Chris Jericho Reacts To WWE Segment About Kevin Owens’ Poor History With Keeping Friends

During last night's episode of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens cut a backstage promo before their main event match against Sami Zayn, King Corbin, and Jey Uso. Cesaro and Bryan joked about Owens potentially turning on them due to his bad history with keeping friends.


"What about that time with Kofi, where he dressed up as the Big O?" Bryan said, referring to when Owens joined up with The New Day, only to turn on Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

"I think he turned on Sami [Zayn], maybe, one, two, three — I mean, I get it, it's Sami, but still — that's like four or five, right?" Cesaro responded.

Bryan then referenced KO ending his ties with Chris Jericho back in 2017 during the Festival of Friendship on RAW.

"And do you know what? There's a big name that I'm missing," Bryan said. "You know what? I should have made a list!"

On social media, Jericho retweeted the clip and responded, "Hey, wait a minute..."