Chelsea Green On Being The Only Wrestler Petey Williams Allowed To Use Canadian Destroyer

WWE SmackDown Superstar Chelsea Green recently spoke with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling to discuss various topics. Love sent us a few highlights but you can find the full interview in the YouTube video below. Green talked about how she was gifted the Canadian Destroyer by former Impact X Division Champion Petey Williams.


The interviewer pointed out how many wrestlers use the Canadian Destroyer, but Williams specifically endorsed Green to use the move. She was asked if she has any thoughts or clapbacks in regards to others using the move.

"I have debated tweeting that, because I remember on the podcast that was like a big moment for me!," she said. "Like, 'Did he just like really give it to me?' I mean it's kind of unfortunate that this move that was so cool and that I almost won All In with is now just kind of a like thing, just kind of another move. Hopefully that goes away.

"Wrestling happens like that. It happens in waves. And so, maybe we'll ride this Canadian Destroyer wave and then everybody will get off it and it will become unique again. Who knows? But I mean, everyone, just remember that I'm the only person who's allowed, okay?"


Green is currently recovering from a wrist injury that she suffered during her official SmackDown call-up back in November. In her six-year career she has also had runs with Impact Wrestling and SHIMMER, among others. She was asked what she sees as the next step in her career.

"Wow, six years," she said. "It's so crazy, right? I remember being a year into wrestling and complaining because nobody took me serious. I was like, 'I can't wait till I get to my third year.' And now I'm six years in, oh my gosh."

She continued, "Now I'm like, 'Hello, I'm a friggin veteran! Six years!' I just see myself – I just want people to get to know me outside of wrestling. I'd really like them to see my acting side. Whether that's in WWE or not, I want them to see that I'm not just a wrestler. I love, love, love becoming a character, which you guys got a little taste of in IMPACT, but there's so much more to come. So, I'm really excited to kind of show everyone that side of me."