AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes took to social media this morning to defend AEW Heels and the price.

She wrote, “STILL seeing men claiming @AEW_Heels is $50 a month to discourage others. It’s $50 A YEAR, and loved by its nearly 500 current members. Its an amazing community full of great people and it continues to grow because it is what it promises to be.”

She also replied to a Twitter user who wrote, “If it’s such an amazing community and full of great people, why is there even a charge? @TheBrandiRhodes . That’s why people hate, ridiculous there even ANY fee”

Brandi explained to the user that it’s not free to run an online community and fan clubs have yearly fees for this reason.

Her full tweet was, “It’s not free to run an online community. There are hefty monthly fees to run it, moderate it, and host it. All questions that were answered in the beginning. Fan clubs have yearly fees for this reason. All of them.”

AEW Heels is a community for female wrestling fans that was launched last year in August.

According to the site, members receive monthly zoom sessions, Q&A sessions with talent, giveaways, and more. There are also virtual game nights with Leva Bates and Aubrey Edwards as well as customized playlists, special discounts, and behind-the-scenes content.