Bianca Belair On Her Post-Royal Rumble Talk With Triple H

Bianca Belair recently spoke with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports to promote her big win in last Sunday's Women's WWE Royal Rumble Match. She revealed a talk she had with Triple H after her win at Tropicana Field.

Belair was asked if Triple H gave her any specific advice as she's headed to WrestleMania 37, or any insight on what to prepare for over the next few months.

"I mean, I've always gotten a lot of different words from him and some of them I always want to keep for me and for myself," she said. "But, the one thing that really stuck with me from that night was, he just commented on everything that I've been through from the very beginning and said he always believed in me, and the one thing that stuck with me was, I won the Royal Rumble and I'm about to go to WrestleMania, but I haven't even scratched the surface yet.

"That's the one thing I'm like, 'Okay. You're right.' Because, you know, you win the Royal Rumble, and you're going to WrestleMania and everybody in WWE wants to go to WrestleMania. That's your dream. But, winning the Royal Rumble, hearing him say that you haven't even scratched the surface yet, lets me know, 'Don't get complacent. You won the Royal Rumble, but don't get complacent.'

"So, lets me know, 'Get your emotions in check. Don't just be happy with the Royal Rumble win. You gotta go to WrestleMania and you still have something else to prove. And even after WrestleMania, whatever happens, you still have a long career to go from there.'"

Belair will be on tonight's SmackDown to celebrate her Rumble win, and possibly choose her WrestleMania 37 opponent. You can see Triple H's post-Rumble tweet with her below: