopefully eradicated and things are OK, we'll have a celebration, party, housewarming combined where all our families can be there."

Sabian also commented on how much input into the wedding they had with AEW officials.


"They made it very clear they wanted to put in a lot of time, effort, and money into the presentation of the wedding," he said. "We wanted to make it a big deal, not just a story arc. We had a lot of input. At the same time it's down to the production team, the ring crew to build the wedding set for us, which we haven't seen yet. I've already messaged my closest friends in the company making sure they bring their suits. I want the people in AEW we're closest to to be there as well. Miro has a tux ready to go. I told Sammy [Guevara] to wear a suit. If he doesn't wear a suit, I'm going to be very upset."